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Artist: Cage the Elephant
Suggested Track: Cigarette Daydreams

Did you stand there all alone?
Oh, I cannot explain what's goin' down
I can see you standin' next to me
In and out somewhere else right now
You sigh, look away
I can see it clear as day
Close your eyes, so afraid
Hide behind that baby face


You can drive all night
Lookin' for the answers in the pourin' rain
You wanna find peace of mind
Lookin' for the answer

Funny how it seems like yesterday
As I recall, you were lookin' out of place
Gathered up your things and slipped away
No time at all, I followed you into the hall
Cigarette daydream
You were only seventeen
Soft speak with a mean streak
Nearly brought me to my knees


You can drive all night
Lookin' for the answers in the pourin' rain
You wanna find peace of mind
Lookin' for the answer
If we can find a reason, a reason to change
Lookin' for the answers
If you can find a reason, a reason to stay
Standin' in the pourin' rain

Do-do, do, do, do
Do-do, do, do-do, do-do
Do-do, do, do, do
Do-do, do, do-do, do-do

You can drive all night
Lookin' for the answers in the pourin' rain
You wanna find peace of mind
Lookin' for the answer
If we can find a reason, a reason to change
Lookin' for the answer
If you can find a reason, a reason to stay
Standin' in the pourin' rain
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Cage The Elephant
Cage The Elephant is an American rock band that formed in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2006. They are known for their electric live performances. They have released four albums, the
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Cage The Elephant Lyrics
Cage The Elephant lyrics - 68 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Neon Pill", "Skin And Bones", "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked".
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Cage The Elephant – Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
This single off of Cage The Elephant’s debut album features three verses, each dealing with an encounter with an immoral character that is trying to make money by any means
Cage The Elephant – Neon Pill
[Verse 1] / It takes one to know one / Back at it again / Birds of a feather / Until the end / Stitched, patched up and sewed in / I'll probably see you again / Most certain it's
Cage The Elephant – Come a Little Closer
[Verse 1] / Time shakes, found you at the water / At first you were my father / Now I love you like a brother / Earthquakes shake the dust behind you / This world at times will
Cage The Elephant – Telescope
Matt Shultz says, “I was sitting around with a couple of friends, and I started to have these revelations about songwriting. What struck me was, the more you try to distance
Cage The Elephant – Trouble
“Trouble” is about Matt Shultz' struggles throughout his life, and how he has found solace in love. In interviews, Matt has been vocal about his childhood, stating that he did not
Cage The Elephant – Mess Around
“Mess Around” was the first released song from Cage the Elephant’s album Tell Me I’m Pretty. The song is about a girl who is incredibly charming and intense, and she knows it and
Cage The Elephant – Ready to Let Go
Released on Thursday, January 31st, Cage the Elephants “Ready to Let Go” is an early sneak peek​ to their upcoming album “Social Cues” that will be released on April 19th. Which
Cage The Elephant – Cigarette Daydreams
“Cigarette Daydreams” presents the pain of one’s search for identity through the musings of a parted lover. The song itself has a softer, more brooding sound than most of Cage the
Cage The Elephant – Social Cues
“Social Cues” weighs the anxieties that accompany success as a rockstar – a well-tread theme in rock/music history (e.g. Pink Floyd’s The Wall). The “back room” of the chorus
Cage The Elephant – Goodbye
Matt Shultz wrote “Goodbye” for his wife as their seven-year relationship was ending, and in an interview with Rolling Stone, Cage The Elephant recalled how Shultz was only able to
Cage The Elephant – Judas
[Verse 1] / The time has finally come you get a mouth full / You only act on greed and by your actions this is proof / And can't you see the flowers dying all around you? / Got
Cage The Elephant – Shake Me Down
Hit single that got to air on the radio. It’s a slow smooth-bodied sound about Matt coming to terms with all the people he grew up with on his street, in his high school, in the
Cage The Elephant – Cold Cold Cold
The fifth track on Tell Me I’m Pretty, this song is somewhat dark as it canvasses depression, comparing the feelings of sadness and melancholy to cold and darkness. “Sweetie
Cage The Elephant – In One Ear
This song opens Cage the Elephant’s self-titled début album. It’s reasonably fast and raw, has a prominent guitar riff, and is essentially a pre-emptive “screw you” to anyone that
Cage The Elephant – Shiver
[Verse 1] / Timber shakes these trails, they all derail / Phony, false, and frail / An empty ocean lost our way with no direction home / Golden needles, names we take in vain
Cage The Elephant – Cry Baby
“Cry Baby” is the opener to Cage The Elephant’s Tell Me I’m Pretty. It is a criticism of the modern day mentality of selfishness and people’s means of gaining personal success The
Cage The Elephant – Right Before My Eyes
[Verse 1] / Timber shakes these trails; they all derail / Phony, false, and frail / An empty ocean lost our way with no direction home / Golden needles, names we take in vain
Cage The Elephant – Spiderhead
[Verse 1] / I am the one you left for dead / Say you want it, too / You are the bullet in my head / And as you stand over my grave / Tell me it's okay / Your porcelain lips upon my
Cage The Elephant – Aberdeen
The song was originally named Maybelline but was later changed to Aberdeen because Cage the Elephant’s lead singer Matt Shultz couldn’t stop singing the city’s name while
