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Artist: Foo Fighters
Track: Rest

Waking up, bottom of an empty cup
Laying in your favorite clothes chosen just for you
Make you laugh, maybe I could make you laugh
Books of faded photographs, moments saved for you
Angel dust, tiny little paper cuts
Close my eyes and feel your touch, holding on to you

Rest, you can rest now
Rest, you will be safe now
Rest, you can rest now
Rest, you will be safe now

Love and trust, life is just a game of luck
All this time escaping us, until our time is through

Rest, you can rest now
Rest, you will be safe now
Rest, you can rest now
Rest, you will be safe now
Rest, you can rest now
Rest, you will be safe now
Rest, you can rest now
Rest, you will be safe now
You will be safe now

Waking up, had another dream of us
In the warm Virginia sun, there I will meet you
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Foo Fighters – Rest
[Verse 1] / Wakin' up, bottom of an empty cup / Layin' in your favorite clothes chosen just for you / Make you laugh, maybe I could make you laugh / Books of faded photographs
Foo Fighters – Resolve
[Verse 1] / Something that I felt today, something that I heard / Swingin' from the chandelier, hangin' on your word / I remember watching you once upon a time / Dancin' from
Foo Fighters – My Hero
Grohl has claimed he didn’t have any rockstar rolemodels growing up. This song is a tribute to those he did look up to: the everyday people. The sentiment on this track is simple
Foo Fighters – No Way Back
In Your Honor was written during Dave Grohl’s participation in the 2004 John Kerry for President campaign, and the album was dedicated to Kerry. Grohl said, “No Way Back is another
Read All The Lyrics To Foo Fighters’ New Album ‘But Here We Are’
It’s the group’s first since the death of drummer Taylor Hawkins in March 2022.
Foo Fighters – Rescued
[Verse 1] / It came in a flash, it came outta nowhere / It happened so fast, and then it was over / [Pre-Chorus] / Oh, are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? / Is this happenin' now
Genius Traducciones al Español – Foo Fighters - Rest (Traducción al Español)
[Letra de "Foo Fighters - Rest (Traducción al Español)"] / [Verso 1] / Despertando, al fondo de una taza vacía / Acostado en tu ropa favorita elegida solo para ti / Hacerte reír
Foo Fighters – The Teacher
[Part I] / [Intro] / Who's at the door now? / Who's at the door now? / [Verse 1] / Sun goes down, windows wide / One step closer to the other side / I can feel what others do / Can
Foo Fighters – Empty Handed
[Verse 1] / Blast on mirror tell or said / Blast in weapon wear it all away / Empty handed / Empty handed / [Verse 2] / Pillow to rest a little in the soul / Bread or stone into
Foo Fighters – Everlong
The second single from 1997’s The Colour and the Shape. “Everlong” was penned by Dave Grohl during his split with his first wife, photographer Jennifer Youngblood. The divorce
Cage The Elephant – Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
This single off of Cage The Elephant’s debut album features three verses, each dealing with an encounter with an immoral character that is trying to make money by any means
Genius Brasil Traduções – Foo Fighters - Rest (Tradução em Português)
[Tradução de "Rest", de Foo Fighters] / [Verso 1] / Acordando, fundo de um copo vazio / Deitado em suas roupas favoritas escolhidas apenas para você / Te fazer rir, talvez eu
Foo Fighters – Over and Out
[Verse 1] / Restless little one / Comfortable and warm / Let me fall apart / Crippled in your arms / [Pre-Chorus 1] / Chase me through the dark / Ready on your mark / First to
Foo Fighters – Under You
[Verse 1] / I woke up and walked a million miles today / I've been looking up and down for you / All this time it still feels just like yesterday / That I walked a million miles
Foo Fighters – The Glass
[Verse 1] / I had a vision of you, and just like that / I was left to live without it, left to live without it / I found a version of love, and just like that / I was left to live
Foo Fighters – Wattershed (Live at Reading Festival, London, UK - August 1995)
[Verse 1] / Stick it to the mailman / Pinned against a pot plant / Sick of all the suntan / Oily with the Ray-Ban / [Hook] / Take that to the bank and call it a check / Masked
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Foo Fighters – But Here We Are
[Verse 1] / Save / Your shiny little charms / Take 'em off / Take 'em off / Faith / Wish upon a star / But here we are / Here we are / [Verse 2] / Hey (Hey) / Lay your burden down
Foo Fighters – Best of You
This is a record that had half the world turning up their stereos and bouncing around the room, as Dave Grohl inspires us to do better. The word “best” is repeated over 40 times in
Foo Fighters – Wattershed
This song is a true homage to Dave Grohl’s punk days. The fast ripping instrumentals and the angry nonsensical lyrics make this an unforgettable punk piece. Throughout the song
Foo Fighters – All My Life
