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Artist: j-hope
Track: on the street (with J. Cole)

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Meaning of "​on the street" by ​j-hope & J. Cole
The song "On the Street" by J-Hope and J. Cole explores the themes of perseverance, hope, and faith. The lyrics talk about how the artists continue to walk...
Meaning of "on the street (with J. Cole)" by j-hope
"On the Street (with J. Cole)" by J-hope is a song that explores the artist's journey towards success and his pursuit of fulfillment. The lyrics suggest th...
Meaning of "​​j-hope & J. Cole - on the street (हिंदी अनुवाद)" by Genius Hindi Translations (हिंदी अनुवाद)
The song "On the Street" by J-Hope and J. Cole, translated into Hindi by Genius Hindi Translations, conveys themes of self-expression, determination, and r...
Meaning of "on the street (with J. Cole)" by J. Cole
"On the street" by J. Cole is a reflective track about the rapper's life and career, as well as his relationship with his fans. The song is named after its...
Meaning of "​​j-hope & J. Cole - on the street (Traducción al Español)" by Genius Traducciones al Español
"​​j-hope & J. Cole - on the street (Traducción al Español)" is a collaboration between j-hope, a member of the South Korean boy band BTS, and J. Cole, an ...
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Genius Meanings
​j-hope & J. Cole – ​on the street
In his solo single “on the street" j-hope shares his candid feelings toward fans. The song was released as a gift and a kind of ‘goodbye’ to them, as j-hope has initiated the
Genius Hindi Translations (हिंदी अनुवाद) – ​​j-hope & J. Cole - on the street (हिंदी अनुवाद)
[परिचय: जे-हॉप] / जब भी मैं चलता हूं / जब भी मैं भगता हूं / जब भी मैं हिलता हूं / हर बार, हमारे लिए / जब भी मैं देखता हूं / जब भी मैं प्यार करता हूं / जब भी मैं आशा करता हूं / हर
J. Cole – Love Yourz
Cole draws back to the intro and its main themes as he comes full circle back to present day. A much wiser Cole reflects on the most important things in life, such as love and
J. Cole – Lion King on Ice
On “Lion King on Ice,” J. Cole reverts to his alter ego, Young Simba, but now in a much colder and darker tone. He raps about his come-up and his experience growing up in
[FRESH PICK] j-hope and J. Cole’s Bittersweet Single “on the street” Is More Than Meets The Eye
Iconic artist j-hope fulfilled one of his dream collaborations with J. Cole as the two complemented each other in the newly released lofi single “on the street”. The song comes shortly after it was announced that j-hope was preparing for his enlistment in the mandatory Korean military service. Possibly presented to his fans as a farewell track, it could be noted that the lyrics are stirring and tugging at the heartstrings. On the surface, j-hope and J. Cole’s song is like any other collaboration where the two rappers join their styles and verses to curate a well-thought-out idea. However, if one has been following j-hope and BTS since the very beginning of their career, they should know how the collaboration was a bucket-list item for the artist. For those unaware, j-hope has time and time again portrayed his admiration for the American rapper. As a rookie group, BTS released their track, “Born Singer” in 2013, which is a lyrical rewrite of J. Cole’s “Born Sinner”. j-hope further expr
J. Cole – J. Cole Freestyle
On May 12, 2021, J. Cole appeared on L.A. Leakers for their 108th freestyle, two days before releasing his sixth album, The Off-Season. He flowed over “‘93 'Til Infinity” by Souls
Genius Traducciones al Español – ​​j-hope & J. Cole - on the street (Traducción al Español)
[Letra de "j-hope & J. Cole - on the street (Traducción al Español)"] / [Coro: j-hope] / Cada vez yo camino / Cada vez yo corro / Cada vez yo me muevo / Como siempre, por nosotros
J. Cole – 1985
“1985” is representative of the year J. Cole was born. When combined with 2014 Forest Hills Drive’s “January 28th,” Cole’s entire birthday is in his discography. The song is a
J. Cole’s first offering of 2019 serves as a warning in advance of an extensive rollout of Dreamville material. On the track, Cole envisions himself in the center of the old and
J. Cole – 4 Your Eyez Only
“4 Your Eyez Only” serves as a message to James McMillian, Jr.’s newborn daughter, recounting memories. James McMillian, Jr. is a friend whom Cole speaks of throughout the album.
