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Artist: MGMT
Suggested Track: Kids

(Five, four, three, two, one, ah)

You were a child
Crawling on your knees toward it
Making mama so proud
But your voice is too loud
We like to watch you laughing
You pick the insects off plants
No time to think of consequences

Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted
Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted

The water is warm
But it's sending me shivers
A baby is born
Crying out for attention
The memories fade
Like looking through a fogged mirror
Decision to decisions are made and not bought
But I thought this wouldn't hurt a lot
I guess not

Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted
Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted

Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted
Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted
Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted
Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees
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Formed by Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden as freshmen at Wesleyan University, MGMT emerged as one of the most buzzed-over bands to sprout in the tail end of the 2000s
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MGMT Lyrics
MGMT lyrics - 73 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Nothing To Declare", "Little Dark Age", "Kids".
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MGMT – Time to Pretend
MGMT have described the lyrics to “Time To Pretend” as: We wrote “Time to Pretend” our senior year of college, and the music was inspired by a praying mantis we had in our house
MGMT – Little Dark Age
“Little Dark Age” is the first single from MGMT’s 4th album of the same name. Produced by Patrick Wimberly, the track was featured on Zane Lowe’s show “Today’s World Record”, and
MGMT – Kids
“Kids” is a song that teaches empathy and moderation. As the track begins, the cadence is meant to induce feelings of nostalgia, to bring the listener back to much simpler times as
MGMT – When You Die
“When You Die” is the second single released on December 12, 2017 for MGMT’s fourth studio album Little Dark Age. The track was premiered through The New Yorker alongside its
MGMT – Electric Feel
“Electric Feel” is about sex and the “electric” sensations it provides. It also uses electricity to refer to love, and mentions how worldwide love would change the world. It is
MGMT – Me and Michael
“Me and Michael” is the fourth single from MGMT’s fourth studio album, Little Dark Age. It was released on February 7, 2018, alongside a conceptual music video which depicts Andrew
MGMT – Congratulations
The final track of MGMT’s second album Congratulations returns to the jangling ‘60s pop stylings of Waterloo Sunset. It’s smooth and charming and sidesteps the awkward hooks of the
MGMT – Mother Nature
“Mother Nature” is the first single from MGMT in 3 years, succeeding the two underrated standalone singles 2019’s “In the Afternoon” and 2020’s “As You Move Through the World
“TSLAMP” is an ode to how cellphones have detrimentally affected the way the human race interacts with each other. An average person spends five hours staring at their phone screen
MGMT – Invocation
[Verse] / The bluest band takes my fear into its hands / And holds it close / And on its word all my senses scream / "I'm not alone" / Wind-up faces in the coldest void / Cosmic
MGMT – Weekend Wars
The second track on MGMT’s debut “Oracular Spectacular”. It introduces the tribal theme that goes on throughout the album. Although the song was never a single, it has gained
MGMT – The Youth
MGMT’s “Youth” is a song about change, love, and youthful rebellion. It’s quite a part of the “modern hippie” status quo, but you can’t hate on another one of MGMT’s great songs.
MGMT – In the Afternoon
¨In The Afternoon¨ is a single released by MGMT on December 11th, 2019. It is speculated to appear on their upcoming fifth studio album. The song, written in 2010 (as stated by
MGMT – Siberian Breaks
Siberian Breaks is the 6th song of MGMT’s 6th studio album, Congratulations. On Record Store Day of 2010, the band released a limited-edition 12" blue marble vinyl single
MGMT – Flash Delirium
Flash Delirium was the first single to be released from MGMT’s second album Congratulations Andrew VanWyngarden expresses his feelings towards social networking in Flash Delirium
MGMT – Hand It Over
The third single from Little Dark Age, “Hand It Over” makes for a calmer, dreamier contrast against the more upfront title track and the upbeat single “When You Die”. Conversely
MGMT – It's Working
Andrew VanWyngarden talks about It’s Working: “Lyrically, it’s about doing drugs. I didn’t realize it until now, but it’s kind of funny, because the first song on our first album
MGMT – Brian Eno
Brian Eno is an English musician, composer, record producer, and visual artist, known for his pioneering work in the field of ambient music. He is credited with coining the term
MGMT – The Handshake