“All My Life” is a song by the American alternative rock band Foo Fighters, released as the first single from their fourth album, One by One. Dave Grohl said that the song was
Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Everlong - Originally performed by Foo Fighters
Hello / I've waited here for you / Everlong / Tonight / I throw myself into / And out of the red / Out of her head she sang / Come down / And waste away with me / Down with me
Foo Fighters (Ft. Violet Grohl) – Show Me How
[Verse 1] / Where have you gone? / Walk in circles back to square one / Made it through yesterday / Spilling wine, thinking of the time / Wrote you a melody / Rolling your eyes, I
Foo Fighters – White Limo
The 4th track on Wasting Light was the first one introduced to audiences, with its shot in VHS and clearly joking music video featuring Lemmy of Motörhead. It is probably the only
Foo Fighters – The Pretender
“The Pretender” was a late addition to the Foo Fighters' sixth album, but once recorded soon started growing in importance, becoming the leading single off Echoes, Silence
Foo Fighters – Hearing Voices
[Verse 1] / I think I spoke too soon / It's time to clear the air / It's quiet in my room / The silence is unfair / I've been hearing voices / None of them are you / I've been
Foo Fighters (Ft. Zac Brown) – Congregation
The joyous third track on the Foo Fighters' ambitious Sonic Highways, “Congregation” continues the tour of American music culture with the next stop along the journey, Nashville
Foo Fighters – I'll Stick Around
One of the few songs written on the eve of recording Foo Fighters, “I’ll Stick Around” is defined by Dave Grohl as “a very negative song about feeling you were violated or deprived
Foo Fighters – Rope
Wasting Light’s lead single, “Rope,” talks about a relationship that the narrator needs to stay alive. When you go, I come loose Suggesting that without this person he’ll fall.
Foo Fighters – Sunday Rain
For the second time, drummer Taylor Hawkins takes over lead vocals in a Foo Fighters original. And his replacement in the percussion is a heavyweight: Sir Paul McCartney, who has
Foo Fighters – The Sky Is a Neighborhood
“The Sky Is A Neighborhood,” a track about life’s hardships, is the second single release from their 2017 album, Concrete and Gold. Prior to its official release, it was performed
Foo Fighters – Beyond Me
[Verse 1] / If it all ended today / Would you be fine? Would you be fine? / If it all ended this way / Would you still be mine? Would you still be mine? / [Refrain] / Are you well
Foo Fighters – These Days
[Verse 1] / One of these days, the ground will drop / Out from beneath your feet / One of these days, your heart will stop / And play its final beat / [Verse 2] / One of these days
Foo Fighters – Nothing at All
[Verse 1] / I've been meanin' to tell you / I've been out of my head / Left my heart on your doorstep / You left your hat on my bed / Maybe I'm delusional / Is that so unusual? / [
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Foo Fighters - Rest Lyrics
Foo Fighters "Rest": Waking up Bottom of an empty cup Laying in your favorite clothes Chosen just for you Make you laugh...
Foo Fighters - Empty Handed (Demo) Lyrics
Blast on mirror tell or said. Blast in weapon wear it all away. Empty handed, empty handed. Pillow to rest a little in the soul. Bread or stone into would
Foo Fighters - Over And Out Lyrics
Are you there? I don't feel you anymore. Cages and alarms. Keeping us from harm. I will be the guard. Hope to rest upon
Foo Fighters - Everlong Lyrics
Foo Fighters Lyrics. "Everlong". Hello I've waited here for you. Everlong ... And that's the only time he could ever get any rest. And so, because we were ...
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Foo Fighters Lyrics. "These Days". One of these days the ground will drop out ... rest anywhere we... Kings Of Leon - "Molly's Chambers" Free- is all that she ...
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While the rest of them peter out. Truth or consequence, say it aloud. Use that evidence, race it around. There goes my hero. Watch him as he goes. There goes my ...
Foo Fighters - Resolve Lyrics
Yesterday's been laid to rest, changing of the guard. I would never change a thing even if I could. All the songs we used to sing, everything was good. A ...
Foo Fighters - No Way Back Lyrics
Foo Fighters "No Way Back": Lately I've been Livin' in my head The rest of me is dead I'm dying for truth Make me believe No mo...
Foo Fighters - But Here We Are Lyrics
Foo Fighters Lyrics. "But Here We Are". Save your shiny little charms. Take them ... Rest. You May Also Like. Jane's Addiction - "Mountain Song" Comin' down the ...
Foo Fighters - Statues Lyrics
Foo Fighters Lyrics. "Statues". You and I were two old and tortured souls ... Interpol - "Rest My Chemistry" I haven't slept for two days I've bathed in ...
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Q:Who wrote “Rest” by Foo Fighters?
“Rest” by Foo Fighters was written by Dave Grohl, Rami Jaffee, Nate Mendel, Chris Shiflett & Pat Smear.
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