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Artist: Neutral Milk Hotel
Suggested Track: In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

What a beautiful face
I have found in this place
That is circling all 'round the sun
What a beautiful dream
That could flash on the screen
In a blink of an eye and be gone from me
Soft and sweet
Let me hold it close and keep it here with me

And one day we will die
And our ashes will fly from the aeroplane over the sea
But for now we are young
Let us lay in the sun
And count every beautiful thing we can see
Love to be
In the arms of all I'm keeping here with me

What a curious life we have found here tonight
There is music that sounds from the street
There are lights in the clouds
Anna's ghost all around
Hear her voice as it's rolling and ringing through me
Soft and sweet
How the notes all bend and reach above the trees

Now how I remember you
How I would push my fingers through
Your mouth to make those muscles move
That made your voice so smooth and sweet
But now we keep where we don't know
All secrets sleep in winter clothes
With one you loved so long ago
Now he don't even know his name

What a beautiful face
I have found in this place
That is circling all 'round the sun
And when we meet on a cloud
I'll be laughing out loud
I'll be laughing with everyone I see
Can't believe how strange it is to be anything at all
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Neutral Milk Hotel
This Louisiana indie-rock band, formed in 1989 by singer, songwriter and guitarist Jeff Mangum, is the furthest thing from a typical band. For one, Mangum played most of the
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Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
“In the Aeroplane Over the Sea” is widely considered to be written about Anne Frank due to lyrics seemingly alluding to her, such as lines referring to her birth and death dates
Neutral Milk Hotel – The Fool
This short track, which the end of “Two-Headed Boy” blends into, has the sound of a sinister military march. It may be intended as a transition into the part of the album that
Neutral Milk Hotel – Unborn
[Verse 1] / A candy coated dream / With parks and trees and figurines / And her arms wrap round my sleeve / With tiny steps and eyes of green / Toy guitar that's out of tune / Eyes
Neutral Milk Hotel – Ghost
This song is about Jeff’s experience with a ghost supposedly living in his home, that, like many songs on this album, ended up becoming a reference to Anne Frank. As with
Neutral Milk Hotel – Two-Headed Boy
“Two-Headed Boy” is an example of Jeff Mangum’s brilliant writing on Neutral Milk Hotel’s sophomore album, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. The lyrics most directly alludes to Anne
Neutral Milk Hotel – [untitled]
This untitled instrumental, which blends seamlessly into the previous track, “Ghost”, as well as the next track, “Two-Headed Boy, pt. II”, serves as the climax of In the Aeroplane
Neutral Milk Hotel – Engine
“This is a happy song I wrote. It’s a children’s song. I was living in Seattle at the time and my life was pretty much in the shitter…In my depression I wrote this song, was happy
Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945
Jeff Mangum has stated in concerts multiple times that this song was mainly inspired by the diary of Anne Frank, as with most of the subjects explored on the album, which also
Neutral Milk Hotel – Naomi
This song is about Jeff Mangum’s obsession with Naomi Yang, the bassist from the short-lived, influential dream pop group Galaxie 500. In 2011, Yang said in the description of her
Neutral Milk Hotel – Circle of Friends
Greet all your friends and they say hello / They tie all your ends until they tie / Yourself in again into something whole / Something secure and lost inside / And climb away / All
Neutral Milk Hotel – Bucket
Shadows on my wall / They creep and crawl in burning white / They dream of waterfalls / Catching slow bright streams of light / And life can be so weird / Bucket full of fear / But
Neutral Milk Hotel – Home
“Home” discusses the problems of domestic violence and abuse between parents and their offspring. It is notable for being the only song on Ferris Wheel On Fire that was completely
Neutral Milk Hotel – Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone
In this song, the narrator is experiencing a revelation about his relationship with both drugs and a girl that isn’t good for him. The girl and the drugs are most often written
Neutral Milk Hotel – Communist Daughter
This song ponders human sexuality and the moral boundaries that society has set on our reproductive organs, with the struggle between fascism and communism in the early 1900’s as a
Neutral Milk Hotel – Ferris Wheel on Fire
Saw somewhere in a youtube video of a concert that Jeff wrote this song during a time of hardship and that the carnival scene with the ferris wheel is inspired by a real place. The
Neutral Milk Hotel – Sailing Through
[Verse 1] / Sailing through / Your disease and you / Your disease and you / Your body like a basket / Shivering in static / For a display of angry tears / All those years you were
Neutral Milk Hotel – Acid
[Intro] / I feel a fading here / I feel it everyday / It's just a shaking fear / That hits when I awake / This pain has found me here / Always and all to waiting / And if I
Neutral Milk Hotel – Everything Is
[Monologue] / Jeff: "Who were you?" / Child: "A member of 'Kiss' or a punk rocker." / J: "Every year?" / C: "'Just kind of funny, yeah, I would dress up as a... punk rocker, when I
Neutral Milk Hotel – My Dream Girl Don’t Exist [Live 1992]
[Spoken Word Intro] / Okay, this next song is um… it's a companion to another song but it will neve― probably never coming out ether. But, I write these, I write these longs songs
Neutral Milk Hotel – You've Passed
“You’ve Passed” was written about Jeff Mangum’s grandmother, who suddenly passed away after Mangum left Seattle. On his way out of Washington, Mangum called his mother who told him
Neutral Milk Hotel – Oh Sister
[Verse 1] / Oh sister, don't be afraid of me / I won't be nailing you down in the nursery / Just like the rest of them did / With those watery, wandering fingers of spit / That
Neutral Milk Hotel – Where You'll Find Me Now
