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Artist: A -ha
Suggested Track: Take On Me

We're talking away
I don't know what
I'm to say I'll say it anyway
Today's another day to find you
Shying away
I'll be coming for your love, okay?

Take on me, (take on me)
Take me on, (take on me)
I'll be gone
In a day or two

So needless to say
I'm odds and ends
I'll be stumbling away
Slowly learning that life is OK
Say after me
It's no better to be safe than sorry

Take on me, (take on me)
Take me on, (take on me)
I'll be gone
In a day or two

Oh the things that you say
Is it live or
Just to play my worries away
You're all the things I've got to remember
You're shying away
I'll be coming for you anyway

Take on me, (take on me)
Take me on, (take on me)
I'll be gone
In a day

(Take on me, take on me)
(Take me on, take on me)
I'll be gone (take on me)
In a day
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A lyrics - 53 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Nothing", "Foghorn", "Old Folks".
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Radiohead – Kid A
“Kid A” is one of the more challenging songs on Radiohead’s fourth LP. Much like the album’s opener, “Everything in its Right Place”, it is distinguished by a conspicuous lack of
SiM – A
Abracadabra / Nobody cares 'bout you under the Libra / Abracadabra / Is this'new era'? / Hit me / Ā nani mo suru ki okinai / Ahōna TV mō mitakunai / Same old tearjerking stories to
A (The Band) – A
A, we're gonna be around / A, we're gonna work it out / A, there's nothin' to fight about / Today, we're gonna be around / You hardly know me / You say I'm your best friend
Crass – Big A Little A
Big A, little A, bouncing B / The system might have got you but it won't get me / 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 / External control- are you gonna let them get you? / Do you wanna be a prisoner in
BossMan DLow – Chick-fil-A
[Intro] / Yeah, Big Za / Mhm, yeah, yeah (You won't leave him a clue? Please, for my man Taz) / Trap, Big Za, nigga / [Verse] / That bitch say trap boomin', all the junkies drivin
Cartel – A
[Intro] / And you can take this however you want / Yeah you can take this however you want / And don't be so so sure this is all it adds up to / You… / [Verse 1] / You're justified
Barenaked Ladies – A
“A” is the 5th song off of BNL’s Maybe You Should Drive album. The letter “A” is the main theme behind this song, as almost every line begins with “A is for…”
Original Broadway Cast of The Band's Visit (Ft. Tony Shalhoub) – Itgara'a
[TEWFIQ] / Itgara'a / Itgara'a / Itgara'a / Itgara'a / Min el wihda / Min el farah / Itgara'a / Itgarahoum / Inta el wihda / Inta el farah / Itgarahoum
Big Boi (Ft. Ludacris & T.I.) – In the A
Big Boi enlists fellow Atlanta emcees Ludacris and T.I. for this upbeat, hometown anthem.
Nine Inch Nails – Copy of a
“Copy of a” is the second single from 2013’s Hesitation Marks. The song debuted live on the first night of the NIN 2013 Festival Tour. Opening with a wavering synth line, a
Al Jolson (Ft. Cab Calloway) – I Love To Sing-A
Ah!— Oh, ain't it grand / To live and breathe / And let your chest expand / Morning Cab! / [Calloway] / Good Morning Al! Ah!— / The skies are blue, the world's a song / When life
Jubël (Ft. NLE Choppa) – Triple A
[Chorus: Sebastian Atas] / Don't you know I'm triple A? / Come say it to my face / I've been treating you like rose / (Treating you like rose) / You're spooky like a ghost / [Verse
MARINA – Su-Barbie-A
“Su-Barbie-A” is the fifth instalment of Marina Diamandis' musical concept “Electra Heart”. The song is an experimental mash-up of advertising and movie clips from 1970s America
Mouth & MacNeal – Hello-A
I understand that all men can't be the same / But the way you treated me / When we met was more than strange / I could not care less / The only thing that counts is / The fact that
P!nk – Ave Mary A
A massive standout on P!nk’s lyrically-strapping fifth studio album, Funhouse, Ave Mary A is perhaps P!nk’s most striking piece of social commentary to date. Over hard rock guitars
Ninja Sex Party – FYI I Wanna F Your A
Once again Danny Sexbang tries to gain a girl over. He mainly uses abbreviations which are commonly known but turn out to mean something totally diffrent. Surprisingly it actually
Will Stetson – Girl A
Let me tell you all about “my” life / Speaking in a round of “someone”’s life / Every now and then off once or twice / Everything all ends up right it seems / Suffocating sun is
[Verse 1] / I would drown in your holy water / Got a taste, now I'm going under / And let the world just fade away / Treat me bad like I'm no one's daughter / Body bag, baby I'm a
​xaviersobased – ​a
[Intro] / Grah / This shit raw / Go, go, go / I'm finna go, go, go / [Verse] / Everybody in the A, we finna hit the O / Rev the engine up, this prescription / Everybody in the
Shama Mrema – 12 Days of Chick-Fil-A
[Verse 1] / On the first day of Christmas, Chick-fil-A gave to me / A number one with a sweet tea (my pleasure) / [Verse 2] / On the second day of Christmas, Chick-fil-A gave to me
Louisvt – Freaky Bih from Da A
[Chorus] / Freaky lil' bitch from the A / And she say she wanna fuck me when she seen me put my chains on / Fucking on a married bitch, but she ain't got her rings on / Every time
