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Artist: A$AP Rocky
Suggested Track: Sundress

(Adjust to pain)
(It hurt too bad to say, to say you left me, left me)
Fucking with the wrong man
(Left me) Said she fuckin' with the wrong man
Ever since she left me

I guess you fell into the wrong hands, yeah
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
And now you're F-in' with the wrong man, man
Ah ah ah ah ah

You took some time away from me
I see you made your mind
Just read the signs, it's clear to see
I'm tryna make you mine
'Cause love is blind, your hurt is fine
To heal, it takes some time

I guess you fell into the wrong hands, yeah
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
And now you're F-in' with the wrong man, man
Ah ah ah ah ah

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh, ah ah ah ah ah
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh, ah ah ah ah ah

Tokyo trips, shopping sprees full of gifts
I remember we would dream about kids
Tryna get that V with that crib
Back when you used to be's with that Crip
Gotta give a little to get
A little bit in return now, tables turn now
And you heard 'bout me and my bitch
I'm just tryna chill
'Cause lately I've been thinking 'bout you and rebuilding
Walking 'round like you lost feelings
I can tell he not fulfilling
You in love with me still
They say only if looks could kill, for real
You walk around town with that guy
When you pass by (ah ah)
I just laugh like (ah ah)

I guess you fell into the wrong hands, yeah
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
And now you're F-in' with the wrong man, man
Ah ah ah ah ah

Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh, ah ah ah ah ah
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh, ah ah ah ah ah
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A$AP Rocky
Rakim Athelaston Mayers (named after “The God MC” Rakim), better known by his stage name, A$AP Rocky, hails from Harlem, New York. He is no stranger to the cliché rap lifestyle
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Chief Keef – A$AP Rocky
Chief Keef’s song dedicated to rapper A$AP Rocky, who had collaborated with him in the past, but their collab song unfortunately hasn’t dropped yet. This isn’t the first time Sosa
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Joe Fox) – Pharsyde
Rocky, amidst contemplations of his sex life, bank account and drug use throughout the album, returns to Harlem in ‘Pharsyde’. He reflects on the difficulty of growing up in the
A$AP Rocky (Ft. ScHoolboy Q) – Electric Body
Rocky and ScHoolboy Q have previously collaborated on songs like “PMW,” “Hands on the Wheel,” “Californication,” and “Brand New Guy.”
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Santigold) – Hell
[Intro: ASAP Rocky] / Uh, uh / [Verse 1: ASAP Rocky] / We use to wear rugged boots, now it's all tailored suits / Audemars Piguets for my criminal recruits / Champagne flutes
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Birdy Nam Nam & Skrillex) – Wild for the Night
Acting as Long.Live.ASAP’s third single, this track marked Rocky’s first collaboration with his friend Skrillex. In an interview with Fuse he stated that they’d “wanted to work
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Juicy J) – Multiply
The official start of Flacko Jodye Season has begun with the drop of this aggressive banger. A$AP Rocky is returning to the center of the limelight, and he’s making sure everyone
A$AP Rocky – Phoenix
In this song Rocky looks deep into his career, the affects it’s having on him, and how things could’ve been much worse off. He looks at society as a whole, and at the people that
A$AP Rocky (Ft. OverDoz.) – Pain
Rocky and his pals talk about fashion, ladies, and how they love photographers when they’re not punching them out
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Future, Joe Fox & M.I.A.) – Fine Whine
This song is an ode to “lean” and broken relationships. Rocky, M.I.A. & Future have all been through breakups recently: Rocky with Chanel Iman , M.I.A. with Benjamin Bronfman
A$AP Rocky – Peso
Acting as the lead single for the mixtape Live.Love.A$AP, “Peso” was considered by many as Rocky’s breakout song. In an interview with The New York Times (who stated the track was
A$AP Rocky (Ft. 2 Chainz, Drake & Kendrick Lamar) – Fuckin' Problems
This all-star posse cut showcases three distinctive rappers trying to out-stunt each other on the subject of fucking “bad bitches.” Rocky called the song a “reunion” of Drake’s
A$AP Rocky – D.M.B.
On “D.M.B.” (also stylized as DAT$ MAH B!*$H), A$AP Rocky utilizes chopped-and-screwed vocals to declare his love for drugs and women. The song was first previewed in an
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Acyde, A$AP Yams & Yasiin Bey) – Back Home
A tribute to A$AP Yams who passed away just before Rocky finished making ALLA. Yams' real name is Steven Rodriguez, he died (went back home – Genesis 3:19 “For you were made from
A$AP Rocky – Long Live A$AP
This is his title track off his album LONG.LIVE.A$AP. Here he breaks down some of the aspects of the video he directed.
A$AP Rocky – Purple Swag
About recording the song, Rocky told Complex: We definitely recorded that shit in some small ass closet. I was getting high. I was high as a kite. On some purple drink, purple
A$AP Rocky – Goldie
First single off of Rocky’s much-anticipated, freshman album Long.Live.A$AP. It may be called Goldie as that was the name of the pimp in The Mack. Fun Fact: According to Hit-Boy
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Joe Fox) – Max B
This track is inspired by Harlem rapper, Max B. Max B is good friends with famous French Montana, whose intro song on his debut album touched on Max B’s situation. Max B was given
A$AP Rocky – Suddenly
“Suddenly” perfectly describes A$AP Rocky’s quick rise to fame. The song goes through the good, the bad, and the ugly that he went through. The second verse of the song “suddenly
A$AP Rocky – LVL
A$AP Rocky’s fourth track off his debut studio album, Long.Live.A$AP. The meaning of the song’s title is levels, as he explained here.
A$AP Rocky – Better Things
This song explores Rocky’s relationships and issues that he has around women. Based on this interview, it’s no surprise he has girl problems. It samples “High School Lover by
A$AP Rocky – L$D
This song and accompanying video were released on May 19 by Lil B on Twitter. Rocky later tweeted “THANK YOU BASED GOD.” The song is both an ode to the drug LSD (commonly known as
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Lil Wayne) – M'$
Track 15 off of Rocky’s second album At.Long.Last.A$AP produced by Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E. & Mike Dean. This is the album version of the song. The single version released with a
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Mark Ronson, Miguel & Rod Stewart) – Everyday
This song follows Rocky’s releases “Multiply” and “M'$” as the first official single for his album At.Long.Last.A$AP. Rocky stated the former two records would not appear on his
A$AP Rocky – Babushka Boi
