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Artist: Frank Ocean
Track: In My Room

No sleeper seats, that's a mattress
No sleeper seats, that's a mattress (sleep)
You ain't stingy, split your tablets with me
You won't flinch when camera flashin', flashin'
Not fake laid back, no, it's natural
And I think you made for the life I lead
I'm not fake patient, I don't fake sick
That kinda coffin don't need lean, rest in peace
Got this lust for life in me
Horny for the game, uh
First they kiss, then they bite soft, uh
Then that bitch wanna play it off, huh
Fuck it, I'm pretty still in a pit of snakes
While serpents shake some brand new scales
I need a new face, I'm tired of these weirdos
Acting familiar, took all the rock
And turned it to pop, he think that he Elvis
And he ungrateful, they don't say, "Thank you"
They don't say grace, not even for meals, not even for millions
Fuck it, I'm pretty still, look at my deal
Richard Mille, look at my ears, flooded with diamonds
Look at my skills, running through blocks like 49ers
Forty-nine diamonds, stuffed in my bracelet
That cost a whop, that cost a whopper
And it ain't new, I had a knot at John Ehret in my locker
Pretty still, it ain't no pretty pill, it's either real or real
Real easy on the eyes, green like a soccer field
Skin hot when they tried me like them poppers feel
Hands shaking, norepinephrine levels skyrocket, fuel
Rocket f-

Quit being violent with me (yeah, why, why)
Quit being violent with me
Quit being violent with me
Make me violent

