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Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Suggested Track: 505

I'm going back to 505
If it's a seven hour flight or a forty-five minute drive
In my imagination, you're waitin' lyin' on your side
With your hands between your thighs

Stop and wait a sec
When you look at me like that, my darlin', what did you expect?
I'd probably still adore you with your hands around my neck
Or I did last time I checked

Not shy of a spark
The knife twists at the thought that I should fall short of the mark
Frightened by the bite, though it's no harsher than the bark
The middle of adventure, such a perfect place to start

I'm going back to 505
If it's a seven hour flight or a forty-five minute drive
In my imagination, you're waitin' lyin' on your side
With your hands between your thighs

But I crumble completely when you cry
It seems like once again you've had to greet me with goodbye
I'm always just about to go and spoil the surprise
Take my hands off of your eyes too soon

I'm going back to 505
If it's a seven hour flight or a forty-five minute drive
In my imagination, you're waitin' lyin' on your side
With your hands between your thighs and a smile
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Arctic Monkeys
Arctic Monkeys are an English rock band formed in 2002 in High Green, a suburb of Sheffield, England. The band consists of Alex Turner (lead vocals, rhythm/lead guitar), Matt
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Arctic Monkeys Lyrics
Arctic Monkeys lyrics - 140 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Do I Wanna Know?", "I Wanna Be Yours", "505".
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Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know?
“Do I Wanna Know” is the second single from AM, premiered live at the Ventura Theatre, CA on May 22, 2013. In it, Alex portrays himself as an obsessive lover that is paranoid
Arctic Monkeys – I Ain't Quite Where I Think I Am
“I Ain’t Quite Where I Think I Am” is the third single from Arctic Monkeys seventh studio album, The Car. It was the first song to be performed live before the release of The Car
Arctic Monkeys – Body Paint
Premiered on BBC Radio 1’s ‘Future Sounds’ program on September 29th, 2022, the track serves as the second single from the band’s seventh LP, The Car. The song had previously made
Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?
A single from Arctic Monkeys originally released in early 2012 for Record Store Day in the UK. “R U Mine?” was then re-recorded for their 2013 album AM. The song delves into the
Arctic Monkeys – Fake Tales of San Francisco
After being featured on the band’s debut album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, the song was released as a radio-only single in the United States instead of “Leave
Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino
The song uses conceptual and political imagery to give the listener a firsthand view of the “Casino” and its features. A couple of months after the album’s release, the track was
Arctic Monkeys – Mad Sounds
The only song from AM not released as a single to be debuted live before the release of the album. Another slow-tempo song, continuing on from Track 6 “No. 1 Party Anthem”, that
Arctic Monkeys – 505
“505” is one of the songs that marks a turning point in Alex Turner’s songwriting, as he discovers new emotional depths. The organ chords are the same as were used in Ennio
Arctic Monkeys – Fireside
A beautiful song about how difficult it is to move on from someone you loved, even when you know it’s the right thing to do.
Arctic Monkeys – Brianstorm
Sometimes mistakenly referred to as “Brainstorm.” When asked to say a little about the song’s protagonist, Alex Turner replied, I can’t remember Brian now… I don’t know if he
Arctic Monkeys – Star Treatment
“Star Treatment” is the opener to the Arctic Monkeys' sixth studio album, co-produced by Alex Turner himself for the first time. Turner personifies a washed up lead of the
Read All The Lyrics To Arctic Monkeys’ New Album ‘The Car’
The LP includes the singles “Body Paint” and “There’d Better Be A Mirrorball.”
Arctic Monkeys – 2013
Coming as the B-Side to “Do I Wanna Know?,” the lead single off Arctic Monkeys fifth studio album, AM, “2013” is a surprisingly straightforward song on modern technology, with a
Arctic Monkeys – My Propeller
It was released as the third single from the band’s third studio album Humbug, as announced on 1 February 2010. Released on 22 March 2010, the single follows its two predecessors
Arctic Monkeys – Mardy Bum
A song from Arctic Monkeys' 2006 album Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not. It remains a fan favourite and helped popularise the Yorkshire word ‘mardy’, meaning sulky or
Arctic Monkeys – A Certain Romance
“A Certain Romance” is the last song on Arctic Monkeys first album, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not, released in 2006. NME described it as “a strangely even-handed