J. Cole – January 28th
January 28 happens to be J. Cole’s birthday. With an album named after his childhood home, he begins taking us on a tour through his life starting with his earliest years. Since
J. Cole – Rise and Shine
[Intro: Jay-Z] / There's a nigga right now somewhere / He at the table with a bowl of Apple Jacks / And he's reading the back of the cereal / And in between eating the Apple Jacks
Gang Starr (Ft. J. Cole) – Family and Loyalty
“Family and Loyalty” is the lead single to Gang Starr’s forthcoming record. It features a classic chopped piano sample beat by DJ Premier, and the duo’s first collaboration with J
J. Cole – Wet Dreamz
On the third single from Forest Hills Drive, Cole reminisces about his first time with a girl. He puts on the typical play-it-cool attitude when in reality all he knows about are
Genius Brasil Traduções – ​​j-hope & J. Cole - on the street (Tradução em Português)
Em seu single solo “on the street” j-hope compartilha seus sentimentos sinceros em relação aos fãs. A música foi lançada como um presente e uma espécie de ‘adeus’ a eles, já que j-
Genius 中文翻譯 (Chinese Translations) – ​j-hope & J. Cole - on the street (中文翻譯)
[j-hope, J. 科爾「on the street」中文翻譯] / [副歌: j-hope] / 每次當我行走 / 每次當我奔跑 / 每次當我移動 / 不出乎意料 都是為了我們 / 每次當我瞭望 / 每次當我熱愛 / 每次當我祈望 / 不出乎意料 都是為了我們 (我依然在大街上) / [主歌 1: j-hope] / 我的雙腳自甘情願地走著
J. Cole – Photograph
“Photograph” describes Cole finding a girl’s picture on social media and trying to finesse and get her. Thematically the track sees Cole examining the state of romance and
J. Cole – The Cure
[Intro] / Cole World, the new Nat King / If I ain't the illest nigga, I'm his new vaccine / Really more like poison when his New Jack Swing / And my bed is like a deck of cards
J. Cole – 2Face
This song delves into a recurring theme in Cole’s early work, his conflicting emotions and the two polarizing sides to his personality. As a young up-and-comer in the game, he
J. Cole – Immortal
On “Immortal,” Cole examines the gravity of death, both from his friend’s perspective as a drug dealer and from his own as an artist.
J. Cole – LAnd of the Snakes
“LAnd of the Snakes” depicts Cole’s promiscuous affairs with women, something he enjoys in the choruses but regrets in the third verse, when he runs into a woman he once had a one
J. Cole (Ft. Amber Coffman & Cults) – She Knows
Born Sinner’s third single features Dirty Projectors’ Amber Coffman (Cole had previously sampled her on his remix of Major Lazer’s “Get Free”), also heavily sampling the Cult’s
J. Cole, 21 Savage & Morray – ​​m y . l i f e
On “m y . l i f e,” Cole recruits 21 Savage and Morray for a track on which they discuss the struggles of their respective come-ups and the benefits of their perseverance. They
J. Cole – Once an Addict (Interlude)
J. Cole uses “Once an Addict” to detail the development of his feelings concerning his mother’s relationship with alcoholism. Cole uses this interlude to show that he also deals
BIA & J. Cole – LONDON
[Intro: BIA] / I'm in London, I like to go to shop in the mall (Yeah) / Shop at the store, shop in the—, ah, ah (Yeah) / Aziz, Aziz / BIA, BIA, yeah (Buss) / Yeah / [Chorus: BIA
J. Cole – ATM
“ATM” is an introspective yet energetic track that highlights Cole’s relationship with money. He confirmed in a tweet that the song title is an abbreviation for “Addicted To Money
Dreamville & J. Cole – Heavens EP
Three days before embarking on The Off-Season tour, J. Cole randomly dropped the music video for “Heaven’s EP” as a YouTube exclusive. Utilizing the same beat from Drake’s “Pipe
J. Cole – The Autograph
