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Artist: The xx
Track: Intro

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Meaning of "The XX Intro" by Yungg S
"The XX Intro" by Yungg S is a deeply introspective song that explores themes of personal struggles, societal issues, and the search for hope. Through its ...
Meaning of "The XX Intro Instrumental (Sully Told Me To Sen’)" by Lil T
Based on the lyrics, "The XX Intro Instrumental" by Lil T seems to be a diss track directed towards a certain person named Chucka. The song starts with Lil...
Meaning of "Intro (Me and You) (Demo)" by Brandon Tan & The xx
The song "Intro (Me and You) (Demo)" by Brandon Tan & The xx seems to revolve around themes of relationships, self-reflection, and personal growth. In the...
Meaning of "Drip Too Hard / Intro / Rumble / My Mind (Loud Luxury Edit) [Mixed]" by The xx, VINNE, SMACK, Gunna, Lil Baby, Skrillex, Flowdan & Fred again..
"Drip Too Hard / Intro / Rumble / My Mind (Loud Luxury Edit)" is a collaborative song that features artists such as The xx, VINNE, SMACK, Gunna, Lil Baby, ...
Dutch Interior song meanings
Dutch Interior song meanings. Double Gloucester. Dutch Interior · Intro (The xx). Dutch Interior · It's Smokey Outside and I'm Afraid. Dutch Interior · Jesus in ...
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The XX - Intro Lyrics
Ed Sheeran tells a story of unsuccessfully trying to feel “Amazing.” This track is about the being weighed down by emotional stress despite valiant attempts to ...
jj - Intro (The XX cover) Lyrics
“Saturday night is givin' me a reason to rely on the strobe lights / The lifeline of a promise in a shot glass, and I'll take that / If you're givin' out love ...
The XX - Stars Lyrics
I think this song is simply about being attractive to someone and questioning if crossing the line on the first date is appropriate. No pressure environment. I ...
Rihanna - Drunk on Love Lyrics
Norwegian production duo StarGate produced this song, which samples "Intro" by The xx. "Intro" is the opening track of the British Indie Rockers' self ...
The XX Lyrics, Songs, Albums And More
Atmospheric English indie pop group the xx formed in London in 2008 around the talents of Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, Baria Qureshi, and Jamie Smith, ...
The XX - Crystalised Lyrics
But on the other hand a song can mean something different to everyone. Thats the beauty of music, although lyrics do tell a story the way one depicts it is all ...
There she was, with the blade in her hand. Scars on her skin replaced kiss of the man. She's played a part for as long as she's known
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Genius Meanings
The xx – Intro
“Intro”, a simple, two minute instrumental song is easily The xx’s most popular song. As of August 2017, it’s their most streamed song on Spotify, racking up over 200 million
Rihanna, 311, Akon & The xx (Ft. JAY-Z & Snoop Dogg) – Intro / Umbrella / Amber / I Wanna Love You [Mixed]
Nov 10, 2023 ... Intro / Umbrella / Amber / I Wanna Love You [Mixed] ... Find answers to frequently asked questions about the song and explore its deeper meaning.
Yungg S – The XX Intro
[Intro] / Yeah / Reality / Behind my eyelids / One minute, one second / [Verse 1] / Yo, it was only yesterday when I woke up / From this dream, vivid visions / When everything
The xx – Crystalised
“Crystalised” is about a complicated relationship, and ultimately uses crystallization as a metaphor for love. It’s the lead single from The xx’s eponymous debut album. Romy and
The xx – Angels
“Angels” opens with a restrained style and soft-spoken verses about the idea of being in love. Croft’s lyrics compare the premature end of an relationship to “dreaming of angels
The xx – Shelter
“Shelter” is the kind of track that launched the xx into a global phenomenon. Romy’s lyrical longing to right her perceived “wrong” is heart-wrenching. When it’s set to the stark
The xx – Say Something Loving
Airy and open, “Say Something Loving” uses echoed guitars, a matching bassline, varied percussion and programming as well as orchestration to express the feeling of feeling
The xx, VINNE, SMACK, Gunna, Lil Baby, Skrillex, Flowdan & Fred again.. – Drip Too Hard / Intro / Rumble / My Mind (Loud Luxury Edit) [Mixed]
[Intro: Lil Baby] / Drip too hard, don't stand too close / You gon' fuck around and drown off this wave / Doin' all these shows, I've been on the road / I don't care where I go
The xx – Fantasy
Mysterious in composition and with hushed vocals by Sim, “Fantasy” opens up with overlaid synths, the ends with a distorted bassline, Romy’s guitar hooks and fluttering samples
Azad Right – It's All Right
Azad Right spits over The XX’s popular “Intro” track and his this to say about it: “A lot of people have been wanting to hear me rap with no hooks so I decided to do just that
The xx – VCR
“VCR” is about simple, nostalgic, and cute love. VCRs, or videocassette recorders, were used throughout the 1980s and 1990s to watch and record video until the DVD was invented in
“ICE HOTEL (intro),” featuring off of the EP, Ice Hotel X deleted. This is the intro. X remixes SZA’s 2013 song “Teen Spirit” and samples her verses, along with sampling Pink
​​alt-J – Intro
The opener to alt-J’s An Awesome Wave, “Intro” wastes no time indicting the pretentious, unoriginal ilk of the music festival scene. It’s a beautiful song with some really biting
X portrays someone struggling with depression that cuts and commits suicide by shooting themself in the head.
