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Artist: Kodak Black
Suggested Track: Angel Pt. 1 (feat. Jimin of BTS, JVKE & Muni Long)

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Kodak Black
Bill Kahan Kapri (born Dieuson Octave on June 11, 1997), better known as Kodak Black, is a rapper from Pompano Beach, Florida. A rapper since the age of 12, Kodak first began to
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Kodak Black – Super Gremlin
“Super Gremlin” is one of the more notable songs on the Sniper Gang sophomore compilation record, Sniper Gang Presents: Nightmare Babies. The title of the track represents Kodak’s
Kodak Black – No Love For A Thug
[Chorus] / I fell out with my homie, I lost my baby girl / Shit got crazy, we found out about my baby boy / Shit got crazy, we found out about my baby boy, my baby boy / Lord knows
Kodak Black – Testimony
On “Testimony,” Kodak talks about his salvation and his blessings. With that, he also highlights the trouble the devil afflicted him with throughout his life—from hustling at a
Kodak Black – 11am in Malibu
[Intro] / Say, Lil Crix had told me to fuck with this shit right here, so / I was in Malibu Canyon, this shit say, "8am in Charlotte," but it look like what? / 11 a.m. in Cali
Kodak Black – Walk
[Intro] / (Damn, Tye, you made this bitch too? The fuck got into you?) / [Chorus] / Walk / I'm a big stepper, I drip when I walk / I'm bringin' pressure, they run when I walk / I
Kodak Black – Spin
[Intro] / Damn, Tye, you made this bitch, too? / The fuck got into you? / [Chorus] / Walk, walk, walk, walk / Walk, walk, walk, walk / Spin, spin, spin, spin / Spin, spin, spin
Kodak Black – I'm Kodak
[Intro] / (DzyOnDaBeat) / (MasterChef) / (ProducedByYodaYae1K) / [Verse] / Like overnight, I changed my whole mentality / I kept going back to jail, them people laughed at me
Kodak Black – Today
[Chorus] / Sorry, I don't want to sound offensive / But today, I don't want to take no pictures / Today, I'm not Kodak I'm Lil Bill / Today, I don't give a fuck how you feel / And
Kodak Black – Stay
[Intro] / (G06 goin' crazy) / [Chorus] / Stay, why you don't you stay? / How's it so easy to be away? / Why don't you need me like I need you, bae? / I still feel lonely when we're
Kodak Black – Patty Cake
[Intro] / Sniper Gang, haha / Yeah, I like this lil' beat right here / Yeah, this a nice little beat (Woo) / I'm sippin' on Belaire (Mh, yeah) / Yeah, I'm finna paint a picture
Kodak Black (Ft. Jadakiss & TXS) – Mama
[Intro: Kodak Black] / This for ma dukes right here / This for the OG / [Chorus: Kodak Black] / Mama you my hero / You know when I'm feeling low / You know how to make me feel
Kodak Black – 300 Blackout
[Intro] / Yeah, SG ain't dead, but KTB got new motion, you heard? / You wasn't never this / [Verse] / Say, I was at the Marriott smokin' Black & Mild in the elevator / Some niggas
Kodak Black (Ft. VVSNCE) – Roses
[Intro] / (What's happenin', Chi Chi?) / (Section 8 just straight cooked this motherfucker up) / [Chorus: VVSNCE] / I held you down and kept my word, yeah, yeah, yeah / Think 'bout
Kodak Black – There He Go
“There He Go” is the first single dropped by Kodak Black since he was released from jail on December 1st. By December 3rd he was back on his grind, recording new music. Some of
Kodak Black (Ft. EST Gee & Lil Crix) – Dirt McGerk
[Intro: Kodak Black] / Smokin' on Dirt McGerk and Steve / Ayy, uh / [Verse 1: Kodak Black & EST Gee] / I'ma go and change the speed / I'm on cocaine and weed / Smokin' on Dirt
Kodak Black – Snipers and Robbers
[Intro] / Spray some more roach spray / I went to see Melly, I wanna see Niall / I keep my hoes straight, I'm cuffin' all them (I love you, Dzy) / Hurt me like two fades, you were
Kodak Black – SKRT
“SKRT” is the sound that Kodak Black’s tires make when driving away from a sticky situation. The song was released in 2014, but the track only started gaining momentum in late
Kodak Black (Ft. Lil Wayne) – Codeine Dreaming
“Codeine Dreaming” marks the first collaboration between Kodak Black and Lil Wayne. It first appeared on the deluxe version of Kodak’s 2017 mixtape Project Baby 2 and then on his
Kodak Black – Can I
[Intro] / Yeah / This my shit right here / This my kinda shit right here / Y'all know me, the son / [Chorus] / Can I ball? Can I chill? / Can I stunt? / Will I live long enough to
Kodak Black (Ft. Syko Bob, Wam SpinThaBin & WizDaWizard) – Righteous Reapers
[Intro: Kodak Black] / I'm a reaper but I'm righteous / I'm a demon when the night hit / I put VVs on my ices / You believe me, I be snipin' / Reaper but I'm righteous / [Verse 1
Kodak Black – Side Nigga
[Intro] / Oh, you don't wanna / I wanna, uh / I got a lil' problem, she fuck with— / She got another nigga, I'm hurt, bro / I don't wanna hurt myself, no (Hehe) / I don't know who
Kodak Black (Ft. Syko Bob, Wam SpinThaBin & WizDaWizard) – Church On Saturday
[Intro: Kodak Black] / I'm bringin' church on Saturday (Most def') / Uh / [Chorus: Kodak Black] / I'm bringin' church on Saturday 'bout you / I'm bringin' church on Saturday 'bout
Kodak Black – Tunnel Vision
In ‘'Tunnel Vision,’‘ Kodak raps about serving jail time, the corrupt prison system, and other issues he’s faced in the past. Metro Boomin and Southside provide the beat. Before
Kodak Black – No Meds
