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Artist: Charlie Puth
Suggested Track: Left and Right (feat. Jung Kook of BTS)

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Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth is an American singer-songwriter who started by making and covering songs on his YouTube channel. His big break came when he was featured on the Furious 7 song “See
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Charlie Puth Lyrics
Charlie Puth lyrics - 103 song lyrics sorted by album, including "We Don't Talk Anymore", "Attention", "Left And Right".
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CHARLIE by Charlie Puth
CHARLIE is the third studio and first self-titled album by American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth, released on October 7, 2022. The album is his first in four years since the
Voicenotes by Charlie Puth
Voicenotes is the second studio album of American singer-songwriter and producer Charlie Puth. The record’s title was announced when Charlie made an appearance on The TODAY Show on
Nine Track Mind by Charlie Puth
Nine Track Mind is the debut album by singer-songwriter Charlie Puth, released on January 29, 2016, via Atlantic Records. The album was originally set for release on November 6
Ego - EP by Charlie Puth
Ego is Charlie Puth’s second independent self-produced extended play, released on October 23, 2013. It was released after closing a contract with Ellen DeGeneres' record label
CP4* by Charlie Puth
CP4* is the upcoming fourth studio album from Charlie Puth. Charlie has said that he hopes that the album will release between December 2023 and February 2024. Charlie began to
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Charlie Puth – Lipstick
[Chorus] / Come and put your lipstick on my neck and my body (My baby) / Just to show these bitches that you're mine (Mmh-ooh) / Lipstick on my collar, show 'em you ain't no hobby
Charlie Puth – Charlie Be Quiet!
“Charlie Be Quiet!” was first seen on the reveal of CHARLIE cover artwork. On August 29, 2022, Charlie shared a snippet of the song on TikTok showing the production and the idea
Charlie Puth – That's Hilarious
Charlie Puth first shared “That’s Hilarious” on his TikTok on October 12, 2021 while in the studio, showing the production of the song. On February 14, 2022 after finishing the
Charlie Puth – Smells Like Me
“Smells Like Me” is the fourth single from Charlie Puth’s third studio album, CHARLIE. It was first shared on Charlie Puth’s now deleted TikTok on November 15, 2021, captioned: I
Charlie Puth – I Don’t Think That I Like Her
“I Don’t Think That I Like Her” is the fifth single from Charlie Puth’s third studio album, CHARLIE. The song was first shared by Charlie Puth in a deleted TikTok video on March 19
Charlie Puth (Ft. Selena Gomez) – We Don't Talk Anymore
Charlie Puth does another love duet with Selena Gomez, this time bemoaning the regrets after a breakup. “We Don’t Talk Anymore” is the second single from Nine Track Mind. The song
Charlie Puth – Loser
[Chorus] / Oh, I'm such a loser, how'd I ever lose her? / Oh, maybe I must have been out of my mind / Now, I'm a loser, why'd I have to lose her? / I'll never recover, I'll never
Charlie Puth (Ft. Meghan Trainor) – Marvin Gaye
Charlie Puth uses ‘Marvin Gaye’ as a euphemism for sex in this song, featuring his friend Meghan Trainor. While performing the track at the 2015 American Music Awards, the two
Charlie Puth (Ft. Kehlani) – Done for Me
“Done for Me” is the fourth single from Charlie’s sophomore album Voicenotes. Charlie teased the track on Instagram the day before it was released. The song was officially released
Charlie Puth – One Call Away
Charlie Puth embraces the ability to call his beloved in “One Call Away”, the lead single of his debut album, Nine Track Mind. (Songs from his EP Some Type Of Love were included on
Charlie Puth – Dangerously
“Dangerously” illustrates going through with a relationship, knowing that it could be destroyed by the love and life of their actions.