Arctic Monkeys – Crying Lightning
The first single from the Arctic Monkeys' third album, Humbug. The acoustic version has a third verse: Oh, you were reading a book about some idiot And telling me about another I
Arctic Monkeys – When the Sun Goes Down
The second single from Arctic Monkeys' debut album is about prostitution around the studio they were recording in in Sheffield. It was a considerable commercial success, scoring
Arctic Monkeys – Batphone
Track 10 off Arctic Monkeys' sixth studio album, Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino. “Bat phone” is business jargon for a private phone line whose calls take priority over official
Arctic Monkeys – One for the Road
Fourth AM’s single, “One for the Road,” shows Alex Turner leaving a girl and the title refers to a final drink before leaving home to fortify one for the journey ahead. The
Arctic Monkeys – Teddy Picker
This song refers to the striving for fame, and once having it, the not so great side of it. Overall it is essentially be careful what you wish for. The Teddy Picker refers to a
Arctic Monkeys – Old Yellow Bricks
[Verse 1] / Old yellow bricks, love's a risk / Quite the little escapologist / Looked so miffed when you wished / For a thousand places better than this / You are the fugitive but
Arctic Monkeys – No Buses
The title “No Buses” has to deal with the lines: They always offer when there’s loads of love around But when you’re short of some, it’s nowhere to be found Just like public
Arctic Monkeys – The Bad Thing
[Chorus] / Do the bad thing / Take off your wedding ring / But it won't make it that much easier / It might make it worse / [Verse 1] / Oh, the night's like a whirlwind / Somebody'
Arctic Monkeys – Pretty Visitors
This song from Humbug is all about the band’s own experience of success, and is absolutely full to burst with Alex Turner’s trademark obtuse metaphors.
Arctic Monkeys – Who the Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys?
A song about the music industry and how fickle it can be.
Arctic Monkeys – Balaclava
This song is about an affair. The woman is still on a relationship with another guy, hence the “before the hour is done”. And the cuckolding man is probably known by the cheaters
Arctic Monkeys – Dangerous Animals
The third song on the Arctic Monkey’s third album, Humbug. Alex is haunted by thoughts of a woman who doesn’t want him.
Arctic Monkeys – There'd Better Be a Mirrorball
“There’d Better Be A Mirrorball” is the lead single and opening track from Arctic Monkeys' seventh studio album, The Car. The song resurrects the same jazz-inspired style featured
Arctic Monkeys – The View from the Afternoon
The opening track from Whatever, “The View From the Afternoon”, sets the stage with dead-end dive-bar lyricism: I want to see all of the things that we’ve already seen,“ Turner
Arctic Monkeys – Reckless Serenade
In this track, Alex Turner talks about a female he has seen and become extremely infatuated with. She paralyzes him and he can’t stop staring at her. It’s just a love song, I
Arctic Monkeys – Library Pictures
[Intro] / I'm in a vest / [Verse 1] / Library pictures of the quickening canoe / The first of its kind to get to the moon / Trust some ellipses to chase you 'round the room
Arctic Monkeys – Four Out of Five
The song describes advertising for the titular Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. Some parts read explicitly like an advert, inviting the listener to come and relax at Tranquility
Arctic Monkeys – Riot Van
The ideas behind many of the Arctic Monkeys' songs are laid out there pretty bluntly, but they always show an underlying idea or feeling behind the apparent storyline. In this it
Arctic Monkeys – I Wanna Be Yours
The song reworks John Cooper Clarke’s poem of the same name. The song focuses on similar themes in the poem. In an interview, Clarke said his poem is: one of a classic style of
Arctic Monkeys – Potion Approaching
“Potion Approaching” is Arctic Monkeys' 5th single from their 3rd studio album, Humbug. It was first released on 19 August, 2009 by Domino Records. The band started to write songs
Arctic Monkeys – Only Ones Who Know
[Verse 1] / In a foreign place, the saving grace was the feeling / That it was a heart that he was stealing / Oh, he was ready to impress and the fierce excitement / The eyes are
Arctic Monkeys – Anyways
Released on 30 November 2018, “Anyways” is the B-Side to the Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino digital and vinyl single, and the first new song released by the band since the release
Arctic Monkeys – You're So Dark
On the B-Side to “One For the Road” Turner juxtaposes dark imagery such as your murder of crows with decidedly less gloomy ideas like driving your Prius. It seems someone has a
Arctic Monkeys – The Car
[Verse 1] / Your grandfather's guitar / Thinkin' about how funny I must look / Tryin' to adjust to what's been there all along / With the boat kiosk lady and her sleepy amigos / [
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