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Artist: Bones
Track: Sodium

How in the fuck are you ′bout to say the way that we do it is not the way?
No don't you sweat it, you not in the way
Nothing you do can put an end to my day
Cashed as fuck, in my bed I lay
Look at the ceiling and fade away
Stressin′ and checkin' on me for a blessin'
But I can′t hear nothing, I′m gone for the day
Sure you can afford that? I get it
Lookin' like a bum, only think I′m holdin' pennies
Pull out your mortgage, just spend it in a minute
Take it how you want it, get mad when you get it
Blame everyone around you for the money you ain′t gettin'
Boy man up to the life you ain′t livin'
[?], sometimes I forgive him, my minds on a rhythm, so get the fuck up when I see you
Loose neck, cotton chains bangin' off my body soundin′ like a dog walkin′
Razor barkin' if you by me, let the scotch light blind ′em, let the switch restyle 'em
I ain′t never goin' back to what I did back in Howell
Old bones, new flow, still flickin′ ash up on my clothes
1-800-DEADBOY if they need to hit my phone
Estate sell ogles, on the finger make me hopeful
We ain't never goin' back to nickel dimin′ for some produce
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BONES – Sodium
[Intro] / "This is not a wig, it's fucking real / If it was a wig, it would fucking come off right about now (Yeah) / I dyed it black, you like my shirt? / It says Mt. Vernon, '
Wurlitzer – Sodium
It's found in soy sauce and sea salt / Rub it in my wounds till i choke / I can't do this on my own / I can feel it in my bones / Blood pressure mind of its own / It's up, It's up
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Joe Walsh – Bones
Lady luck just let you down, she's just another girl / Grins and snickers all around / Imitation pearl, bones / Mass inflation, welfare line, gross economy / Trade it all for what'
[Intro] / SESH / [Verse 1] / Smoking like a motherfucker, higher than a motherfucker / Bitch, please stop the playing / SESHOLLOWATERBOYZ, deaf to them other boys / We can't hear a
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Jak Tripper – Pig Piss (In Two Parts)
Part 1 produced by Jak Part 2 produced by DJ Krypto
T Bone Burnett – Hollywood Mecca of the Movies
HOLLYWOOD MECCA OF THE MOVIES / Who are you and why are you speaking aloud? / In this joint there are no cameramen allowed / He is a personality not a person / Crime Being Crime
​trevmas (Ft. ​​bodyGaard) – ​at him!
[Chorus: trev mas] / (​​ninetyniiine) / You got me doing things I never would have done before / I got everything I want because I want it more (NOVAGANG) / Drugs leaving my pores
BONES – Holy Smokes (Jenny Craig)
[Verse 1: Bones] / All the girls that I know are just soon to be groupies / The kids I grew up with address me as [?] / "After he moved away, everything just changed, he went
Ahmelody (Ft. Millenial) – Return of the Samurai
[Verse 1: Ahmelody] / I’m Coming with the guys with the samurai vibes / But Swords in the city turned to samurai knives / Man, I Flow like the tides, ‘cause the lows come with
Tera Melos – Melody 9
Your bones speak / On different accounts / All that was left of you / That they would have to prove / Sensory / Was taken with the sodium / To what do you / Owe this dishonour?
