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Artist: Mitski
Suggested Track: My Love Mine All Mine

Moon, a hole of light
Through the big top tent up high
Here before and after me
Shinin′ down on me

Moon, tell me if I could
Send up my heart to you?
So, when I die, which I must do
Could it shine down here with you?

Cause my love is mine, all mine
I love, mine, mine, mine
Nothing in the world belongs to me
But my love, mine, all mine, all mine

My baby here on earth
Showed me what my heart was worth
So, when it comes to be my turn
Could you shine it down here for her?

Cause my love is mine, all mine
I love, mine, mine, mine
Nothing in the world belongs to me
But my love, mine, all mine
Nothing in the world is mine for free
But my love, mine, all mine, all mine
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Mitski Miyawaki, known mononymously as Mitski, is a Japanese-American singer-songwriter. Her sound ranges from indie-rock, indie-pop, art pop, pop, and alternative.
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Mitski lyrics - 79 song lyrics sorted by album, including "My Love Mine All Mine", "First Love / Late Spring", "I'm Your Man".
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The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We by Mitski
The Land is Inhospitable and So Are We is the seventh studio album by Mitski. The album’s existence was confirmed by a short audio message posted to Mitski’s YouTube channel. Its
Lush by Mitski
Lush is the debut album by indie rock artist Mitski, released on January 31, 2012. The album showcases her extraordinarily strong lyricism, tackling femininity and the pressures
Retired from Sad, New Career in Business by Mitski
Retired from Sad, New Career in Business is the second studio album by Mitski, released on August 1, 2013. The album was her senior project while studying at Purchase College’s
Puberty 2 by Mitski
Japanese-born artist Mitski Miyawaki’s fourth album is arguably her best: an indie rock ode to depression, anxiety, happiness, and everything in between, Puberty 2 is as terrifying
Be the Cowboy by Mitski
Mitski’s fifth studio album gets its name from a peer of hers from college who would perform with what she calls “cowboy swagger”. Once she left college, she realized that she
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Mitski – First Love / Late Spring
The title “First Love/Late Spring” is a juxtaposition, mirroring the turmoil of the song’s themes of restlessness and unease. “First love” is a common theme in music, usually
Mitski – Nobody
Mitski’s ninth track off her 2018 album Be the Cowboy, “Nobody” was released as a single on June 26. The song touches on themes of alienation and estrangement, but over a disco-
Mitski – Everyone
“Everyone” sees Mitski speak on her music career and her sudden rise to fame in a metaphorical manner. Mitski breaks down the inspiration for the song’s production and the
Mitski – My Love Mine All Mine
In “My Love Mine All Mine,” Mitski recognizes the beauty of her love and asks the Moon to capture it, for it to shine down and preserve even after her passing. It was the third
Mitski – Door
[Verse 1] / There is a door to me / I've never seen it / Sometimes I get closer to it / But I've never found it / At twilight, I almost had it / But then the night fell / I looked
Mitski – Valentine, Texas
[Verse 1] / Let's step carefully into the dark / Once we're in, I'll remember my way around / [Chorus] / Who will I be tonight? / Who will I become tonight? / [Post-Chorus] / I'll
Mitski – Circle
There's a lie that I told to you / That now I can't tell the truth / And it ate me inside, so one soft drunken night / I slept with a man you knew / And in the morning I walked
Mitski – Fireworks
In the words of Jon Caramanica, the fourth track on Mitski’s Puberty 2 is “an ode to stoic forgetting”, focusing on depression and the banality of triggers.
Mitski – Blue Light
“Blue Light”, the thirteenth track off Be the Cowboy, portrays a sense of unease, a part of Mitski’s slow unraveling at the latter end of this album.
Mitski – The Only Heartbreaker
“The Only Heartbreaker” is the second single released from Mitski’s sixth album Laurel Hell. It was released on November 9, 2021, alongside a music video where she burns down a
Mitski – Happy
“Happy” is the opening track on Mitski’s album Puberty 2. The track, along with the album, has received widespread acclaim. Speaking with NPR, Mitski talked about some of the
Mitski – Come Into the Water
“Come into the Water”, the eighth track off Be the Cowboy, extends the more domestic metaphor explored in the previous track (“Me and My Husband”) and Mitski summarizes it as: [
Mitski – A Loving Feeling
[Chorus] / What do you do with a loving feeling / If the loving feeling makes you all alone? / What do you do with a loving feeling / If they only love you when you're all alone
Mitski – Abbey
[Verse 1] / I am hungry / I have been hungry / I was born hungry / What do I need? / I am something / I have been something / I was born something / What could I be? / [Chorus 1
Mitski – I Bet on Losing Dogs
[Verse] / My baby, my baby (Ooh-oh) / You're my baby, say it to me (Ooh-oh, ooh-oh) / Baby, my baby (Ooh, ooh-oh) / Tell your baby that I'm your baby (Ooh-oh, ooh-oh) / [Chorus
Mitski – Humpty
Eggshells feature prominently as a metaphor for frailty and vulnerability in “Humpty”, whose title and coda allude to English nursery rhyme character Humpty Dumpty. Mitski spends
Mitski – Love Me More
