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Artist: Jung Kook
Track: Still With You

날 스치는 그대의 옅은 그 목소리
내 이름을 한 번만 더 불러주세요
얼어버린 노을 아래 멈춰 서 있지만
그대 향해 한 걸음씩 걸어갈래요
Still with you

어두운 방, 조명 하나 없이
익숙해지면 안 되는데 그게 또 익숙해
나지막이 들리는 이 에어컨 소리
이거라도 없으면 나 정말 무너질 것 같아

함께 웃고, 함께 울고
이 단순한 감정들이 내겐 전부였나 봐
언제쯤일까 다시 그댈 마주한다면
눈을 보고 말할래요
"보고 싶었어요"

황홀했던 기억 속에
나 홀로 춤을 춰도 비가 내리잖아
이 안개가 걷힐 때쯤 젖은 발로 달려갈게
그때 날 안아줘

저 달이 외로워 보여서
밤하늘에 환하게 울고 있는 것 같아서
언젠가 아침이 오는 걸 알면서도
별처럼 너의 하늘에 머물고 싶었어 (ah)

하루를, 그 순간을
이렇게 될 걸 알았다면 더 담아뒀을 텐데
언제쯤일까 다시 그댈 마주한다면
눈을 보고 말할래요
"보고 싶었어요"

황홀했던 기억 속에
나 홀로 춤을 춰도 비가 내리잖아
이 안개가 걷힐 때쯤 젖은 발로 달려갈게
그때 날 잡아줘

Ah, ah-ah
Ah, ah-ah
Ah, ah-ah, mm-mm, mm
Ah, ah-ah
Ah, ah-ah
Ah-hah, ah, hah-hah

날 바라보는 희미한 미소 뒤편에
아름다운 보랏빛을 그려볼래요
서로 발걸음이 안 맞을 수도 있지만
그대와 함께 이 길을 걷고 싶어요
Still with you
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Genius Meanings
Genius English Translations – Jung Kook - Still With You (English Translation)
Released during the BTS' anniversary celebration known as Festa, over a jazzy R&B instrumental, the song reminisces missing someone and believing in being together. The Soundcloud
Genius Romanizations – Jung Kook - Still With You (Romanized)
Released as a part of the BTS' anniversary celebration known as Festa, over a jazzy R&B instrumental, the song reminisces missing someone and believing in being together. The
Jung Kook (정국) – Still With You
Released as a part of the BTS' anniversary celebration known as Festa, over a jazzy R&B instrumental, the song reminisces missing someone and believing in being together. The
Genius Romanizations – BTS - Still With You (Acappella) (Romanized)
[Intro] / Nal seuchineun geudaeui yeoteun geu moksori / Nae ireumeul han beonman deo bulleojuseyo / Eoreobeorin noeul arae meomchwo seoissjiman / Geudae hyanghae han georeumssik
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“134340” is the 4th track off Love Yourself: 轉 Tear. It features a hard hitting chorus backed by jazzy instrumentals. The number 134340 is the asteroid number scientists now use
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[Verse 1: V, Jung Kook] / Oeroumi gadeukhi / Pieoissneun i garden / Gasituseongi (Hmm, hmm) / I moraeseonge nan nal maeeosseo / Neoui ireumeun mwonji / Gal gosi issgin hanji / Oh
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[Verse 1] / It smells like you / The road that I walk on / I plug my earphone to my status / My true feelings lie beyond there / [Verse 2] / Baby why you far away / I can't get
BTS – Still With You (Acappella)
[방탄소년단 "Still With You (Acappella)" 가사] / [Intro] / 날 스치는 그대의 옅은 그 목소리 / 내 이름을 한 번만 더 불러주세요 / 얼어버린 노을 아래 멈춰 서있지만 / 그대 향해 한 걸음씩 걸어갈래요 / Still with you / [Verse 1] / 어두운 방 조명 하나 없이
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“Euphoria” is a feel-good song, depicting the happiness associated with young love and new beginnings, there are some underlying tones of feelings of how love is fake and not based
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Jung Kook (정국) – My You
[방탄소년단의 정국 "My You" 가사] / [Verse 1] / Summer has already spread in the air / Breeze is already blowing / The last cold snap is going out / The days were getting longer and longer
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Genius Arabic Translations - الترجمة العربية – Jungkook - Still With You (الترجمة العربية)
[المقدمة] / صوتكِ الخافت الذي أجتاحني / هل يمكنكِ مناداة أسمي مرة أخرى رجاءً؟ / أنا أقف تحت غروب الشمس القارس، لكنني / سأتقدم خطوة بخطوة نحوكِ / لا زلت معكِ / [المقطع الأول] / دون
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[Verse 1: RM] / I empty my wineglass and loneliness fills me / I should’ve just given in, why did I argue over it? / Even the trash bag thrown in the streets makes a lonely sound
Genius Hindi Translations (हिंदी अनुवाद) – BTS - Still With You (Acappella) (हिंदी अनुवाद)
BTS - Still With You (Acappella) (हिंदी अनुवाद) Lyrics:
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[Intro: Jung Kook] / Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh / Wanna be loved / [Refrain: Jung Kook & RM] / Don't wanna be fool, wanna be cool, wanna be loved / Our same love (Our same love) / Baby, I