Odd Future (Ft. Hodgy & Tyler, The Creator) – NY (Ned Flander)
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BONES & Lyson – WeCanGetGum
[Verse 1] / Feeling like Parlae / I lean and I rock / Crime mob shawty, bitch knuck if you buck / Like hoes in the club with stilettos, I got pumps / Stepping like fable if a
BONES & Eddy Baker – GiddyUp
[Verse 1: BONES] / Hop out the truck, get up on me / I don't want it to go slowly / I don't wanna go / Nowhere, if you're not the one that's goin' with me / Hop out the truck, get
Keno Nocturn (Ft. Bizzy Bone) – Make Money
Make Money / Aye, Hey! Nothin' / Can't Nothing never stop the time, Money! Aye! / Okay, I'm dripping in sweat / All I taste is sodium / So centered staged how I preach on no Podium
Tera Melos – Melody Nine
The bones speak one different account / All that was left of you that they would have to prove / Your sensory was taken with the sodium / To what do you owe this dishonor
Critters Buggin' – Fluoride
Here's another package of information of the Grim and Deadly Ora / A Fluoride pollution..... / First of all, we'll start out with a colored photograph of the label of, 'Sweeney's
A-Town Dopeson – Periodic Rap
[Atown] / Here we go with the periodic rap / 114 its a real long track / It will be done by group of column / By far the hardest thing I've done all autumn / First off we got the
Shearwater – Radio Silence
Sliver of sundown, glimmer of daylight / Running in place with trembling knees / Vision of lightning, vision of sunrise / Overlay worlds on the grid of our dreams / And knock 'em
BONES – 90210
As the song title suggests, Bones plays his words off of the popular 1990’s TV show, Beverly Hills 90210. Sliding in the names of a few popular characters, as well as some small
BONES – IWillBreatheIntoYou
Bones is most likely talking about a past friend (man or women). Not necessarily a failed relationship but a forgotten one. He could also be talking about himself (in 3rd person
WHY? – Crushed Bones
Throughout the song “Crushed Bones” are a metaphor for cocaine. If you can imagine someone crushing up bones into dust, it would look a lot like cocaine.
Canibus – Musiquarium Radio Part III
Canibus - Musiquarium Radio Part III / (Verse 1) / I don't wanna battle you I pay for you rap on my sabbatical / And pay for every actor performs after you / Verse non reversible
Lord Gasp (Ft. NASTII & Witchouse 40k) – Caustic Soda
[Intro] / I'm afraid the system of reincarnating the beings of this planet will create a problem / [Chorus: Lord Gasp] / Finna feed from their souls / Acting like a soldier 'till I
BONES – WeKnewItWouldntBeLong
Jan 4, 2015 ... Q&A · 1. CouldBe · 2. Sodium · 3. 90210 · 4. InTheEndItsNotUpToMe · 5. WeKnewItWouldntBeLong · 6. IWillBreatheIntoYou.
BONES – InTheEndItsNotUpToMe
[Verse] / Somewhere between the graveyard and the forest, I'm somewhere just smoking / The temperature drop but, for me, it's still hot, 'cause I'm from where it's snowing
White Ribbon Day – Salt Air
[Verse 1] / I've been tasting the salt air / Watching the light tear / Jagged lines in thunderclouds / And spilling out over the water / I've been watching these dark shapes
BONES – HimalayanSalt
[Verse] / I was gone for a minute, now I'm back / Young BONES cashed, ripping Chia seed packs / Counter top's sticky from the fruit getting pressed / Local grown goods make a
Lyricks (YOX) (Ft. Jaeyoung (YOX)) – Food
[Lyricks] / Low simmer, ox bone dinner for the cold winter / Rolling up to the bodega to get some cold Stellas / Old jealous brothers won't tell us that we are go-getters / Don't
Kiama – Muzzled
In the back streets and under the bridges / Rag and bone babies are growing in numbers / The underdog's pups, yelping for mothers / And all dying fast from the pack that surrounds
Khôrada – Seasons Of Salt
The damage is done / We consumed it all / We cave to the sun / And the seasons of salt / When the meat / Has nothing left to eat / And self reflects / Existentially / Church and
SIPDE: / Lil Sipde on the track / And I’m flexing on it right now straight out the gate / Old Sipde didn’t flex, but he went and migrate / New Sipde make you feel like sodium and
Cardi B – Money Bag
[Intro] / Money bag, money bag / Money bag, bitch, I'm lookin' like a money bag (Yeah) / Money bag / Cardi / [Chorus] / I do the Maybach on Monday, Ferrari Friday / This is sweet
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Bones - Sodium Lyrics
Bones "Sodium": This is not a wig, it's fucking real If it was a wig it would fucking come off right about now I die...
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BONES - Sodium Lyrics
Lyrics for Sodium by BONES. How in the fuck are you ′bout to say the way that we do it is not the way? No don't you sw...
Genius Q&A
Q:Who produced “Sodium” by BONES?
“Sodium” by BONES was produced by Purp Dogg.
Q:When did BONES release “Sodium”?
BONES released “Sodium” on January 5, 2015.
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