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Deftones (Ft. Maynard James Keenan) – Passenger
The ninth song from the group’s third album White Pony, this slow-burning ballad is rife with metaphorical imagery and atmospheric musical arrangements. While Chino Moreno’s
Passenger – Let Her Go
“Let Her Go” was released in July 2012, the second single from Passenger’s third album, All the Little Lights. It achieved international success, topped many charts around the
Iggy Pop – The Passenger
From the 1977 album, Lust for Life, it was released as a B-side for the single “Success”. In a chat with Josh Homme, Iggy talked about the song’s main inspiration: Yeah. The
Passenger – Sword From The Stone
[Verse 1] / Well how ya doing darling / How you getting on / Any horses running / Worth betting on / How’s the weather down there / I hope you’re keeping warm / [Verse 2] / How you
Wilderun – Passenger
He is a river with endless flow / His source seems eternal under the water / He found a loophole in creation’s glow / So steady and measured his pace / Oh what grace / All in place
Hippo Campus – Passenger
On June 12, 2018 Hippo Campus released a surprise track whilst also announcing a 2018 fall tour. The track is somewhat different to Hippo Campus' previous tracks, introducing fans
Noah Kahan – Passenger
[Verse 1] / Oh, I think I've found a way to keep myself whole / I write my fears on green notes / I swallow my doubts away and watch them grow old / Is that why the past years
Passenger – The Way That I Love You
[Verse 1] / How many times can I tell you / You're lovely just the way you are? / Don't let the world come and change you / Don't let life break your heart / [Chorus] / Don't put
Interpol – Passenger
[Verse 1] / I'm on the other side of make-believe / If I go unchecked, what will the world make of me? / I don't feel hunted, but I fear faithfully / I would never cheat, but I
Powderfinger – Passenger
[Verse 1] / Caged / Hold so tight until your knuckles show / Escape / As far away as you could ever know / [Bridge] / You sink them all down / And watch them float up / 'Til the
Destroy Lonely – ​passenger
[Chorus] / It's all on me, I been on sippin' Codeine / She a pretty girl, ridin' in the passenger seat of my car / Every night under the stars, this shit so awesome, rollin' up
Britney Spears – Passenger
“Passenger” is the eight track on Britney Jean, which noodles around with some EDM impulses before imploding into “brooding” pop-rock. Britney emotes about finding happiness after
Rarity – Passenger
[Verse 1] / Hollow soul, hollow body / Nothing lives here anymore / Hollow walls that surround me / Faded faces at my door / (Why do you try so hard?) / [Chorus] / You call me the
Siouxsie and the Banshees – The Passenger
[Verse 1] / I am the passenger / And I ride, and I ride / I ride through the city's backsides / I see the stars come out of the sky / Yeah, the bright and hollow sky / You know it
Azizi Gibson (Ft. Mez & Ray Wright) – Passenger
[Intro: Azizi Gibson] / Oh yeah, haha / Hit them niggas with the / Oou, oh, yeah / [Verse 1: Azizi Gibson] / Lil' Zi was young and wild / Oou, but that lil' nigga had style
Nevermore – Passenger
[Intro] / All passengers, prepare for the game ritual... / [Verse 1] / There once was a man on this train / He was born into this world alone / Hands never laid on the wheel
The Grateful Dead – Passenger
[Verse 1] / Firefly, can you see me? / Shine on, glowing, brief and brightly / Could you imagine? One summer day / That same night be on your way / Do you remember? Hearts were too
Bailey Spinn – ​passenger
[Intro] / I'm Just A Passenger Tonight, Over Thrown By A Parasite, Take Cautions Please Leave Me Alone, Hands Off The Wheel I'm Not Coming Home / [Verse 1] / I Lost The Fight For
Motionless in White – Dark Passenger
Bring me the head, rip the heart from my chest / 'Cause the person that you knew, that you loved is dead / No cure, so tonight is the night / I'm going back on the deals with the
Boston Manor – Passenger
[Intro] / It's bigger than me, bigger than us / I'm your passenger, driving alone (Yeah) / [Verse 1] / It's 2 P.M., we just woke up / My skin is crawling, I'm feeling rough / The
Young Rising Sons – Passenger
Wake up the car is on fire / Repeat, this is the human race / I don’t know all these roads / And I’m still a little scared of changing / I’m staring down the past but I can’t
OneRepublic – Passenger
“Passenger” was included as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of OneRepublic’s second album, Waking Up. The song carries a message of salvation, similar to “Mercy” from Dreaming
Eli Sostre – Passenger
[Verse 1] / Parking lot, pimping out the parking lot (swr, swr) / She the type get freaky in the parking spots (swr, swr) / Baby here's my plan, can we talk or not? (yeah, yeah
​awakebutstillinbed – ​​passenger
You win, i'm tired of fighting / I don't care anymore / The words grow thinner each time / I've been here before / And i'm sure someday / I'm gonna wake / But today i'm still
Lisa Hannigan – Passenger
[Verse 1] / Walking round Chicago / I have smuggled you as cargo / Though you are far away unknowing / By the time we get to Salt Lake / I have packed you in my suitcase / Ironed
Kanye West – Passenger
For my niggas with the plastic cups / Tryna take a bitch home and bone fast to fuck With a ass so fat you can't pass her up / If you dykin' and hitchhikin' I need a passenger
PE$O PETE (Ft. Dedboii Kez) – PASSENGER!
