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Artist: Mac DeMarco
Suggested Track: Chamber of Reflection

Spend some time away
Getting ready for the day you're born again
Spend some time alone
Understand that soon you'll run with better men

Alone again
Alone again
Alone again
Alone again

No use looking out
It's within that brings that lonely feeling
Understand that when you leave here, you'll be clear
Among the better men

Alone again
Alone again
Alone again
Alone again
Alone again
Alone again
Alone again
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Mac DeMarco
McBriare Samuel Lanyon (born Vernor Winfield McBriare Smith IV on April 30, 1990), better known by his stage name Mac DeMarco, is a Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-
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Five Easy Hot Dogs by Mac DeMarco
Five Easy Hot Dogs is an instrumental album by Canadian musician Mac DeMarco. Announced on January 4, 2023, and released on January 20, 2023. The album was recorded during a road
One Wayne G by Mac DeMarco
This album features 199 unreleased songs; the titles of the songs are the date they were recorded. Similarly, the track list follows the pattern in chronological order. Mac DeMarco
2 by Mac DeMarco
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Some Other Ones by Mac DeMarco
A short album of instrumentals, available for free download at
Rock and Roll Night Club by Mac DeMarco
Rock and Roll Night Club is the debut album by Mac DeMarco. It was released in March of 2012 on independent label Captured Tracks.
Another One by Mac DeMarco
“Another One” is a mini-LP by Canadian singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco released on August 7, 2015 by Captured Tracks. It was recorded by DeMarco in his home in Far Rockaway, Queens
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Mac DeMarco Lyrics
Mac DeMarco Lyrics · Rock And Roll Night Club · Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans · One More Tear To Cry · European Vegas · She's Really All I Need.
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Mac DeMarco – Chamber of Reflection
Musically heavier than most of the songs on Salad Days, DeMarco mixes several things on this song. Starting from the topic about the Chamber of Reflection in the Mason Culture and
Mac DeMarco – My Old Man
This song details how Mac realizes he sees his father – an addict and abuser – in his reflection more and more every day. In “My Old Man”, Mac describes how he sees himself aging
Mac DeMarco – Nobody
[Verse 1] / I'm the preacher / A done decision / Another creature / Who's lost its vision / [Pre-Chorus] / Let it go / Reel it in / For the creature / On television / [Chorus
Mac DeMarco – One More Love Song
This song showcases the turmoil brought on by a seemingly endless stream of ill-fated relationships. Going through all the work of building a relationship with someone that means
Mac DeMarco – Here Comes the Cowboy
[Verse] / Here comes the cowboy / Here comes the cowboy / Here comes the cowboy / Here comes the cowboy / Here comes the cowboy / Here comes the cowboy / Here comes the cowboy
Mac DeMarco – My Jean
My Jean, My Jean, My Jean, My Jean, My love / I've crossed the line I feel alright / My Jean, My Jean, My Jean, My Jean, My love / Will you come home with me- tonight / I've never
Mac DeMarco – Dave
Mac DeMarco – Still Beating
[Verse 1] / I never meant to make her cry / And now I'm seeing tears in her eyes / Half and half, make believe / 'Cause so she thought, well, my heart was on my sleeve / [Chorus
​jaydes – ​im mac demarco
[Verse] / Ha, always keep that semi, bitch I never lack / Talkin' 'bout the ho's, bitch I got plenty, bitch I'm always stacked / Down bad on your dick and I got Fendi with like
Mac DeMarco – Ode to Viceroy
Mac says in an interview that one time he bought cigs called “Sheriff”. After smoking them and saying “they sucked dick”, he went back to Viceroy and as an apology to his beloved
Mac DeMarco – K
“K” is a tribute to DeMarco’s long-term girlfriend, Kiera McNally. They met each other aged 14 and eventually got together five years later.
Mac DeMarco – Another One
The second single from Mac’s 2015 mini-LP Another One, he discussed his relationship with it in an interview with NPR. “Another One” is my favorite song on the album because I’m
Mac DeMarco – This Old Dog
On “This Old Dog,” DeMarco highlights his unceasing love for someone, while also touching upon the theme of aging. The track was recorded on the floor of Mac’s bedroom in New York
