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Artist: Mazzy Star
Suggested Track: Fade Into You

I wanna hold the hand inside you
I wanna take the breath that's true
I look to you and I see nothing
I look to you to see the truth

You live your life, you go in shadows
You'll come apart and you'll go black
Some kind of night into your darkness
Colors your eyes with what's not there

Fade into you
Strange you never knew
Fade into you
I think it's strange you never knew

A stranger's light comes on slowly
A stranger's heart is out of home
You put your hands into your head
A million smiles cover your heart

Fade into you
Strange you never knew
Fade into you
I think it's strange you never knew

Fade into you
Strange you never knew
Fade into you
I think it's strange you never knew
I think it's strange you never knew
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Mazzy Star
Mazzy Star is a band formed in 1989 by Hope Sandoval (vocals) and David Roback (guitar). Until now, they released four full-length albums: She Hangs Brightly (1990, Rough Trade
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Mazzy Star – Fade Into You
“Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star evokes the feeling of deep longing with its slow and repetitive melody, wrapped in sorrowful strings that pull the song’s tone back and forth between
Mazzy Star – Bells Ring
[Verse 1] / Bells ring into the night / Sounds like a mistress on a rainy night / Hold your throne down together / And see the light that goes away / [Chorus] / Leave my heart down
Mazzy Star – Flowers in December
[Verse 1] / Before I let you down again / I just want to see you in your eyes / I would have taken everything out on you / I only thought you could understand / [Chorus] / They say
Mazzy Star – California
[Verse 1] / I think I'm going back to California / Somewhere distant and it's all far away / It's so far, it's so far far away / [Verse 2] / I think I'll drift across the ocean now
Mazzy Star – Bells Ring (Acoustic Version)
Bells ring into the night / Sounds like a mistress on a rainy night / Hold your thrown down together / And see the light that goes away / Leave my heart down by the water / He
Mazzy Star – Unreflected
[Verse 1] / Once it's life's fortunate, isn't this so / The unreflected feeling / Of a shortened, flattened soul / The life that cuts the cold now is in your past / In our memories
VIDA – Mazzy Star
Look on down from the bridge / There’s still fountains down there / Look on down from the bridge / It’s still raining up here / Everybody seems so far away from me / Everybody just
Mazzy Star – She's My Baby
[Verse 1] / She's my baby, she belongs to me / But yesterday, she walked home all alone / Everybody else looks at my baby / Then they want to know her name / [Verse 2] / But baby's
Mazzy Star – Look on Down from the Bridge
The metaphor of the bridge has often been used throughout history to describe going to the other side of death. The author is describing watching their loved ones mourn from the
Mazzy Star – Free
[Verse 1] / I fell asleep in the silence / Before the street fights, the fire / Free in the world that you've given / Lay in the sound, the water still calls / Still calls / [Verse
Mazzy Star – Still Cold
[Verse 1] / You really had a million hearts to break / All those times I never left you in the moonlight / How come there's always someone else driving your car / Taking you
Mazzy Star – Quiet, The Winter Harbour
[Verse 1] / Well you're still walking / Around the block / You had a long time / To think who you are / You look so sad / Well so you think / You say "come over" / And you're still
Mazzy Star – Still
I thought of you all of the time, love / And then I knew that you were mine / I see your house has gone away / And all the things inside, it's you / I just wanted to know your name
Mazzy Star – Mary of Silence
[Verse 1] / Oh, Mary of silence / You ate my heart with a smile / Oh, sweet Mary / Come inside for a while / Help me get a hold of you / Oh, I look in your light / I thought of
Mazzy Star – So Tonight That I Might See
Such a night that I might crash with the muse, flowers, dust, and ash / Come so close that I might see the lies inside that you didn't see / Let me hold you tight in hands, tight
Mazzy Star – Umbilical
She should have seen the thing in mother's belly / Grew up alongside her sister of ethnical / She reached out for nourishment / And falls from her mother's umbilical cord / With
Mazzy Star – Happy
Field of light / They hold me inside / Count my stars / They're all lucky in the sky / There's a time / When you go off the light / And all my things look like someone else's
Mazzy Star – Before I Sleep
If it's / The truth / That's all I know / I look for you / And just say / I know / The lie / That was / Is now / The last / I'll go / For you / Before I sleep / I hear you say
Mazzy Star – Wasted
[Verse 1] / After I stuck my hands into your ground / And pulled out somebody else's son / I felt a little unfortunate, a little mistaken / [Refrain] / I felt like I'd been wasted
Mazzy Star – Common Burn
[Verse 1] / Simple things like your overcoat / And your beauty / That's still burning me / Let me hang around / Even if it's just some way to have / [Chorus] / Some common burn / A
Mazzy Star – Things