This song was released on “On Avery Island” in March of 1996. It was later released on “Ferris Wheel On Fire” under the name “Glow Into You”.
Neutral Milk Hotel – Here We Are (for W. Cullen Hart)
Here we are, a final moment / Found inside a wood guitar / That splits the seams wide open / But oh, 'cause I know who you are / You paint the doors and walls / And listen for the
Neutral Milk Hotel – April 8th
This track is about reclusive artist Henry Darger, whose 15,000 page novel, The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is Known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinian
Neutral Milk Hotel – Tuesday Moon
[Recording; Spoken] / I dream that, um, I was off in a forest somewhere--I don't know where, but somewhere--and I was sitting on top of this huge tree / And I don't know how I got
Neutral Milk Hotel – Glue
She comes to me / Whenever I am locked inside my room / Buried in the tune that I call love / She sings to me, the words I cannot hear / But then, the melody's so clear it makes me
Neutral Milk Hotel – Three Peaches
Jeff has stated that this song about his girlfriend at the time who attempted to kill herself at a holiday party they both attended. Jeff has stated that the girlfriend was and
Neutral Milk Hotel – Angel Eyes
Angel eyes, you will sleep tonight / But do not be surprised when you’re not waking / You gave away your soul, and the rest they stole / And now it’s your own life that you are
Neutral Milk Hotel – I Will Bury You in Time
Jeff commented on this song 4-23-97 in Tokyo Rose, Charlottesville, VA. “Anybody here ever been to San Francisco and been on the cliffs out there? Yeah? It’s really beautiful. It’s
Neutral Milk Hotel – Song Against Sex
When asked about “Song Against Sex”, Jeff Mangum said to Pitchfork, “I’m grossed out about sex being used as a tool for power, about people not giving a shit about who they’re
Neutral Milk Hotel – Snow Song Pt. 1
[Intro] / One, two, three, (fuck) four / [Verse 1] / Cindy smiles and overcoats / She says, "Please stay a while!" / Like ice cream floats and dreams, and I will fill your heart
Neutral Milk Hotel – Ruby Bulbs
The title of this song was misprinted on most releases until 2011’s Everything Is reissue, which lists track 5 as “Ruby Bulbs.” I believe the last two verses are actually another
Neutral Milk Hotel – I Bring Jennifer...
I bring Jennifer flowers / I bring Jennifer cupcakes / I bring Jennifer snowcones / I bring Jennifer your brains / And we dance in the leaves / Echo up to our knees / And I cough
Neutral Milk Hotel – The King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. One
The opening track from Neutral Milk Hotel’s sophomore album, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. It is followed by “The King of Carrot Flowers, Pts. Two and Three.”
Neutral Milk Hotel – A Baby for Pree / Glow into You
[Verse 1] / Blistering Pree, all smiling and swollen / Makes babies to breathe / With their hearts hanging open / All over the sheets / As soft as beets in some brown dresser
Neutral Milk Hotel – A Baby for Pree
“A Baby For Pree”, sometimes mistitled as “A Baby For Free”, is the 4th track from Neutral Milk Hotel’s debut album, On Avery Island. This song was written for Jeff Mangum’s
Neutral Milk Hotel – Life Is Neverending
If I were a mirror I'd look right deep inside myself / And if things were much clearer I'd see a brighter day / And if you were my lover I'd wrap your locks around my wrists / And
Neutral Milk Hotel – Two-Headed Boy, Pt. Two
When playing an earlier version of this song at Jittery Joe’s, Mangum explains how the track is about a family that lived in the 1940s in Europe. Some of the lyrics were masked in
Neutral Milk Hotel – Synthetic Flying Machine
This song became the latter half of “The King of Carrot Flowers Pts. Two & Three” from the album In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. This is the earliest known version of the song
Neutral Milk Hotel – Through My Tears
[Verse 1] / Watch the wind blow your cigarette smoke / Through my window and out to the sky / This message sent, drilled into your heart / But now the ink will fade / Before the
Neutral Milk Hotel – Wishful Eyes
Wishful eyes / Fill this room up with the spirit of your pride / So that all the world can hear it go in vain / For once again, I'm cracked and empty, leaking / Tripping to the
Neutral Milk Hotel – I Love How You Love Me
Following the breakup of Neutral Milk Hotel, the singer Jeff Magnum attended a live event in Auckland, New Zealand. The group of individuals that performed at the event including
Neutral Milk Hotel – Biscuit
(spoken word) / [Instrumental] / [Verse] / Your mother's mouth pressed gently against doorknobs / And there's so much fuckin' piss swimming into and out of the kitchen / Three feet
Neutral Milk Hotel – I Hear You Breathe
I hear you breathe as you sleep through the morning / And the sun cracks through winter's wind / Screaming out an effervescent warning / That all that's true is sure to end / But
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Neutral Milk Hotel Lyrics
Neutral Milk Hotel lyrics - 80 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Two-Headed Boy", "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea", "Two-Headed Boy, Part 2".
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In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is the second and final studio album by American rock band Neutral Milk Hotel, released on February 10th, 1998 on Merge Records. The album is largely
On Avery Island by Neutral Milk Hotel
This is the first album from Neutral Milk Hotel, a cult indie-folk/rock group. The album is almost entirely written and performed by singer-songwriter Jeff Mangum, and features a
Everything Is by Neutral Milk Hotel
Everything Is was the first recording mass-released by Neutral Milk Hotel, which at this point was largely still an outlet for the songwriting of Jeff Mangum, instead of a fully
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Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea Lyrics
Neutral Milk Hotel "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea": What a beautiful face I have found in this place That is circling all round the sun What a beautiful...