Rihanna – Drunk on Love
[Intro] / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah / No / [Verse 1] / I feel like I'm a hopeless romantic / I can't help falling in love / I fiend for love / I want it, I crave it / I just can't get
Carole & Tuesday – Polly Jean
“Polly Jean” is Carole & Tuesday’s second opening theme for the second half of the anime (episode 13 to episode 24). The vocalists Nai Br.XX (Carole) and Celeina Ann (Tuesday
French Montana (Ft. Swae Lee) – Unforgettable
In honor of his 32nd birthday, French Montana delivered a present to his fans sharing “Unforgettable” on Instagram, in a now deleted post, captioning: 🔥🔥🔥🔥 BIRTHDAY GIFT FROM ME
Jamie xx (Ft. Popcaan & Young Thug) – I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)
The xx’s own Jamie xx released his solo debut In Colour, grabbing Popcaan and man-of-the-moment Young Thug for an assist with “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times).” The song was
The xx – Islands
“Islands” is about fully committing oneself to one person in that relationship. Although the narrator has had other relationships and casual flings, the relationship they find in
“FIND ME” is the introduction to Members Only, Vol. 3. On the song, XXXTENTACION questions where his lover has been as he has been awaiting her. Before its release, X previewed
In this song, there are several reoccurring themes; a girl, death, and X’s internal dispute with death vs. life. It is believed that the song is related to a relationship that X
Genius Romanizations – JUNNA - コノユビトマレ (Kono Yubi Tomare) (Romanized)
Nozomi doori ni / Kakete ageru / Tekagen wa shinai / Suki, kirai, suki, kirai / Saisho wa daare? / Hodohodo ja tsumannai / Subete ka zero ka / Suki, kirai, suki, kirai
Playboi Carti – Long Time (Intro)
“Long Time” begins Playboi Carti’s debut album with an ode to the determination that allowed him to become successful as a recording artist and the luxuries he can enjoy since
Blue Scholars – Lumiere
Samples “Intro” by The XX. The scenes in the video are from Oakland.
XXXTENTACION – Teeth (Interlude)
XXXTENTACION is singing this song about his breakup with his girlfriend, and what he is feeling about relationships. This song is also a sequel to “A Message To Tina Belcher.” X
Luci4 (Ft. 9lives) – XX pt. 3
[Intro] / I hate I was ever in love with you / I hate I was ever in love with you / I hate I was ever in love with y-y-you / I wanted to have my son with you / I wanna go home; I'm
The xx – On Hold
“On Hold” is about trying to extend an already broken relationship. When you keep someone on hold during a phone call, they don’t know if they should wait for the call to resume or
Jamie xx (Ft. Romy) – SeeSaw
“SeeSaw” is the third track on Jamie xx’s solo debut In Colour, featuring bandmate Romy Croft from The xx.
On “SAD!” X laments about the struggle of letting go of a loved one and the feeling of depression that follows. He details emotions of uncertainty surrounding a specific
XXXTENTACION – ​​vice city
“vice city” is the earliest song publicly available on XXXTENTACION’s SoundCloud. The song is a classic to many fans with its melancholy melody, cynical lyrics with the
“Carry On” alludes to his ex-girlfriend, Geneva Ayala. It was produced by Potsu, who also produced 17 tracks “Jocelyn Flores” and “Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares,” which all
Sig.Carlito – PL4Y Y0UR ROL3 xx
[Intro: Sig.Carlito & Taylor Swift] / You're on the phone with your girlfriend, she's upset / She's going off about something that you said (Yeah) / 'Cause she doesn't get your
The xx – Basic Space
“Basic Space” is about sex and intimacy in a new-relationship. The song, written solely by band member Romy Madley-Croft, utilizes several metaphors including water, stone, wax
Marc E. Bassy – XX
[Intro] / Maybe we get high, just so we can come back down to earth / Maybe we'll get by / That's all that matters / Baby when I'm alone, I'm never really alone / Just pretending
On “Riot,” XXXTENTACION is giving his thoughts on the killings of African Americans across the United States and the riots that ensue. X condemns officers who abuse their authority
The xx – Heart Skipped a Beat
Oliver and Romy trades lines detailing the difficulties and emotions felt after a break-up. This track is one of the stand-out cuts off The xx’s critically acclaimed debut album
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Genius Albums
xx by The xx
xx is the debut album by The xx, recorded at XL Recordings’ in-house studio and released in August 2009 by XL’s imprint label Young Turks. The album, which has gone platinum in UK