[Verse 1] / [?] so that's what you need / Picking up all the things that you see / You should make sure you found / Everything that’s clear this time / Get on from the bus / On the
Mazzy Star – Taste of Blood
[Instrumental Intro] / [Verse 1] / Red, oh, red / The taste of blood on lips of wine / [Verse 2] / Red so silent / Wait a minute or just a little while / [Verse 3] / What are you
Mazzy Star – Blue Flower
Mazzy Star performed “Blue Flower” on the BBC Two late night show Later… with Jools Holland in 1994, which exposed them to a big crowd outside the U.S.
Mazzy Star – In the Kingdom
[Chorus] / I took that train into the city / You know the one that goes under the bridge / I thought I was listening / To a band play a song that changed me / Hey hey hey hey hey
Mazzy Star – She Hangs Brightly
[Verse 1] / She hangs brightly from the tree / Wonders what she's done to me / [Chorus 1] / I'm aware of your game / Come and watch me / Watch me come down / [Instrumental Break
Mazzy Star – Hair and Skin
Your hair and your eyes / I saw them in the night / Your face, your disguise / I felt it in the night / Your cool clammy skin / It could be right beside me / I saw you swimmin
Mazzy Star – Lay Myself Down
[Verse 1] / Just like that, she follows me / My wings are under her tree / She says one thing and that's just enough / It doesn't matter how much / [Chorus] / Would I forget
Mazzy Star – Blue Light
[Verse 1] / There's a blue light in my best friend's room / There's a blue light in his eye / There's a blue light, yeah / I wanna see it shine / [Verse 2] / There's a ship that
Mazzy Star – I'm Sailin'
[Verse 1] / I'm sailin', sailin' / Place I've never seen / That's way down south / Sweet ol' New Orleans / 'Cause my hometown friend treats me awful mean / [Verse 2] / If I could
Mazzy Star – Ghost Highway
[Verse 1] / You're a ghost on the highway / And I'll love you forever / Ghost on the highway / And I'll love you forever / Forever and ever / And ever and ever / [Verse 2] / Your
Mazzy Star – Under My Car
(Fade Into You CD single) / Saw you layin' under my car, but you took it too far / Don't you know / Held your hand, well I knew you slipped away / Watched your eyes, turn to grey
Mazzy Star – I've Been Let Down
[Chorus] / I've been let down / And I'm still comin' round / I've been put down / And I'm still comin' round for you / Comin' round for you / [Verse 1] / Take away everything that
Mazzy Star – Disappear
[Verse 1] / Just because you call my name / I cannot hear, it's not the same / You close your eyes and knock me back / All the things that I had to have / [Verse 2] / And now you
Mazzy Star – Rose Blood
[Verse 1] / Everyday you can see / Changes in her hair and smile / I can wait a million days / While her smile goes away / [Verse 2] / Sometimes I feel deceived / By the slices in
Mazzy Star – Into Dust
“Into Dust,” punctuated by a slow, melodic guitar, tells the story of a woman who feels she is decaying and fading away into thin air (as if into dust). She explains to somebody
Mazzy Star – That Way Again
“That Way Again” was premiered live during band’s mostly Scandinavian tour in 2000, 18 years prior to its official release on Still EP. However, the musical composition of the 2000
Mazzy Star – Seasons Of Your Day
[Verse 1] / Won't you let me come inside? / I've released all of my pride / And I know you're alone, 'cause I've been there / [Verse 2] / I was storming all of the day, outside
Mazzy Star – I'm Less Here
[Verse 1] / Behind my life is different colours / They go away and come back to you / It's just nowhere it can be found / It's just with me, come on, take it / The touch of your
Mazzy Star – Take Everything
[Verse 1] / I can't believe your thinking / Save everyone, inside you / Take everything / Fake everything / Save everything / About me / [Verse 2] / All of you, all right / Just
Mazzy Star – Tell Your Honey
Tell your honey / Living all alone / I guess i'll always be / I guess i fear / Go and tell your honey / Can help from what i've seen / I don't feel true / Do you anyway / I can see
Mazzy Star – Sometimes Always
I gave you all I had / I gave you good and bad / I gave but you just threw it back / I won't get on my knees / Don't make me do that please / I've been away but now I'm back / Don'
Mazzy Star – All Your Sisters
And I knew I was close to you / And I will / Catch me flying in the sun / Catch me drinking of your wine / I'm gonna put something in you / Make the devil feel surprised / All your
Mazzy Star – Candle
Hold a candle to my face / I just want to see the light / You and me, we went our separate ways / And that’s all I know tonight / We went driving in your car / And you took me by
Mazzy Star – Had a Thought
Had a thought that you might be coming home / Made myself up while I was alone / You said one thing and now it's a shame / That you're leaving without anything / To say / You
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Among My Swan by Mazzy Star
Among My Swan is the third album by the band Mazzy Star, released in 1996 on Capitol Records.
So Tonight That I Might See by Mazzy Star
LA Times correspondent Steve Hochman used these words to describe Mazzy Star’s sophomore LP, a 3-year long project undertaken by vocalist Hope Sandoval and guitarist David Roback:
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