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Artist: Grimes
Suggested Track: Oblivion

Another walk about after dark
It's my point of view
'Cause someone could break your neck
Coming up behind you, always coming and you'd never have a clue

I never look behind, all the time
I will wait forever, always looking straight
Thinking, counting, all the hours you wait

(Ooh, ah) (la, la, la, la, la)
See you on a dark night (ooh, ah)
See you on a dark night (ooh, ah) (la, la, la, la, la)
See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night

And no, I'm not a jerk, I would ask
If you could help me out
It's hard to understand
'Cause when you're really by yourself
It's hard to find someone to hold your hand

And now it's good to be tough with me
But I will wait forever
I need someone now to look into my eyes and tell me
"Girl, you know you gotta watch your health"

To look into my eyes and tell me
La, la, la, la, la
To look into my eyes and tell me
La, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la
La, la, la, la, la

Oh, oh
Oh, oh

See you on a dark night
See you on a dark night (oh)
See you on a dark night (oh)
See you on a dark night (oh)
See you on a dark night (oh)
See you on a dark night (oh)
See you on a dark night (oh)
See you on a dark night (ooh, ah)
See you on a dark night (ooh, ah)
See you on a dark night (ooh, ah) (la, la, la, la, la)
See you on a dark night (ooh, ah) (oh, oh)
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Grimes is the pseudonym of Claire Elise Boucher, a singer-songwriter and experimental electro pop producer. Her music is characterized by 80s-influenced synths, pop sensibility
Luke Grimes
Get all the lyrics to songs by Luke Grimes and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics.
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The bouncy bass leads to “Genesis” open up an enthralling track detailing a darker perspective on falling in love, contrasting the rosy idealism observed in popular love songs with
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On June 5, 2018, she posted a demo snippet of the song recorded through her phone on twitter.
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“Pin” is the 9th track off Grimes' fourth album : Art Angels. The artwork drawn by Grimes herself for the song shows a monkey, a killer whale and an eagle, with the word “fairy
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Grimes and Bleachers team up once again, this time for a song for HBO’s Girls, starring Jack Antonoff’s (Bleachers) girlfriend, Lena Dunham. FMRDX put it well in their review of “
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The title track, “Artangels”, or “Art Angels”, depending on what you prefer on a given day. After replying to fan with the chorus' lyrics, Grimes revealed that this song was “an
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As stated on her siriusXM takeover, “California” is a hate track towards the music website Pitchfork. This hate may be the result of various misinterpretations of her words, and
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[Verse] / So many have gone before / And all have failed to end the war / Here you stand, the challenge is / To find the end of violence / [Chorus] / Utopia / Utopia / [Verse] / So
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Assumed to be the “male producer diss track” Grimes spoke of in her FADER cover story, “World Princess, Pt. II” is the second installation of “World Princess” (stylized as World
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In a 2020 interview for Pitchfork, Grimes revealed that “Darq Souls” was supposed to be the fourth track off Miss Anthropocene but it was later replaced by “Violence.” According
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“Shinigami Eyes”, the first track released from Grimes' upcoming EP, Fairies Cum First, was officially released on January 26th, 2022. The song was first teased by a Twitter post
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“Kill V. Maim” is Grimes‘ favorite track off of her fourth LP, Art Angels. She told Q Magazine: “Kill V. Maim” is written from the perspective of Al Pacino in The Godfather Pt II
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Grimes' least favorite track of the album, but also one of the most unique. It’s interpreted as a jab at people who try to latch on to her success. The artwork depicts a Lara
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This is the eighth track off of Grimes' third studio album, Visions. The Japanese title of this song refers to the concept of Wabi-Sabi, which represents a Japanese worldview that
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“Medieval Warfare” was released August 3rd on Beats 1. The song features in the new DC Comics film Suicide Squad. Grimes said about the song in an interview with Zane Lowe: Well
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Originally titled Last Call, You’ll miss me when I’m not around is the 8th track in Miss Anthropocene, corresponding to the Demon of Suicide.
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Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U) is the tenth track on Canadian recording artist Grimes' third studio album, Visions. IX is the roman numeral corresponding to the Latin number 9. The
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“Belly of the Beat” is the 5th track off Grimes' fourth album, Art Angels.
Grimes – Angel
[Verse 1] / Hey, little girl / Why don't you fall? / Why don't you fall? / Why don't you fall? / Right out of the sky? / [Verse 2] / Silence goes away / And I would pray / And I
Grimes (Ft. Majical Cloudz) – Nightmusic
Track #11 on Visions, this song is featuring Majical Cloudz. A music video for the song was released on May 10th 2012. It takes place in a “barren, greywashed” landscape, and
Grimes – Vanessa
[Intro] / I've been / [Verse 1] / Oh, I've been waiting destiny / And my heart is here right next to me / And I'm caught waiting in the rain / Oh, I've been waiting destiny / And
Grimes – Devon
Grimes wrote this song about her ex-boyfriend, now friend, Majical Cloudz, whose real name is Devon Welsh. “Devon” is the seventh track off of Grimes' sophomore studio album
Grimes – Eight
This is track number four from Grimes' third studio album, Visions. It tells the tale of a confrontation with between two lovers. In an interview with DazedDigital, Grimes
Grimes – LOVE
[Verse] / It fucking sucks to be awake / Oh, Lord, I pray my soul to take / Nobody understands because / Everything they hate / Is everything I love / Every night I / Tell myself I
Grimes – Life in the Vivid Dream
“Life in the Vivid Dream” is the second half (or “act” in the video) of the first single, “Flesh without Blood”. They were released simultaneously on October 26, 2015 in a YouTube.
Grimes – 100% Tragedy
[Verse 1] / Try me tonight, try me tonight / I'll defeat you by the moonlight / Witness your own tragedy / I look like a flower, but I'm a serpent underneath / [Chorus] / A hundred
Grimes – Rosa
[Verse 1] / Midnight, afternoon / Morning comes, but not too soon / Rosa wakes up in my bed / We are separate / Vampires in our nights aware / I’m no longer happy in there / [
Grimes – Circumambient
[Verse 1] / Oh, baby, I can't say / That everything is okay / 'Cause I have a problem / And I don't know how to stop 'em / But, baby, I can't do / Anything to help you / And I'm
Grimes – David
David is an unreleased song from one of Canadian artist Grimes‘ scrapped albums, a project which she worked on in the time between between the release of albums Visions and Art
Grimes – Caladan
Caladan is the first song from Grimes' debut LP “Geidi Primes” released in January via Arbutus Records. . The title is a reference to the fictional planet of the same name from the
Grimes – Enjoy The Angels On Earth
[Chorus] / Sunlight in your eyes / The last angel / Fell out from the sky / [Verse] / Beauty / Beauty loved the beast / But he just stares into the sun / There ain't no Heaven
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Darkbloom by Grimes
Darkbloom is a split EP released by Canadian musicians Grimes and d'Eon on April 18, 2011, a few months after Grimes' sophomore studio album Halfaxa. The first five tracks were
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