Genius English Translations – BTS - Answer: Love Myself (English Translation)
“Answer : Love Myself” is the 16th track and closing song for Disc A of BTS’s repackaged album Love Yourself: 結 ‘Answer.’ Since Disc A is centered around the storyline of Love
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[Intro: Anderson .Paak] / I'm still life (Oh, yeah, yeah, what?) / I'm still life (Yo, what?) / I'm still life (Uh-huh, ayy, yeah) / I'm still life (Oh, yeah, everybody, let's go
Genius English Translations – BTS - For Youth (English Translation)
[Sample: "EPILOGUE : Young Forever" live] / I want you forever / I want to be forever with you, ah / Forever we are young / Lily among the raindrops / This running maze that
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Airplane pt. 2 is the 8th track off Love Yourself 轉 ‘Tear’ released on May 18, 2018. This song is a follow-up on J-Hope’s solo song Airplane on his mixtape Hope World. According
Genius English Translations – BTS - 잠시 (Telepathy) (English Translation)
“잠시 (Telepathy)” is a retro cheerful song with funky rhythms. As Jin stated, they wrote it to “melt down the feeling of not being able to meet with fans” because of the pandemic.
Lauv (Ft. BTS) – Who
[Verse 1: Lauv] / Outlines of your eyes and visions of you / Girl, I think I need a minute / To figure out what is, what isn't / These choices and voices, they're all in my head
Genius English Translations – BTS - Born Singer (English Translation)
Wrote by BTS' rappers to the instrumental of J. Cole’s hit, “Born Singer” describes BTS' journey from trainees to rookie idols, mostly focusing on the rap line’s thoughts, feelings
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“Make It Right” is the 4th track on BTS' 2019 album Map of the Soul: Persona and is a collaboration with English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. Backed by synths and a simple
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[Sample: "EPILOGUE : Young Forever" live] / Yeongwonhagopa / Yeongwonhi sonyeonigo sipeo nan, ah / Forever we are young / Narineun kkochip bi sairo / Hemaeeo dallineun i miro
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“Stay Alive” works as the soundtrack for the 7FATES: CHAKHO, an original web-novel and comic released by BTS in cooperation with the Naver Webtoon—one of the biggest digital comics
Genius English Translations – BTS - Anpanman (English Translation)
[Intro: V] / Waiting for you, Anpanman / Waiting for you, Anpanman / [Verse 1: J-Hope] / I don’t have biceps or pecs / I don’t have a super car like Batman / The ideal hero is my
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Meaning of "Jung Kook - Still With You (Romanized)" by Genius Romanizations
"Still With You" is a heartfelt and emotional track by BTS's youngest member, Jungkook. This song holds a sentimental meaning as it was released on BTS's 7...
Meaning of "Jung Kook - Still With You (English Translation)" by Genius English Translations
The song "Still With You" by Jungkook on its surface is a romantic ballad expressing the singer's love for someone. It starts with the singer longing for t...
Meaning of "Jungkook - Still With You (Русский перевод)" by Genius Russian Translations (Русские переводы)
The song "Still With You" by Jungkook, translated into Russian by Genius Russian Translations (Русские переводы), explores themes of longing, love, and the...
Meaning of "Still With You" by Jung Kook (정국)
The song "Still With You" is an ode to love and companionship. Jung Kook reminisces about the happy memories he shared with his loved one and expresses his...
Meaning of "Jung Kook - Still With You (Traduction Française)" by Genius Traductions françaises
"Still With You" is a song by Jung Kook, translated into French by Genius Traductions françaises. The lyrics depict a longing for someone's presence and th...
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Still With You by Jungkook song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position