J. Cole tells us his story in his rise to fame in rap, providing listeners with a closer look into his beliefs and his lifestyle. The title of the song serves as a certificate of
J. Cole – Deja Vu
On “Deja Vu,” Cole raps from the perspective of his deceased friend James McMillan Jr., who imagines a conversation with a woman about the kind of men she gravitates towards. He
J. Cole – Cole Summer
A single released prior to his sophomore album “Born Sinner”. J Cole announced that it wouldn’t appear on the album, but he felt that he needed to give his fans something, an
J. Cole – St. Tropez
Drastically changing from the mood of “Fire Squad,” we see the arch of the album changing as Cole’s career starts to take off. The song is named after St. Tropez, France. While
J. Cole (Ft. Jeezy) – Kenny Lofton
Kenny Lofton is one of the better stories to have emerged from Major League Baseball. He was definitely known for his speed, which J. Cole attests to in the hook of this song. But
J. Cole – Mo Money (Interlude)
The track’s title is a reference to The Notorious B.I.G.’s hit song “Mo' Money Mo' Problems”. Meanwhile Cole’s “money” flow here is seemingly an ode to verse 1 of Jay-Z’s “
J. Cole – Change
On “Change,” Cole reflects on the maturation of his understanding of the cycle of violence and crime in struggling black communities and details the murder of his friend James
Cozz (Ft. J. Cole) – Knock tha Hustle (Remix)
After receiving buzz from his hit single “Dreams,” Cozz caught the attention North Carolina native J. Cole. This is the first collaboration between the two over a remix of Cozz’s “
J. Cole – False Prophets
On “False Prophets,” Cole addresses the trials and tribulations of being a star. Though he refrains from name-dropping, Cole uses this track to fire shots at a few people
Benny the Butcher & J. Cole – Johnny P's Caddy
On “Johnny P’s Caddy,“ Benny The Butcher and J. Cole link up to boast about their rise to the top in rap. Released on the same day as J. Cole’s birthday (January 28), the track
Lil Yachty & J. Cole – The Secret Recipe
“The Secret Recipe,” uniting Lil Yachty and J. Cole, is a laid-back, freestyled cut that flows effortlessly between the two. While putting forth their lyrical prowess, “The Secret
J. Cole – Note to Self
The final song on 2014 Forest Hills Drive completes Cole’s main outlook on life: Love one another and life will fall into place. In true ROC fashion (“Blueprint,” “My 1st Song
J. Cole – ​procrastination (broke)
On “procrastination (broke),” J. Cole talks about his inspirations, the struggles he’s facing in working on his album and realness. He mentions how his success and financial
Genius Romanizations – ​j-hope - Hope World (Romanized)
[Intro] / Yeah, yeah, yeah / [Verse 1] / My name is my life (Life) / Huimangjeok vibe / Bujeongbodaneun geungjeong type / Ireumgap hae but ain't no price, woo / Not, sunjeongpa
J. Cole – Neighbors
“Neighbors” draws inspiration from an incident on March 18th, 2016 involving the house Cole rented (nicknamed “Sheltuh”) in North Carolina to use as a studio. The house was raided
J. Cole – Kevin's Heart
In “Kevin’s Heart,” Cole is singing from the stance of a person in love with drugs. Throughout the track, he references taking Xannies and smoking blunts, and relates the use of
J. Cole – Sideline Story
“Sideline Story” is the 6th track on CW: TSS. In this song, Jermaine lays three verses about how he managed to “get up off the sideline.” From pouring his heart out to signing to
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J. Cole
Jermaine Lamarr Cole (b. January 28th, 1985), better known as J. Cole, is a rapper and producer who was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He