On, “Love Me More”, Mitski reflects on the choice she made to become an artist. While the song was written before the COVID-19 pandemic, it explores themes of isolation that have
Mitski – Square
Stereogum called this song …a chronicle of a decaying relationship, a convoluted interrogation of why things seem so complicated when “God’s very simple and love shouldn’t burn”.
Mitski – Cop Car
Previously an unreleased song that Mitski had played live (the first song on this 2014 show, played live in studio for KVRX Radio and WNYU Radio) the song was recorded and released
Mitski – Heat Lightning
The third promotional single from Mitski’s sixth studio album, Laurel Hell, “Heat Lightning” follows “Working for the Knife” and “The Only Heartbreaker”. Mainly focused on
Mitski – That's Our Lamp
The 11th track on Mitski’s Laurel Hell, “That’s Our Lamp”, closes the standard release of the album. The song itself sounds a bit like a goodbye, as it reminisces on the time when
Mitski – I Will
Mitski has said in interviews that she wrote this song to be a love song, but she didn’t have anyone to write it about, so she wrote it about the things she wanted to hear from
Mitski – There's Nothing Left for You
[Verse 1] / There's nothing left for you, nothing in this room / Try and go outside, nothing waits for you / You had it once before, not anymore / So go on to that sweetheart's
Mitski – Me and My Husband
“Me and My Husband” is the seventh track of Mitski’s fifth studio album Be The Cowboy released in August 2018. Like earlier tracks on the album such as ‘Nobody’, ‘Me and My Husband
Mitski – Carry Me Out
[Verse 1] / At night on the roof top, I untie my hair / And watch from my plastic chair / As my dark hair unleashes the night / [Verse 2] / The scent of flowers / Still in bloom
Mitski – I Love Me After You
[Intro] / Hmm / Hmm / [Verse 1] / Brushin' my hair naked / Spritz my face with toner / Splash water on my neck / Laughin' in the mirror / Cool water in a glass / Drink it down
M. Roosevelt & Mitski – Ego
If when I die, my desire is buried with me / Would it sprout up into a tree? / Would it bear fruit / And who would taste you in it? / If when I'm burned, my desire dances up to the
Mitski – Geyser
“Geyser” is the first song from Mitski’s 2018 album Be the Cowboy, released on May 14th along with a music video. “Geyser” had previously been played live at shows (like this one
Mitski – Liquid Smooth
[Verse 1] / I'm beautiful, I know 'cause it's the season / But what am I to do with all this beauty? / Biology, I am an organism, I'm chemical / That's all, that is all / [Chorus
Mitski – Let's Get Married
“Let’s Get Married” is reimagined here for Terrible Thrills Vol. 3. The lyrics are identical to the original release, without the samples, but the production is more sparse. This
Mitski – Lonesome Love
Keeping with the ‘Old West’ theme of the album, the title “Lonesome Love” is a play on Lonesome Dove, the 1985 Western epic miniseries starring Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones.
Mitski – Francis Forever
With a powerful melody carried by a tired voice, “Francis Forever” presents itself as a dark soft ballad that builds towards an epic ending, with some grunge influences. Like in
Mitski – Working for the Knife
The lead single from her sixth album Laurel Hell, “Working for the Knife” sees Mitski singing with her characteristically expressive voice about characteristically cynical subjects
Mitski – Thursday Girl
In this haunting song about self destructive behavior, Mitski sings about the rawness of the night and the desperation for someone to care enough about her to help her end this
Mitski – Remember My Name
“Remember My Name” is the sixth track from Mitski’s fifth studio album Be the Cowboy, released in 2018. It deals with the clash between Mitski’s deep desire to be immortal
Mitski – Crack Baby
In a press release, through her label Dead Oceans, Mitski explained that the theme in her record, Puberty 2, and therefore this song, is that: Happiness fucks you. Happiness is up
Mitski – A Horse Named Cold Air
In this song, Mitski uses the metaphor of an aging racehorse to tell the story of someone who, looking back on their life, finds that they’ve just “circled the same old sin”. This
Mitski – Fireproof
This track is Mitski’s cover of One Direction’s “Fireproof”, for the album Our First 100 Days, which consists of 100 songs by different artists and aims to raise funds for various
Mitski – Strawberry Blond
Memories as shapes (of a body, of a trip with a romantic interest, of a potential relationship voided and thwarted by its unrequitedness) and as a hair colour are all Mitski can
Mitski – Last Words of a Shooting Star
In this track, Mitski takes a frightening experience on a turbulent plane as a way to reflect on her life before death. The “shooting star” from the title is literally the plane in
Mitski – Townie
In this song, Mitski captures the self-destructive fatalism of youth coupled with coming-of-age attitudes of anarchy against parental principles.
Mitski – I'm a Fool to Want You
[Verse 1] / I'm a fool to want you / I'm a fool to want you / To want a love that can't be true / A love that's there for others too / [Verse 2] / I'm a fool to hold you / Such a
Mitski – Because Dreaming Costs Money, My Dear
“Because Dreaming Costs Money, My Dear” is a shift in lyrical work for Mitski as she relays what possibly sounds like tensions between what she envisioned for her future and her
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