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Artist: Baby Keem
Suggested Track: Family Ties (with Kendrick Lamar)

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Baby Keem
Hykeem Jamaal Carter Jr. (born October 22, 2000), otherwise known as Baby Keem is a rapper, songwriter and producer from Las Vegas, Nevada. He has produced for the likes of
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Baby Keem - Baby Keem Lyrics
Baby Keem "Baby Keem": Fuck you mean? Bitch, I'm Baby Keem Two phone Baby Keem, fuck me if you want, ayy Yes, I like you, g...
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Baby Keem – So What
[Intro] / Ayy, Cardo, I ain't go level ten yet / Please let me go level ten / Shoot through your car door, shoutout to Cardo / Please / Cardo got wings / Yeah, woah / Yeah, woah
Baby Keem (Ft. Don Toliver) – ​cocoa
Keem first teased this track with a snippet on Instagram on June 28, 2021, along with the announcement that his debut album, The Melodic Blue, would be coming during the summer of
Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar – ​family ties
“family ties” finds cousins Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar uniting for their first official collaboration after months of partnering under the pgLang imprint. Originally titled “Jump
Baby Keem – ​first order of business
[Chorus] / Woah, yeah / First order of business, dawg, I gotta thank my mama / Second order of business, share the blessings, no more trauma / Third order of business, do good
Fred again.. & Baby Keem – ​leavemealone
The first ever Fred again x Baby Keem collab that delivers an energetic drum & bass style on their long-awaited track, “leavemealone.” The song uses chopped-up vocals from Keem’s
Baby Keem – ​gorgeous
Showing more of his influences of Kanye West’s 808’s and Travis Scott through production handled by Keem himself and frequent collaborators Jahaan Sweet and Cardo, Keem once again
Baby Keem – ​issues
“issues” explores Baby Keem’s grievances and trauma he has had to deal with. He describes a constant battle with his inner demons created by his past when contemplating his
Baby Keem – ​pink panties
[Chorus: Che Ecru] / Pussy-ass nigga, you ain't know that shit (Uh) / Back of the club with a fat-ass bitch (Ayy) / I'ma call your ho when I call at night / She won't come to door
Baby Keem – ​highway 95
[Intro: Lauryn Hill] / Woah-ah-ah / Woah-ah-ah / Woah-ah-ah, ah / Woah-oah / La-la-la, la, la, la / Woah, la (Oh) / Ah, ah, ah (Woah, la, la, la) / [Verse: Baby Keem] / Baby, cook
Baby Keem – Drunk
[Intro] / Hey, yeah / You lucky I ain't sayin' nothin' to ya, ayy / You dummy, I ain't playin', I been too sick / 'Cause you only come around when you drunk or you high, ayy, yeah
Baby Keem – ​scapegoats
On “scapegoats,” Baby Keem raps about his newfound wealth and success. He references his difficult past and implies he may reveal more about his history in the future. The song
[Chorus] / Big protein, I'm smokin' lonely for the culture / No TED Talkin', steppin' on a little roach (Yeah!) / What that mean? Baby Keem, I invented it / Ten toes down
Baby Keem – MOSHPIT
[Chorus] / Think I got a sense for a mosh pit / Likes on the 'Gram make a bitch think she poppin' / Ayy, and I keep a cock for a thick bitch / Beat around the bush, I keep a mop
Baby Keem – Black.
[Chorus] / God got me pullin' out these whips you can't afford / I know God got me cruisin' with a bitch you can adore / I know God got me livin' with no feelings, that's of course
Baby Keem – Rock Me
Lyrics from Snippet / [Intro] / Rock me, baby / Rock me, baby / Rock me, baby / Rock me, baby / Rock me, baby / Rock me, baby / Rock me, baby / Rock me, baby / Rock me, baby / [
Baby Keem – Truce
Love Hurts / You know / Love Hurts / Chopper' / Hold that Chopper' / Swallow fosters / She's a saucer / Downgraded / She the limit / You won't toss her / (Yea) / Mama imma' make a
Baby Keem – BULLIES
[Chorus] / Baby on my hit list, I'm excited / God got me to protect, it’s a Friday / Don't talk fake deep, I don't like it / Don't talk fake deep (To me!), I don't like it / Baby
Baby Keem (Ft. Kendrick Lamar) – ​vent
[Chorus: Kendrick Lamar] / Have you ever been punched in your motherfuckin' face? / What you say? Oh, you haven't? Alright, wait, bitch / [Verse: Baby Keem] / Two-phone Baby Keem
Baby Keem – Wolves
[Intro: Cardo & Baby Keem] / Ayy, Baby Keem, this Cardo, nigga / You gotta be the youngest nigga doin' it, my nigga / The Sound of Bad Habit / Yeah, woah, woah / [Chorus: Baby Keem
Baby Keem – ​booman
[Verse 1] / Huh, I beat the back out the bitch / I walk in barefoot like Rick / This not the time to confess / Sleep with two phones on my chest / Yesterday, I was just broke
Baby Keem – Vicious
[Verse 1] / Who is that, that nigga that keep playin' with them bands? (Bands) / You know when your nigga get some shit he never had? (Pfft) / Cashin' out the 'Rari, max it out to
Baby Keem – Fortnite
[Chorus] / Tell me that it's mine / Tell me that it's mine / When you wanna taste it, I'll let you decide / I'ma play with it, like it's Fortnite / On the way with it, yeah, it's
Baby Keem – ​no sense
“no sense” finds Baby Keem sidestepping all the nonsense surrounding him: the young rapper deals with temporary relationship drama, mocks his girl’s ex-partners and reasserts his
Baby Keem – ​trademark usa
Initially appearing on the early versions of tracklists on what Keem had envisioned The Melodic Blue to be as “llc the dead,” this is the album’s opening track. Interestingly, the
Baby Keem – ​a life of pain
A song on the deluxe edition of The Melodic Blue which was teased by a comment made by Kendrick Lamar on the announcement post.