Cage The Elephant – House of Glass
As Rolling Stone describes it, “Over a dark, stormy bass/guitar vamp, Shultz sings about bad vibes and things falling apart. “It’s an illusion, this admiration/Of mutilation/My
Cage The Elephant – Punchin' Bag
[Verse 1] / She's a stone-cold straight-faced killer and a lover / And she won't put up with another brute who only wants to bruise her / Take her love and then abuse her / [
Cage The Elephant – Lotus
[Verse 1] / Woke before the morning sun / I found it tucked beneath the hills / I sat and watched it rise / It hit the sky and burst to flames / The lotus flower's / Got me
Cage The Elephant – Teeth
[Intro] / Yeah, alright / [Verse 1] / Electrified harmonious / I think I'll take it out to the streets / Will somebody please help me? / Call the doctor but don't call the police
Cage The Elephant – Halo
[Verse 1] / Every time I get away, you find a way to reel me back in, aah / Tell me that you love me, hold me tight so we can always be friends, aah / I swear, I said it before and
Cage The Elephant – Too Late To Say Goodbye
“Too Late To Say Goodbye” is the fourth track on Cage the Elephant’s 2015 album titled “Tell Me I’m Pretty.” According to the band’s
Cage The Elephant – How Are You True
Based on a real story, Matt Shultz sings of meeting a musician named True. The song features philosophical self-reflection, accompanied by the depressing idea of a wasted lifetime
Cage The Elephant – 2024
[Verse 1] / Fall into that black hole, honey / Looking up from your eyes / Everything that you ever wanted / You fight, but why? / Fold it up just like a piece of paper / Take your
Cage The Elephant – Flow
Flow is the twelfth and final track on Cage the Elephant’s second studio album Thank You, Happy Birthday. It features a laid back tempo, and short, simple lines. Its lyrical
Cage The Elephant – Always Something
[Intro] / Ahhh! / [Verse 1] / Early in the morning / Rise to meet the sun / Work so hard to feed your wife / No time to show her love / And in the madness of the evening / With
Cage The Elephant (Ft. Beck) – Night Running
[Verse 1: Beck] / We're on a night run / Boy you better hold your tongue / Talking like you're coming from kingdom come / Rhythm and reeling, the feeling I'm riding / The sound
Cage The Elephant – Hypocrite
This is the oldest song on the album. One video of this song was posted on youtube early in 2012. Brad Shultz says, “This is the
Cage The Elephant – Sweetie Little Jean
This song was spurred on by a tragic story of a childhood friend of Matt Shultz who was abducted and murdered; the event was traumatic for him and the community around him. The
Cage The Elephant – Carry Me In
Love, carry me in / Carry me in / Held down by my words and the weight of my sins / Fear, fear of myself / All these books on the shelf, yeah they're dusty again / All along the
Cage The Elephant – Tokyo Smoke
[Verse 1] / Hey man / Hand me down with the crooked back / What's your father's name? Boy, you don't know where you're at / Pick yourself up, you don't look so good / Maybe you
Cage The Elephant – James Brown
To me, this song is about copycats against the greats.
Cage The Elephant – Take It or Leave It
A song about comitting to a relationship. Matt Shultz says, “We have a rehearsal cabin in Portland, Tennessee, which if you know anything about Portland, Tennessee, you know that
Cage The Elephant – Free Love
Free Love closes Cage the Elephant’s debut album spectacularly, inducing elements of a carefree attitude over a fun time with a girl.
Cage The Elephant – Black Madonna
Continuing the running theme of empty and meaningless success from “Social Cues”, Black Madonna describes both the beauty and the emptiness that comes with success and living a
Cage The Elephant – Sabertooth Tiger
“Sabertooth Tiger” is about an evil personality, embodied by a person. The person who most likely has this personality is lead singer, Matt Shultz, or otherwise someone whom he/a
Cage The Elephant – Cover Me Again
[Verse 1] / Heart of steel / Born to kill / Mothers milk / Left me dressed in shame / I just go my way / Move too fast / It won't last / Hammerhead / Daddy went away / He still
Cage The Elephant – The Unforgiven
[Verse 1] / New blood joins this Earth / And quickly he's subdued / Through constant pained disgrace / The young boy learns their rules / With time, the child draws in / This
Cage The Elephant – Broken Boy
[Pre-Chorus] / I was born on the wrong side of the train tracks / I was raised with a strap across my back / Lay me on my side or hold me up to the light, yeah / I was burned by
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Unpeeled by Cage The Elephant
Unpeeled is a collection of songs recorded during live performances by Cage the Elephant from their 2017 Unpeeled tour. The songs are stripped down or underproduced versions of the
Melophobia by Cage The Elephant
Melophobia is Cage The Elephant’s 3rd studio album, released in 2013, which houses some of their greatest hits, like “Come A Little Closer” and “Cigarette Daydreams.” Cage the
Tell Me I'm Pretty by Cage The Elephant
Released on the December 18, 2015, Tell Me I’m Pretty is Cage the Elephant’s fourth studio album. Lead singer, Matt Schultz, presented this album like this: With this record, we
Social Cues by Cage The Elephant
The fifth album by the american indie band Cage the elephant explores the themes of fame, feeling like an outsider, depression, infidelity, and also running/hiding from your fears
Thank You, Happy Birthday by Cage The Elephant
Thank You, Happy Birthday is Cage the Elephant’s second studio album, released on January 11, 2011. The album was produced by Jay Joyce. Originally, the band recorded over 80
Cage The Elephant by Cage The Elephant
This was Cage The Elephant’s debut album and the one that shot them into stardom. While the first two singles, “Free Love” and “In One Ear” didn’t have a big impact it was the
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