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Artist: Cigarettes After Sex
Suggested Track: Apocalypse

You leapt from crumbling bridges watching cityscapes turn to dust
Filming helicopters crashing in the ocean from way above

Got the music in you baby, tell me why
Got the music in you baby, tell me why
You've been locked in here forever and you just can't say goodbye

Kisses on the foreheads of the lovers wrapped in your arms
You've been hiding them in hollowed out pianos left in the dark

Got the music in you baby, tell me why
Got the music in you baby, tell me why
You've been locked in here forever and you just can't say goodbye

Your lips, my lips, apocalypse
Your lips, my lips, apocalypse
Go and sneak us through the rivers, flood is rising up on your knees, oh please
Come out and haunt me, I know you want me
Come out and haunt me

Sharing all your secrets with each other since you were kids
Sleeping soundly with the locket that she gave you clutched in your fist

Got the music in you baby, tell me why
Got the music in you baby, tell me why
You've been locked in here forever and you just can't say goodbye
You've been locked in here forever and you just can't say goodbye

Ooh-oh, when you're all alone, I will reach for you
When you're feeling low, I will be there, too
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Cigarettes After Sex
Cigarettes After Sex is an ambient/dream pop band led by songwriter Greg Gonzalez. The band was formed in El Paso, Texas, in 2008 and is currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. My
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Cigarettes After Sex – Apocalypse
In “Apocalypse,” Greg acknowledges the pain his new lover has suffered in her past relationships. He’s urging her to let go of heartbreak and the fear of feeling let down, and to
Cigarettes After Sex – K.
“K.” standing for Kristen, the name of the singer’s partner, the song describes the singer longing for their lover’s physical presence in a long-distance relationship, after having
Cigarettes After Sex – Heavenly
“Heavenly” was released in conjunction with the announcement of Cigarettes After Sex’s second album Cry. Frontman Greg Gonzalez says the track is “inspired by the overwhelming
Cigarettes After Sex – Affection
“Affection” was the first single Cigarettes After Sex had released in three years after their debut EP. While the two verses taken together can seem to depict an abusive
Cigarettes After Sex – Cry
The song describes a toxic relationship where one partner gives more affection than the other, which constantly leads to hurting the person who is more affectionate. The song is
Cigarettes After Sex – Don't Let Me Go
[Verse 1] / When I was young, I thought the world of you / You were all that I wanted then / It faded and I never saw you again / But I won't forget the love we had / [Chorus
Cigarettes After Sex – Crush
“Crush” is a slow song about crushing on someone you consider to be a close friend, even though you think about sex with them.
Cigarettes After Sex – Pistol
[Verse 1] / Give me the pistol / Aim it high / I'm out in the desert / Shooting at the sky / Guess I really miss you / And I don't know what else to do / [Verse 2] / Beautiful
Cigarettes After Sex – Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby
One of the most popular song by CAS, talks about two lovers and one’s deep protection about the other. They had sweet times together and this song is kind of a promise from the man
Cigarettes After Sex – Each Time You Fall in Love
[Verse 1] / Each time you fall in love / It's clearly not enough / You sleep all day and drive out in L.A / It isn't safe / And each time you kiss a girl / You never know what it's
Cigarettes After Sex – Flash
[Verse 1] / I'm a flash, oh, you were blinded by the love I had / I'm a flash, the light could only get in through the cracks / [Chorus] / And you've gotta do the right thing, do
Cigarettes After Sex – Truly
[Verse 1] / Sitting out smoking in the garden of the apartment / I reached down to grab your hand and kissed it when you weren't looking / Ooh, you're on the sheets like it's a
Cigarettes After Sex – Falling in Love
[Verse 1] / When I hold you close to me / I could always see a house by the ocean / Last night I could hear the waves / As I heard you say, "All that I want is to be yours" / [
Cigarettes After Sex – Sesame Syrup
[Verse 1] / Staring at your Kate Moss shower curtain / Lying on the bathroom floor naked / Hiding coke inside all your orange Pixy Stix / You take a rail & spread it on your tit
Cigarettes After Sex – Bubblegum
[Verse 1] / Lickin' the barrel of a gun / Chewin' it like it's bubblegum / Wave it like a magic wand / Pop a few rounds off just for fun / [Verse 2] / Go to the strip club all
Cigarettes After Sex – Pure
[Verse 1] / When you walk in the room / In a white bodysuit / And I say, "Take it off" / So you tell me to watch / [Chorus] / When it's pure / Only your love could get me to fall
Cigarettes After Sex – Kiss It Off Me
[Verse 1] / Saw you on the side of the road / I could see you were walkin' slow / Drinkin' a Slurpee / In a peach baseball cap / Fallin' in my lap / You were so thirsty / [Pre-
Cigarettes After Sex – Neon Moon
“Neon Moon” is the first track released by the band after announcing that they’re going to take 6 months away from touring to complete work on their second album, which came out in
Cigarettes After Sex – Lay Here
Stoned like I lay here / Lay here / Lay here / Stoned like I lay here / Lay here / Lay here alone / When you were on the ground / & it's driving me crazy / & it's driving me crazy
Cigarettes After Sex – Keep On Loving You
Cigarettes After Sex recorded a cover of the 1980 lite-FM classic “Keep On Loving You” by REO Speedwagon for the B-side to their “Affection” single. In a 2016 interview with