Original Broadway Cast of Rent (Ft. Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Fredi Walker, Idina Menzel & Jesse L. Martin) – Finale A
Mark plans on screening his film. Collins comes to the loft to tell them that he’s rewired the ATM at the Food Emporium so that anyone with the code A-N-G-E-L will be able to take
Cold chilling. Winning. Some losses / If you never took an "L", then you'll never be a boss
If you dont take an “L” (a loss) then you’ll never learn from your mistakes or learn how to accept defeat.
The Disco Biscuits – Humuhumunukunukuapua'a
A bird is flying over with a message for his love / The life they lead will grow indeed / But no bird is a dove / He sat her down and told her, what was on his mind that day
Rustage (Ft. Cam Steady, Connor Quest!, Daddyphatsnaps, Daisy Banaisy, Dan Bull, DizzyEight, Dreaded Yasuke, GameboyJones, HalaCG, NerdOut, None Like Joshua, Nux Taku, Outcast Rae, Rockit Music, Shwabadi, Sophia Dere, Star Girl, Twisted Savvy & Zach B) – Class 1-A
[Verse 1: Rustage] -Izuku Midoriya, Hero Name: Deku / Call me Deku, I'm starting out on this cypher / I was quirkless, but by working, I'm deserving something higher / It's my
Hailee Steinfeld – You're Such A
During her first live performance at G-A-Y in London on 3 October 2015, Hailee Steinfeld premiered the new track “You’re Such A”. This song serves as a middle finger to the guy
Jubël & Cledos (Ft. NLE Choppa) – Triple A
[Intro: NLE Choppa] / Triple A, it don't get no better than this, baby / No / No, look / [Chorus: Sebastian Atas] / Don't you know I'm triple A? / Come say it to my face / I've
McCafferty – It's A
[Verse 1] / "Yo I feel kinda weird, do you think we can go?" / So I ran to my car, and I got out my phone / And I called up my mom, and she said to come home / So I ran in your
Man on the Internet (Ft. Juno Songs & Tom Previte) – NOW'S YOUR CHANCE TO BE A
[Verse 1] / What’s this [BURNING] before my eyes? / [ANY DVD at half price!] / Have a [deal] from this SPECIL guy / Only comes once in your [Ant-sized] life! / BELIEVE IT OR
Ricky Montgomery – Type A
[Verse 1] / Me and you / In a bad mood / [Pre-Chorus] / No one makes me cry like you / You're my world, my perfect girl / [Verse 2] / Calling our dads / Sociopaths / [Pre-Chorus
Sybyr – A
“A” is a song by Maryland rapper Sybyr, released alongside a music video on January 2nd, 2017. The song has become one of his most popular songs, due to the majority of the song
A Boogie wit da Hoodie – She Love A
“She Love A” was released as a part of two tracks, along with “Blunt”. In an Instagram post, Boogie describes the two tracks as an apology to his die-hard fans. This is most likely
Will Stetson (Ft. Will Stetson) – Young Girl A
[Verse 1] / Let me tell you all about “my” life / Speaking in a round of “someone”’s life / Every now and then off once or twice / Everything all ends up right it seems
Madonna (Ft. Nicki Minaj) – I Don't Give A
[Verse 1: Madonna] / Wake up, ex-wife / This is your life / Children, on your own / Turning on the telephone / Messages, manager / No time for a manicure / Working out, shake my
Alohaha (Ft. Jake Sinclair & Lyndsay Thornton) – Side A
[Verse 1] / I turn over your heart / Which moves / And pebbles in my pond / [Verse 2] / Still warm from my pocket / I toss it / Across the waves / He's skipping, ripple out / Like
Quality Control & Duke Deuce (Ft. Tay Keith) – Grab a...
[Intro: Duke Deuce, Lil' Juice & Drake] / Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up / Tay Keith, this too hard / What the fuck? / [Verse 1] / Bitch, I'm a, bitch, I'm a vet, reppin' my set
Rush – Red Sector A
This song is from the 1984 “Grace Under Pressure” album. It was inspired by the stories Geddy Lee’s parents had told him about their experiences in the Nazi concentration camps
Bruce Springsteen – Born in the U.S.A.
One of Springsteen’s most iconic songs, “Born in the U.S.A.” is about the troubled return home of a Vietnam veteran. It’s original working title was “Vietnam Blues”. On January 3
​spill tab (Ft. JAWNY) – Grade A
[Verse 1] / I'll never be your grade A chase / With the perfect face like some perfect prey, and I / I'll never be a moonlight date / On a picnic plate, we don't stay out late / I'
MISSIO (Ft. Zeale) – I Don’t Give A...
Billboard Magazine describes “I Don’t Give A” as ‘throbbing’ ‘easy-to-shout-to anthem’. The track features a guest appearance by rapper Zeale who, like Missio, is a native of
Los Campesinos! – (PLAN A)
Gareth Paisley sings most of the song, but the lines sung by Aleks Berditchevskaia are marked italicised.
Melvoni – Feel Alive (Throw up the A)
[Intro: Billie Eilish] / Our time is up / Your eyes are shut / I won't get to tell you what / I needed you to know / [Verse 1] / Bad lil' bitch, throw up the A for me / She ain't
The opening to episodes 2-8 and 11-12 and the ending of episode 1 of an anime called God Eater, which aired from July 12, 2015 to March 26, 2016, the long time on air is because of
Travis Mills – She Got A...
mills is continuing to please the young white girls who love him by giving thim an upbeat, intense song. <3
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Lady A (formerly known as Lady Antebellum) is an American country music group, formed in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. in 2006. The group consists of Hillary Scott (lead and