[Intro: PE$O PETE, [?], wyt, & [?]] / They gon' like this one, they gon' like—, hol' up ([?]) / Yeah, um, whenever you're ready (Why it sound like—) / I think he just wanted to
David Duchovny – Passenger
On the road alone / Drivin' free and clear / Heavy foot, heavy heart / But I feel / You near / Objects in the mirror / Are farther than they appear / Objects in the mirror are not
Passenger – Suzanne
[Verse 1] / Who are you when the lights come up? / When the music fades and the crowd goes down? / Where did you land when the spinning stopped? / Are you far away in another town
Zoot Woman – Driver, Passenger
What are we holding on to / Shook up, black and blue / Distance in your kiss / Shows the future in this / Drifting is what we are / We have gone too far / Who's the driver? / Who's
Prince Daddy & The Hyena – Wacky Misadventures of the Passenger
[Verse 1] / I need you to know that / Regardless how I show it / I think about you all the time / And wish you were how I'm spending mine / There's so much to a moment / Hard not
Passenger – Everything
[Verse 1] / When you got nothing / Freewheeling and free falling you go / When you got nothing you've got something to prove / Then you get something / Something that you've always
Passenger – Hotel California (Cover)
[Verse 1] / On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair / Warm smell of colitas rising up through the air / Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light / My head grew
Dr. Dog – Humble Passenger
I set out before the sun came up / Brought my light and my canoe / Convinced that’s all I needed / Lord knows that wasn’t true… / So I kept my lantern low, until my house was out
Veil of Maya – Dark Passenger
I am in control / I am in control / Judgment time has come / This world is mine / I'll mold it with my hands / Two trails lay before me / I know one as familiar as my senses / The
Big Something – Passenger
Cut sharp like a razor steady as a pulse / Like a steam locomotive rolling through the fog / Now time is a locomotive / Repetition on the track / Years keep flying by and by / So
Cloakroom – The Passenger
I was not myself today or the night before / I’m the passenger / Picking up my tired frame / Crushed beneath its skull / But it's barely full, still I feel the pull / Either way
Periphery – Passenger
As we grow / With rusty nails in our coffins / Among potential of diamonds and pearls / The sea of blood fills the crevice between / Our lifeless body and the whispers for what we
'68 – Nervous Passenger
Wait, don't follow to the end / Wait, don't follow to the end / Wait, don't follow to the end / Wait, don't follow to the end / A million miles an hour won't catch you my friend
The Wallflowers – The Passenger
[Verse 1] / Permission now to let this thing land / I'm too far gone to know where I am / Conditions are worse than we planned / Permission now to let this thing land / [Chorus 1
Passenger – Nothing Aches Like a Broken Heart
[Verse 1] / I know you're sad and scared / And you can't find your way / Overwhelmed, underprepared / Have no words to say / So many friends in so many places / So many young and
Passenger – Holes
[Verse 1] / I know a man with nothing in his hands / Nothing but a rolling stone / He told me about when his house burnt down / And he lost everything he owned / He lay asleep for
Koethe – Passenger
[Verse 1] / Passenger awaiting endlessly / The answers to the questions that you never heard / Or that I have not asked you yet / Calm down, but I have never been so loud / And I
​papa mbye – PASSENGER
[Verse 1] / I can't be waiting for you now / Ain't buying father time, it's out / Wake up, waste time another day / Ask why, we'll never understand / Okay, if I could conversate
Catsclaw – Passenger
Staring through the lens of past mistakes / With one eye open and one that's not mine / I don't want this, I don't want this to be the end / In a life of longing I never thought
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Passenger - Let Her Go Lyrics
Passenger "Let Her Go": Well you only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow Only kno...
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Passenger aka Mike Rosenberg is a multi award winning, platinum selling singer-songwriter from Brighton, UK. His career so far has spanned over a decade and taken him on a journey
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