“Babushka” is Russian for “grandmother” or “elderly woman,” and it’s also a type of Russian headscarf tied under the chin, traditionally worn by women from Eastern Europe. In
A$AP Rocky (Ft. ScHoolboy Q) – PMW (All I Really Need)
[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky] / All I think about is life, nights, sipping on Sprite / Little codeine, nigga get throwed right / Two blonde dykes wanna kiss all night / I just pray to God
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Joe Fox & Kanye West) – Jukebox Joints
This song is the first collaboration between two of hip-hop’s most fashion famous emcees. The song samples an Indonesian song by Rasela, titled “Doa Untuk Kasih”, as well as “Much
A$AP Rocky (Ft. BONES) – Canal St.
Canal Street is a famous crosstown street in Lower Manhattan, New York City. It’s a source for tourists to cop bootleg merchandise and is also a favorite location for arts and
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Joe Fox) – Holy Ghost
This song interpolates the Coen brothers movie O Brother, Where Art Thou (2000) and makes use of strong religious imagery. The Holy Ghost is a title for the third figure in the
A$AP Rocky (Ft. A$AP Ferg & Gunplay) – Ghetto Symphony
Rocky delivers a hard-hitting track on his debut album, complimented with verses from Gunplay and fellow A$AP Mob member A$AP Ferg. Interestingly enough, the same beat is used for
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Dean Blunt & Kodak Black) – CALLDROPS
“CALLDROPS” is the 6th song off of Rocky’s 2018 album, TESTING. It functions as an interlude from the style on the rest of the album, featuring a low-fi guitar and a muted phone
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Moby) – A$AP Forever
“A$AP Forever” is the first official single released from Rocky’s upcoming album TESTING. Rocky first previewed the on Instagram live.. Flacko then premiered the song on Fallon
A$AP Rocky (Ft. FKA twigs) – Fukk Sleep
“Fukk Sleep” is the fourth song on A$AP Rocky’s third studio album TESTING. “Fukk Sleep” marks the first time Rocky has worked with FKA twigs. In the song, Rocky talks about his
A$AP Rocky – Distorted Records
This is the opening track off Rocky’s new album TESTING, on which he justly brags about his position in the rap game, and his competition. Production for this track is handled by
A$AP Rocky – Bass
On “Bass,” Rocky raps about money, women, and his crew, the A$AP Mob. In verses two and four of the Clams Casino produced track, Rocky deepens his voice, an homage to the “chopped
A$AP Rocky – Tony Tone
On “Tony Tone,” Rocky raps about how he is unbothered by the people hating and critiquing him. In the middle of the song–there is even a skit with a woman that gets angry at Rocky
A$AP Rocky – Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 (LPFJ2) This song is a follow up to “Pretty Flacko,” one of Rocky’s most notable songs. The track was first teased in the music
A$AP Rocky – Fashion Killa
With countless references to style and fashion, this track illustrates that Rocky’s not only on top of the fashion game, but also paints a picture of how he wants his perfect girl
A$AP Rocky (Ft. BlocBoy JB) – Bad Company
After teasing it on Instagram, A$AP Rocky dropped “BAD COMPANY” as the 4th promotional single, following “☆☆☆☆☆ 5IVE $TAR$,” “Above,” and “Money Bags Freestyle,“ for his third
A$AP Rocky – Excuse Me
The first verse of this song premiered in Rocky’s “LSD” video, as first mentioned by Complex Magazine. The song samples “Please Come Home for Christmas” by the Platters. The
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Juicy J & UGK) – Wavybone
Track 12 off Rocky’s second album At.Long.Last.A$AP. The title of this track is named after the late great A$AP YAMS Instagram username @wavybone “Could I Be Falling In Love” by
[Intro] / Hitkidd, what it do, man? / [Verse 1] / Shoot my shot, got her wet (Hoo) / Bet that’s all neck, girl, that’s wetty / Wetty, gave me all neck, I'll be headin' / Ready
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Chace Infinite & SpaceGhostPurrp) – Keep It G
“Keep It G” features a verse, chorus, and beat from South Florida rapper SpaceGhostPurrp, and a spoken word introduction by Chace Infinite, who was Rocky’s “big homie” at the time
A$AP Rocky – Angels
“Angels” is a reminder of A$AP Rocky’s violent and drug-filled childhood and life before fame, as is much of LONG.LIVE.A$AP. Through his hustle — selling marijuana and then crack
A$AP Rocky – Phantogram (Freestyle)
This Rocky freestyle was released as part of the “Wavy Wednesdays” series.
A$AP Rocky (Ft. Main Attrakionz) – Leaf (Take 1)
Also released on Main Attrakionz mixtape under the title “Take 1” Check out what Big Ghost has to say about this track – he’s a fan The intro and outro were sampled from this Ol
​slowthai & A$AP Rocky – MAZZA
On “MAZZA,” an abbreviated form of the British slang term “mazzaleen,” Slowthai recruits fellow AWGE member A$AP Rocky, marking the duo’s first collaboration. The song finds both
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ASAP Rocky lyrics - 112 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Praise The Lord (Da Shine)", "I Smoked Away My Brain (I'm God x Demons Mashup)", "Ridin'".
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Live. Love. ASAP (stylized as LIVE.LOVE.A$AP) is the debut mixtape by American rapper A$AP Rocky, who released it as a free digital download on October 31, 2011. Live. Love. ASAP