Cigarettes After Sex – I'm a Firefighter
[Verse 1] / Baby, I'm a firefighter trapped in a burning house in a silent picture / And there is no way out except to watch the love between us die / [Verse 2] / That's called the
Cigarettes After Sex – Motion Picture Soundtrack
[Verse 1] / White wine and sleeping pills / Help me get back to your arms / Cheap sex and sad films / Help me get where I belong / [Chorus] / I think you're crazy, baby / I think
Cigarettes After Sex – You
[Verse 1] / Feels like walking death / Nothing's wrong, I just can't go on / You think everything / Falls in place so easily / [Chorus] / It's you / Make it easy 'cause you love me
Cigarettes After Sex – You're All I Want
[Verse 1] / You would use your songs to say / The words you couldn't say / And every word you sang / Was about you and me / I loved everything you've wrote / And when you would
Cigarettes After Sex – Touch
[Verse 1] / Oh, I missed you and I cried / But I said that I was alright / And I know it's been a while / Since I needed a distraction / [Pre-Chorus] / 'Cause I wanna do everything
Cigarettes After Sex – Starry Eyes
[Chorus] / Starry eyes / How can I get to you, my true little / Starry eyes? / What can I say or do for you, my little / Starry eyes? / Starry eyes forever / Shall be mine / Starry
Cigarettes After Sex – You’re the Only Good Thing in My Life
[Verse 1] / You only fuck for love / Told me you could never get enough / Posing as a Playboy centerfold / You could be my Penthouse Pet, I know / [Chorus] / You make me think of
Cigarettes After Sex – Please Don't Cry
Please don't cry, my love, goodbye, oh / Please don't cry, my love, goodbye / I want to stay, but now it's time / So please don't cry, my love / Please don't cry, my love, goodbye
Cigarettes After Sex – Sweet
The song is supposedly about two lovers who share a mutual connection of true love. The artist is describing how sweet it is that he knows his lover loves him without second
Cigarettes After Sex – Opera House
[Verse 1] / Built an opera house for you in the deepest jungle / And I walked across its stage, singing with my eyes closed / I've got a love for you I just can't escape / All of
Cigarettes After Sex – Sunsetz
Sunsetz is a song about a person trying to cope with his girlfriend (or maybe ex-girlfriend) not being there. The song consistently brings forward the themes of longing, memories
Cigarettes After Sex – Young & Dumb
[Verse 1] / Wearing black lipstick, bleaching your hair blonde / Put on your socks / Cut-offs or jean shorts, vampire fangs / And your "I Love New York" shirt / [Pre-Chorus] / Well
Cigarettes After Sex – Hentai
[Verse 1] / There was a hentai video that I saw / I told you about the night that we first made love / About a girl who as soon as she made you cum / Could show you the future and
Cigarettes After Sex – Run Towards Your Fear
Here, right here / When it's too much for me to take / They can't see straight / When it's too much for you to take / You're the only one / You're the only one / I'm the only one
Cigarettes After Sex – John Wayne
[Verse 1] / He's got so much love for her / But he doesn't know what to do / Sitting in the car / Waiting outside her school / [Pre-Chorus] / He's in for a heartbreak / If it's all
Cigarettes After Sex – Stop Waiting
[Verse 1] / In her favorite locket, hiding yellow pills / With white wine to chase them, lying on the hills / We kissed until we couldn't breathe / The coldest sand is on the beach
Cigarettes After Sex – I Can See You
I can feel you / I can see you / See you swimming through the night / See you naked / Feel the water / Running 'round and 'round your inner thigh / I can feel you / I can see you
Baby Gos – Cigarettes After Sex
[Chorus] / Cigarettes after sex (cigarettes after sex) / Helicopters collapse (helicopters collapse) / Another line of coke (yeah, yeah) / Another relapse, ayy (what, what) / [
Cigarettes After Sex – Night Train
[Verse 1] / Used to be around / Lost and found / Thinking it's good / That's the way it should / Standing in the rain / Waiting for the train / 'Cause I miss you, honey / Baby, I
Cigarettes After Sex – Spanish Prayers
[Verse 1] / And on this time before I could tell / Threw my last wish into the well / And I was making to leave / Just when you said "Won't you come home with me?" / [Verse 2
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Cry by Cigarettes After Sex
Cry is the second Cigarettes After Sex studio released through Partisan Records on October 25, 2019. It was preceded by the single “Heavenly”. Frontman Greg Gonzalez said: “We
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Cigarettes After Sex by Cigarettes After Sex
Cigarettes After Sex is the band’s debut album, released via Partisan Records on June 9, 2017. “This is like the novel or feature-length version of Cigarettes,” frontman Greg
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Affection by Cigarettes After Sex
“Affection” is a stand-alone single by Cigarettes After Sex released on October 5, 2015. It is the band’s second release ever, coming three years after their debut EP. It was
I Can See You by Cigarettes After Sex
Possibly the first ever Cigarettes After Sex project known to be released on July 23, 2009 to their Bandcamp site. The EP was later re-released on June 8, 2010 with only first and
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Cigarettes After Sex Lyrics
Cigarettes After Sex lyrics - 38 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Motion Picture Soundtrack", "Apocalypse", "Cry".
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Cigarettes After Sex - K. Lyrics
Lyrics for K. by Cigarettes After Sex. I remember when I first noticed that you liked me back We were sitting down in a restauran...