My room, my room, my room with me
Every night you were in my room
My room, my room with me
I guess I can't state my feelings too soon
I don't know you
And I can't put no threats in the air
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Frank Ocean – In My Room
“In My Room” is the second single released by Frank Ocean in 2019, following “DHL” released in October. The track came as an unannounced surprise to his fans early Saturday morning
Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You
“Thinkin Bout You” is the first single on channel ORANGE. Frank originally wrote it for Bridget Kelly but after his reference track leaked he recorded a higher-quality version and
Frank Ocean (Ft. BennY RevivaL) – In My Room (BennY RevivaL Remix)
This is the vinyl exclusive remix of Frank Ocean’s 2019 single “In My Room.” The song features Frank’s verse and refrain from the original track along with an additional verse from
Frank Ocean – Pyramids
This is Frank Ocean’s near 10 minute long tale of the ancient history of the Black woman, and her gradual decline from a Queen in her homeland to her now degrading role in the
Frank Ocean – Self Control
“Self Control” is a slow ballad which features Frank describing a relationship that is slowly falling apart. Throughout the song, Frank hints the reason their relationship fell
Tyler, The Creator (Ft. Frank Ocean & Steve Lacy) – 911 / Mr. Lonely
“911 / Mr. Lonely” is a two part track released as a single along with “Who Dat Boy” on June 30th, 2017. The song is the 10th track on Flower Boy, and features Frank Ocean, Steve
Frank Ocean – In My Room (Unreleased Version)
[Lyrics from Snippet] / [Outro] / Every night you were in my room / My room, my room (with me) / This [?] / Put the channel on advance / Went to China for some fashion / Went
Chance Peña – In My Room
[Verse 1] / They say counting stars / You play the part of a soul missing home / Were you counting stars? / 'Cause you packed your bags, had your heart set to roam / When you left
Frank Ocean – Higgs
“Higgs” is the penultimate track on Frank Ocean’s Endless visual album. The song, named after the Higgs boson particle that was theorized in 1964 but officially discovered in 2012
Insane Clown Posse – In My Room
[Intro] / *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* *tap* Are you gonna let me in? / *tap* *tap* Hello? / *tap* *tap* *tap* Hello? / [Verse 1: Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope
Frank Ocean – Strawberry Swing
“Strawberry Swing,” the first actual song on Nostalgia, ULTRA., immediately introduces the theme of the entire mixtape – nostalgia. Now that he’s grown up, Frank reminisces upon
Frank Ocean – Richest Man in the Room
“Richest Man In The Room” is a track by Frank Ocean, included on the unofficially released Lonny Breaux Collection. The track is a love song, in which Frank boasts that he’s “the
Frank Ocean – Novacane
“Novacane,“ the lead single from Frank Ocean’s debut mixtape nostalgia,ULTRA., describes what it’s like to have sex while on drugs, and it details the relationship between Ocean
Frank Ocean – Songs for Women
On “Songs for Women,” Frank Ocean can’t decide whether to rue or revel in his conflicted feelings about women. On one hand his musical talent gives him leverage with the ladies
Frank Ocean – Ivy
On “Ivy,” Frank reflects on his mistakes and explores a failed relationship. With Frank’s vocals laid over melancholic production, “Ivy” is a heart-breaker of a song that could be
Frank Ocean – Chanel
“Chanel” is the first solo track by Frank Ocean since the release of his projects Blonde and Endless in August 2016. Ocean premiered the tracks during the second episode of his
Frank Ocean – DHL
“DHL” is Frank Ocean’s first original track since 2017, which debuted at the end of the first blonded RADIO episode of the year, on October 19, 2019. It was originally teased on
Frank Ocean – These Days
“These Days” is an unreleased song by Frank Ocean, recorded in 2018, intended for release as a 7-inch vinyl single on February 25, 2020, serving as the replacement for the scrapped
Odd Future (Ft. Frank Ocean, Syd & Tyler, The Creator) – Analog 2
In 2011, Tyler, The Creator, under the name of DJ Stank Daddy, released a track entitled “Summer Camp”, featuring diverse songs by varied artists, including himself. “Summer Camp
Frank Ocean – White Ferrari
The heartbreaking “White Ferrari” features great emotional depth as the track speaks volumes about love and permanence. In December 2015, Canadian DJ and producer A-Trak started
Frank Ocean (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt) – Super Rich Kids
Continuing a major theme on the album, Frank evokes the lux and glamorous like no other (see “Sweet Life” and “Lost”). Only “Super Rich Kids” is a bit more harrowing—there’s
Frank Ocean – Lens
“Lens” is the third song to premiere on Frank Ocean’s Beats 1 “blonded RADIO” show, following the releases of “Chanel” and “Biking” on previous episodes. Ocean also premiered a
Frank Ocean – Seigfried
“Seigfried,” the fifteenth track on Frank Ocean’s Blonde, might be called a metaphysical break-up song. Based on the mention of “a speckled face”, the song may be about male model
Frank Ocean – Nights
“Nights” tells the story of Ocean’s previous relationship, detailing the highs and lows they both faced while dating. It also touches upon the events Frank faced while living in
Frank Ocean Drops Surprise New Single “In My Room”
He’s been teasing new music at his weekly PrEP+ parties, too.
SoMo – Frank Ocean Medley
A tornado flew around my room before you came / Excuse the mess it made, it usually doesn't rain / In Southern California, much like Arizona / My eyes don't shed tears, but, boy
Frank Ocean – Bad Religion
Frank Ocean initiates a makeshift therapy session in the backseat of a cab on this sorrowful track. The night channel ORANGE was released on iTunes, Frank premiered this song on
Frank Ocean – Provider
“Provider” premiered on Frank Ocean’s blonded radio episode 007 on August 27th, 2017. The lyric video also premiered on his website There were also several different
Frank Ocean (Ft. James Fauntleroy) – American Wedding
The climax of Frank Ocean’s mixtape/album nostalgia, ULTRA. This song’s sample of “Hotel California” created a major controversy when the Eagles demanded to be paid for every time
Frank Ocean – ​blonded 009 - Tracklist
This is the ninth episode of Frank Ocean’s Beats1 radio program, blonded RADIO, which first premiered live on November 3rd, 2019. Producers Vegyn and Roof Access hosted the episode
Frank Ocean (Ft. Nikki Flores) – Back (To You)
This is the full duet version of “Back,” a 2011 reference track by Frank Ocean. This updated version features vocals from singer Nikki Flores, who likely takes the place of another
Frank Ocean – Bricks and Steel
“Brick and Steel” is a track by Frank Ocean. It’s included in the unofficial Lonny Breaux Collection. The title, “bricks and steel,” refers to the wall that Frank sees as
Frank Ocean – Come On World, You Can't Go!
“Come On World, You Can’t Go!” is a mellow, almost nine-minute freestyle from Frank Ocean, premiered in December 2021 at the end of the third Christmas episode of blonded RADIO.
Twista – Thinkin bout You (Remix)
Twista adds a verse in his remix of Frank Ocean’s 2011 slow jam. While taking a turn at a slower beat than usual, Twista raps about what Frank sings about – immense love for
JAY-Z (Ft. Frank Ocean) – Oceans
In a video preview Jay explains the meaning behind the song. “It sounds like a celebration of where we are now on some big yacht, throwing champagne in the water,” he tells Rick
Rhyon Brown – Frank Ocean, Thinkin Bout You (Rhyon Brown Cover)
A tornado flew around my room before you came / Excuse the mess it made, it usually doesn't rain / In Southern California, much like Arizona / My eyes don't shed tears, but boy
Frank Ocean – Pilot Jones
In track 8 of Frank Ocean’s 2012 Channel Orange album, he discusses the topic of first love and compares it with a drug by using the double entendre Pilot Jones. This is because a
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Frank Ocean - In My Room Lyrics
There is no good option for this person. They can't see it. Skiba sings it in a kind of exasperated way like He's tired of hearing this negative view constantly ...
Frank Ocean - Thinkin' Bout You Lyrics
A tornado flew around my room before you came. Excuse the mess it made, it usually doesn't rain in. Southern California, much like Arizona
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... room. No more, he has killed Cleopatra, Cleopatra Big sun coming strong through the ... Lyrics powered by LyricFind. Pyramids song meanings. Add Your Thoughts. 9 ...
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An R&B vocalist affiliated with the outlandish hip-hop crew Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, Frank Ocean (Christopher "Lonny" Breaux) was born and raised in ...
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... room. Looking through my whole vinyl collection. And you could teach me how to ... the meaning is quite simple to get i think ;). my favourite song on the album ...
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Frank Ocean
Christopher Francis Ocean (born Christopher Edwin Breaux; October 28, 1987) is an American songwriter, rapper, and singer professionally known as Frank Ocean. Ocean has achieved