[Chorus] / I'm grindin', I can't even get no rest / I'm vibin', I ain't even take my meds / Everybody like "what the fuck goin' on in your head" / I'm from Broward County, but not
Kodak Black (Ft. SNAPKATT & Syko Bob) – Black Hole
[Intro] / Shoutout to YodaYae / Just pay the guy / [Verse 1: Kodak Black] / I never had a job, I put the Drac' to work / Only way you'll kill me is if you sell me a fake perc
Kodak Black – Letter
On track 12 of Lil B.I.G. Pac, Kodak details a relationship he has with one of his friends that’s incarerated. He communicates with his friend by writing letters, hence the title
Kodak Black – Die Today
[Chorus] / I won't lie, I'm so fly, I can die today / It's alright, please don't cry, just get high with me / One last time / Poppin' on Perkies, nah, I'm ain't perfect, but I'm
Kodak Black – Calling My Spirit
“Calling My Spirit” is a song by Florida artist Kodak Black from his 2018 album Dying to Live. This song was produced by Southside and Jake-One. On this emotional track, Kodak
Kodak Black – Skrilla
Kodak Black takes us to the trap in his new video for “Skrilla.” In the video we see how infectious his live performance is and the harsh realities of life in South Florida. The
Kodak Black (Ft. NFL Tuewop) – Ammunition
[Intro] / (Because I am hard, you will not like me) / [Chorus: Kodak Black] / I was standin' over a nigga, tryna finish business / Corner grabbin' like, "Lil' bruh, don't even kill
Kodak Black (Ft. Juice WRLD) – MoshPit
On “Moshpit” Kodak Black and Juice WRLD rap about living crazy lives and partying daily. “Moshpit” was released on December 12, 2018. This song features, Juice WRLD, which is his
Kodak Black & WizDaWizard – Colostomy
[Intro: WizDaWizard] / Young nigga / Free that Yoda Gang, you know that / Trust / [Verse 1: WizDaWizard] / Look, ayy, I was real on the block with the pistol / Young nigga
Kodak Black – Pelican
[Intro] / My name Kodak and you know that / Go and tell your girl / Kodak and you know that / Go and tell your friend / Keep that tool on me / Go tell your mama, go tell your buddy
Kodak Black – Balance
[Intro] / Tired, they dead flies everywhere / Know what I'm sayin'? / You's a maggot, you should've died when you was a baby / Should've died when you was a baby, fuck nigga / Huh
Kodak Black – 30
Kodak Black is naming out 30 of numerous things that he has. He is also comparing his penis to a pistol with an extended clip. Humans usually have 32 teeth, and Kodak black
Kodak Black – Last Day In
“Last Day In” serves as Kodak Black’s freedom celebration, three days after the rapper was released from prison before the end of his 46-month sentence thanks to Donald Trump’s
Kodak Black – 1k
[Chorus] / I be so damn fly, nigga I ain't got a cape / Got tired of eating fries, I be craving for that steak / Catch me on the I, I be in and out of state / Money on my mind, it
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Kodak Black Lyrics
Kodak Black lyrics - 356 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Kylie Grande", "Hard Life", "Too Many Years".
Genius Albums
Pistolz & Pearlz by Kodak Black
Pistolz & Pearlz is the sixth studio album by Kodak Black, released on May 26, 2023. It serves as a follow-up to 2022’s Kutthroat Bill, Vol. 1 and Back For Everything. Pistolz
Bill Israel by Kodak Black
Bill Israel is Kodak Black’s third studio album. The project follows Kodak’s December 2018 chart-topping album Dying To Live and is set to release as the rapper is still serving
Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1 by Kodak Black
“Kutthroat Bill: Vol. 1” is the fifth studio album from the Pompano Beach native rapper, Kodak Black. The cover art features an eye-catching design created by award-winning graphic
Dying to Live by Kodak Black
Dying to Live is Kodak Black’s sophomore studio album. Kodak was released from jail on August 17, 2018, after serving seven months for a number of charges and two probation
Institution by Kodak Black
Released on Christmas Day, Institution is Kodak Black’s first mixtape after blowing up due to the success of his track “SKRT”. Spanning 24 tracks and devoid of features
Painting Pictures by Kodak Black
On Friday, March 31st, 2017, Kodak Black released his highly-anticipated debut album, Painting Pictures. This album was released along with an accompanying documentary: ‘Project
Heart Break Kodak (HBK) by Kodak Black
On Monday night (Feb. 12), Black announced on Instagram his new project Heart Break Kodak, which dropped on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14). The name of the album derives from famous
When I Was Dead by Kodak Black
Get all the lyrics to songs on When I Was Dead and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics.
Lil B.I.G. Pac by Kodak Black
Announced on June 9th, Kodak Black’s fourth mixtape was confirmed via twitter, with a release date of June 11th; the Florida rapper’s birthday.
Before The Album by Kodak Black
Kodak Black surprised fans when he dropped this album the same day as Jackboy dropped “Jackboy 2”, whom he has been beefing with. This was a My Mixtapez exclusive album drop.
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Kodak Black - Can I Lyrics
Can I ball? Can I chill? Can I stunt? Would I live long enough to raise my son? ... Can your boy do something productive for once? ... If I tell you how I feel, can ...