Mac DeMarco – Tommy
Mac DeMarco – Hachiko
Mac DeMarco – Passing Out Pieces
Comin' in after a string of infamously riotous live shows and one great album, Mac DeMarco drops a new track from his upcoming LP, Salad Days. The song comments on who Mac has
Mac DeMarco – 20220202
Mac DeMarco – B^)
Mac DeMarco – 20191012 Fooled By Love
[Verse 1] / I told her that I loved her / A little early on / There's no use left in crying / Honey, I've been fooled by love / This way before / [Verse 2] / There's no more
Mac DeMarco – Chicago
Mac DeMarco – Sherrill
[Verse 1] / Getting hard to remember / Getting hard to recall / Getting laid off and pushed out / And it ain't my baby's fault / [Chorus] / So if you go, don't cry / I'll be right
Mac DeMarco – One Another
Mac is trying to put a different perspective on a breakup. Instead of feeling like it was pointless, Mac tries to get his friend to understand the valuable lessons learned and
Mac DeMarco – Hey Cowgirl
Hey cowgirl / Hey cowgirl / Will you stay on the farm / Or will you come on back with me? / Hey cowgirl / Give up all of your stars to watch some TV / Hey cowgirl / What's it gonna
Mac DeMarco – Sister
“Sister” is a touching tribute to DeMarco’s half-sister, Holly.
Mac DeMarco – Dreaming
Mac Demarco’s second song on his second album, 2. In this song, Mac describes having the idea of the perfect girl in his mind, and thus seeing all other girls as being not ‘
Mac DeMarco – On the Level
It feels as though Mac is echoing similar themes from ‘My Old Man’ in this track, namely the realisation of getting older and the passing of the torch from father to son. The
Mac DeMarco – Still Together
Final track of the album 2 and, usually, the final song of Mac’s live concerts setlists. He always dedicates it to girlfriend Kiera “Kiki” McNally. Mac even got his sweetheart to
Mac DeMarco – Without Me
[I tried out] this really weird, strange, warpy octave pedal on this song. It just kind of makes your guitar sound like a weird church organ or something strange. It’s a cool thing
Mac DeMarco – Brother
[Intro] / Shit / [Verse 1] / You’re no better off / Living your life / Than dreaming at night / This much is true / But it’s still up to you / To take my advice / [Chorus] / To
Mac DeMarco – Let Her Go
Honesty is crucial for a healthy relationship, but it can also destroy one. “Let Her Go” sees Mac advocate for complete honesty when it comes to decisions about whether to continue
Mac DeMarco – On the Square
[Verse 1] / Brother's hands / This time it's in brother's hands / Baby, are you satisfied? / Is this all that you had in mind? / [Chorus] / On the square / Live a life that isn't
Mac DeMarco – Victoria
Mac DeMarco – Preoccupied
[Verse 1] / Passin' around, your blood and your body / No conversation to ease up your mind / And nobody seems to see the outside of it / Preoccupied, and nobody's hiding it / [
Mac DeMarco – 20210218 Round Here
[Verse 1] / Let that hippy hair down / You can relax 'round here / I closed all my doors / You can kick back 'round here / 'Round here / [Verse 2] / It's in the past / Man, time
Mac DeMarco – Rockaway
Mac DeMarco – K (Demo)
Okay / One, two, three, four / As the years blow by, baby / The more I come to know myself / The more it seems my love grows, for you / Surely I'd be dead, baby / Had I gone with
Mac DeMarco – Goodbye Weekend
“Goodbye Weekend” is the fifth song on Salad Days. On this track, Mac rejects advice from people who are concerned that he is wasting his life.
Mac DeMarco – Treat Her Better
This song is believed to be partially inspired by Mac’s former live guitarist Peter Sagar. There have been many rumors about him beating his girlfriend Salina. Check out Pete’s
Mac DeMarco – Go Easy
A recurring theme in the record is Mac’s beloved Girlfriend Kiera “Kiki” McNally has to move away because they moved to New York. However, she can’t stay, and this song is a plea
Mac DeMarco – 20210220 China
[Chorus] / China / China / China / China / [Verse 1] / Build me a brand new heart / Toss me a brand new start / I can behave / Just let me come out and play / [Chorus] / China
Mac DeMarco – Let My Baby Stay
This ballad is for Mac’s longtime girlfriend Kiera “aka Kiki” McNally. When they as a couple moved to the U.S., Kiki was at risk for being deported back to Canada as she didn’t
Mac DeMarco – 20190730
Oh, oh, oh-oh / Oh, oh-oh / [?] / Oh, [?] / Oh, oh, oh-oh / Oh, oh-oh / [?], oh / [?], oh
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