The Handshake was released under Oracular Spectacular but was not one of the most popular songs off of the album. This was probably due to the popularity of Electric Feel, Kids
MGMT – Of Moons, Birds & Monsters
[Verse] / Why'd you cut holes in the face of the moon base? / Don't you know about the temperature change in the cold black shadow? / Are you mad at your walls or hoping that an
MGMT – Someone's Missing
[Verse 1] / Someone's telling the toll to me / I'm cut and weeping like a rubber tree / But I don't care who's left behind / Lost revelations that I'll never find / [Chorus 1] / In
MGMT – James
This song is dedicated to James Richardson, a longtime band member of MGMT who helped record their 2010 album Congratulations.
MGMT – One Thing Left to Try
[Verse 1] / One thing left to try, see if you can make it / Before you choose the night and the silence overtakes you / If you looked into the fire and you had that conversation
MGMT – Metanoia
“Metanoia” is a song written in 2008 by alternative rock band MGMT. It was released as a single in 2008, although it never actually made it onto an album. The song basically finds
MGMT – Future Reflections
Future Reflections is the tenth and final track in MGMT’s debut album Oracular Spectacular MGMT’s label’s website described the song as Premonitions of a post-apocalyptic future
ShitKid – Anger MGMT
[Verse 1] / I need some / Peace of my mind / I need to / Keep in mind / Not to roll my eyes / I have to / Be a little less / A little less rude / A little less loud / But I don't
MGMT – Alien Days
The 1st single off of MGMT’s 2013 LP. VanWyngarden explains the song as the feeling when “a parasitic alien is in your head, controlling things”
MGMT – Introspection
“Introspection” is a cover of a song by Faine Jade.
MGMT – 4th Dimensional Transition
This is the track that marks the album’s half point, and it’s transition. The last 5 tracks were synthpop in nature, and this track and the next 4 are going to be psychedelic rock
MGMT – Your Life Is a Lie
MGMT released ‘Your Life is a Lie’ as the 2nd single off of their upcoming LP. The 1st single was ‘Alien Days’.
MGMT – Indie Rokkers
Indie Rokkers is the fifth track on MGMT’s Time to Pretend EP. Back then, the band were recording as “The Management” The song is a documentation of a young boy having sex for the
MGMT – When You're Small
“When You’re Small” is a slow and somber track that juxtaposes the experiences of being a well known and established artist versus the experience of being a small artist with
MGMT – Mystery Disease
[Verse 1] / It can't pay attention / What slips into the system / A light touch, a whisper that puts you to sleep / Don't sympathize with the mystery disease / All it is is a
MGMT – Pieces of What
Pieces of What is the seventh track in MGMT’s first album, Oracular Spectacular. The song is a description of war.
MGMT – Who's Counting
[Intro] / Unseen putting pods / Love affair softly / The volunteer move in / Hold out / [Verse 1] / I'm awake this time, found our world is falling leaves / Put a number into my
MGMT – Tell It to Me Like It Is
[Verse 1] / There is no question that the fortune is in store for you / I see success, I see growth in everything you do / The shadow passing leaves you boneless leaving me in your
MGMT – Everything's Happenin' So Fast
[Verse 1] / Tinseltown is coming like a giant bleeding heart / And I'm so mad, well these kids try to be funny man / But I don't think it's happened much / So we must destroy your
MGMT – We Don't Care
[Verse 1] / Step out of your skin / Put it in a jar / I thought they were my friends / But they were cannibals / Where should I begin? / Tell you what I am? / I'm a normal alien
MGMT – She Works Out Too Much
The song seems to be talking about a failed relationship between a man and a woman obsessed with working out. Presented with sarcasm, there’s a woman’s voice all along the song
MGMT – I Found a Whistle
“I Found a Whistle” was written by Andrew WanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser. It appears as track 5 on their 2010 album “Congratulations” The song is a mellow, soft rock ballad about
MGMT – Love Always Remains
[Verse 1] / There's a place I'd like to go somewhere out west / It's not specific, and the pictures show it best / I know there's trees, I know there's sand, I know there's grass
MGMT – Plenty of Girls in the Sea
[Verse 1] / There's plenty of girls in the sea / And plenty of seeds in a lemon / The trick is to try to stay free / When it's never that great to begin with / The surgeon performs
Kill The Noise – FUK UR MGMT
[Intro: Jack Dangers] / Woo, alright / Woo, alright / Woo, alright / I don't give a fuck / [Pre-Chorus: Jack Dangers] / Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck / Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck / Fuck, fuck
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MGMT is the self-titled third studio album by the American rock band MGMT, released on September 17, 2013 by Columbia Records. The album received somewhat mixed reviews with an
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