Charlie Puth – The Way I Am
“The Way I Am" is the sixth single released from Charlie’s sophomore album VoiceNotes. The song was confirmed as the next single in an Instagram post dated July 6th, 2018. On
Charlie Puth (Ft. Dan + Shay) – That’s Not How This Works
That’s Not How This Works was first teased in a TikTok in late 2020. However, due to unknown reasons, the song was eventually scrapped from his third studio album CHARLIE. The
Charlie Puth (Ft. James Taylor) – Change
“Change”, a collaboration with James Taylor, is track number 10 of Voicenotes. On Instagram, Charlie said: James Taylor is the reason why I write music. I can’t believe I have a
Charlie Puth – LA Girls
“LA Girls” was released with the rest of Charlie Puth’s album Voicenotes on May 11th, 2018. The song is about Charlie who just got out of a relationship seeking someone better in
Charlie Puth – Power
Lyrics From TikTok Snippet / (I've got the power) You do, yep, you do, mm, my mind / [Chorus] / If you're gonna use it, be careful, please (Power) / With all that power you have on
Charlie Puth – No More Drama
[Chorus] / Oh, I got no more drama in my life / And it's such a blessing / I'm so glad I finally realized / I'm better without you / I got no more drama in my life / And it's been
Charlie Puth – Hypnotized (Just a Little Bit)
[Half-Chorus] / You make me laugh / Just a little bit cry / Just a little bit / Got me so confused / You make me hurt / Just a little feel good / Just a little like only you can do
Charlie Puth – Hypnotized (Just a Little Bit)
[Half-Chorus] / You make me laugh / Just a little bit cry / Just a little bit / Got me so confused / You make me hurt / Just a little feel good / Just a little like only you can do
Charlie Puth – Mother
“Mother” is the second single from Charlie Puth’s scrapped third studio album, SICK. The single was sent to radio stations. Throughout the song, Charlie describes a girl whose
Charlie Puth – Light Switch
“Light Switch” is the lead single from Charlie Puth’s third album CHARLIE. Charlie Puth first shared “Light Switch” on his TikTok on September 16, 2021, showing the production of
5 Seconds of Summer & Charlie Puth – Easier (Remix)
5 Seconds of Summer enlists fellow co-writer of “Easier” Charlie Puth for the official remix of the song. Compared to the original version of the song, the remix finds a new first
Charlie Puth (Ft. Dan + Shay & Sabrina Carpenter) – That's Not How This Works (Sabrina's Version)
[Verse 1: Charlie Puth] / Thought the day you disappeared that it was over / Didn't even hear you leavin' / Saw you with someone and thought that it was closure / But you still
Charlie Puth (Ft. Boyz II Men) – If You Leave Me Now
“If You Leave Me Now” is the third single from Charlie Puth’s sophomore album VoiceNotes, following “Attention” and “How Long.” It is the first album single with a feature. The
Charlie Puth – Close To You
Lyrics From Live Performance / [Intro] / Yeah / [Verse 1] / Let go my hand / Got up and ran out to the parkin' lot / Don't understand, what are you sayin'? / I don't know what you
Kehlani & Charlie Puth – Hotline Bling
By covering Drake’s “Hotline Bling”, Kehlani and Charlie Puth blend their vocal range together for a soothing harmony, switching up the tempo for a slow-dance type of vibe. The
Charlie Puth – I Warned Myself
“I Warned Myself” is Charlie Puth’s first song released in 2019, after releasing his hit album Voicenotes in 2018. On August 19, Charlie Puth announced the song on his social
Charlie Puth – Operator
[Intro] / Woah, woah / [Verse 1] / She didn't come home last night / I called her like 20 times / No, I know she'd never do me wrong / She just went out with her girls / There's
Charlie Puth – Through It All
This song is the last song of Charlie’s sophomore album. He said in an interview on the Zach Sang Show: The last song, the vocals were recorded in this Marriott Hotel in Ohio when
Charlie Puth – Somebody Told Me
[Verse 1] / I was just with you on your birthday / And I met your whole family / But on the way home / You kept looking at your phone / Couldn't help but ask, "Who is that, babe
Charlie Puth – Numb
[Chorus] / Look what you've done / Now my heart is numb / And it ain't got no feeling, no feeling, no feeling for anyone / What have I become? / Now my heart is numb / Yeah, it ain
Charlie Puth – Stop
[Verse 1] / Baby, oh, what we got is way too good to fuck it up / Yeah, and even though it's what we want / We have to be responsible / [Pre-Chorus] / Yeah, we're both drunk and
Charlie Puth – Suffer
“Suffer" embodies the concept of being infatuated; the wanting of releasing sexual tension, to the extent where a person becomes desperate to obtain this “love.“ He compares this
Charlie Puth – Girlfriend
“Girlfriend” sees Charlie question a girl as to whether she’d want to be his girlfriend in the future. In the song, Charlie uses many elements from his music style with his soft
Charlie Puth – L.U.V.
[Verse 1] / Stole my heart and I fell for you / Always knew I'd come back for you / Time with you is not wasted time / Hurry for confection / Waiting for perfection / What I got to
Charlie Puth (Ft. Shy Carter) – As You Are
In “As You Are”, which is Track 11 on Nine Track Mind, Charlie Puth explains to his lover that he would do practically anything for her, and loves her for who she is. He says a
Charlie Puth – Quarantine Song
[Verse] / Can't wait for this to be, this to be / This to be over / Cause I-I can't take one more day / Can't wait for this to be, this to be / This to be over / I'm losing faith
Charlie Puth – Suffer (Vince Staples & AndreaLo Remix)
Continuing with the rap remixes after “Marvin Gaye” and “One Call Away”, Charlie dropped a brand new version of “Suffer” on February 19, 2016. With the help of AndreaLo, the song
Charlie Puth & Jung Kook – Left and Right
“Left and Right,” a breezy pop track about yearning over ex-love, marks Charlie Puth’s first official collaborative release with BTS‘ Jung Kook. The song was first teased on
Lil Wayne & Charlie Puth – Nothing But Trouble (Instagram Models)
“Nothing But Trouble” was released on June 29, 2015. This hot collaboration between Weezy and Charlie Puth is part of the soundtrack to a documentary about the Roland TR-808 drum
Charlie Puth – BOY
“BOY” highlights Charlie’s struggle in being judged for his age while pursuing an older woman. He officially announced the title in an interview with Zane Lowe of Beats 1 and
Charlie Puth – Big House
[Verse 1] / Hey, I don't know what you did / But I want the rest of it / And I know you wanna guess with them last of the right side / Where am I gonna fit / I love the grand fit
Charlie Puth – Your Eyes
Lyrics From TikTok Snippet / Baby, I don't wanna look in your eyes / No, because your eyes take me to a place / I can only go lookin' in your eyes / Yeah, because your eyes make me
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