Baby Keem – Leverage
[Chorus] / Rolling top down / We don't talk now / Where my clique at? / Where my bitch at? / Ten bands to my mans then we flip that, ayy / Ten models tapping in on the dispatch
Baby Keem – ​naked freestyle
[Intro] / (He hasn't slept in probably, uh, seven days) / [Chorus] / Yeah, these hoes might get naked / Mad at myself, I ain't make it / Baby Keem way too impatient (Yeah
[Intro] / Yeah, uh / [Pre-Chorus] / I said, "Baby, don't worry, I'm way too numb to apologize" / And we both feel sorry sometimes, it's okay to feel sorry sometimes / And my momma
Baby Keem & Travis Scott – ​durag activity
“durag activity” details Baby Keem and Travis Scott’s self-assurance over money, conquests, and influence. The song marked Keem’s first time releasing a song with a feature.
Baby Keem – Opinions
[Pre-Chorus] / I woke up and hit the lotto (Lotto), whip swerve / Twenty bad ones like a brothel (Brothel), whip swerve / And my new crib is colossal ('Lossal), whip swerve / And
Baby Keem – Options
[Refrain] / I've been at it for a while / I've been vibin' for a while / Get the feelin', girl you feel it / You been fakin for a while / Got the Bentley all "Wow" / Cut the
Baby Keem – ​hooligan
Released alongside “sons & critics freestyle,” “hooligan” finds Baby Keem detailing his reckless lifestyle. The song serves as Keem’s awaited return to solo music since soaring in
Baby Keem – BUSS HER UP
[Intro] / Yeah, yeah, hello? / Uh, uh / Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah / [Verse 1] / Bitch, pass me the rock (Ew) / Pick my dribble up and pass it to the opps (Yeah, yeah) / Caught
Baby Keem – ​fine china
[Chorus] / Go sit in my diner, my cups is fine china / Where's your hair designer? / I'll pay her double, find her / I been swervin' traffic / What's the latest fashion / Whatever
Baby Keem & Kendrick Lamar – Vent (Original)
[Intro: Bēkon] / We all need somebody to talk to sometimes / Tell me your problems / [Chorus: Kendrick Lamar] / Have you ever been punched in your motherfuckin' face? / What you
Baby Keem – ​​damn dawg (gwfm)
[Verse] / We was overseas, whole flight two hundred G's / We on these floor seats, but I'd rather no seats / NBA nigga, hide my hoes in nosebleeds / Say her nigga hard, ho, your
[Intro] / Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy / Yeah, huh, yeah, huh, yeah, huh, yeah, huh, huh / [Verse 1] / I took off to France, they go crazy when I land, huh / 'Fore I hit the stage, I
Baby Keem – ​sons & critics freestyle
Baby Keem uses 3 minutes of his signature staccato flow over a self-produced beat on “sons & critics freestyle,” a song targeting Keem’s imitators and detractors. “sons & critics
Baby Keem – ​south africa
[Intro] / Yeah / [Chorus] / Catch a flight out the blue, South Africa / Hit my plug for the juice, then I re-up / Cancel me, I cancel you, we won't make up / You get money, I do
[Chorus] / When he cheat on you, then I got the refund / See, you keep all of your receipts for a reason / Let me come over, I'ma slice you, slice you / Let me come over, I'ma
Baby Keem – ROCKSTAR P
[Chorus] / Talkin' to a model, can you get one? Don't ask that / Fuckin' on a bitch with a six pack / No cap, bro, be regular, don't act ho / I got my mans on the side though / I'
Baby Keem – FWM
[Chorus] / She hop out the crib / She lovin' this shit / She smellin' the dick, damn / She rollin' [?] / She wanted to flip, I got it legit, yeah / She got a [?], she got a bit ass
Baby Keem – STATS
“STATS” finds Las Vegas rapper and producer Baby Keem introducing DIE FOR MY BITCH by energetically boasting about his success as a rookie in the rap game. The young Las Vegas
Baby Keem – MY EX
On “MY EX,” Baby Keem shows his musical versatility and confesses his feelings towards his former girlfriend, a topic in line with those addressed throughout DIE FOR MY BITCH. The
Baby Keem – ​patience interlude
Keem combines hypnotic production and autotuned vocals on the melodic “patience interlude”. The song was partly revealed in the “Voyagé” clip off of pgLang’s collaboration with
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Hearts and Darts by Baby Keem
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DIE FOR MY BITCH is Baby Keem’s second mixtape. The mixtape was released on July 19th, 2019. The mixtape spawned three singles: “INVENTED IT”, “FRANCE FREESTYLE”, and Keem’s
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