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Artist: OutKast
Suggested Track: Ms. Jackson

Yeah, this one right here goes out to all the baby's mamas, mamas
Mamas, mamas, baby mamas, mamas
Yeah, go like this

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (ooh), I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologized a trillion times
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (ooh), I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologized a trillion times

My baby's drama mama, don't like me
She be doing things like having them boys come from her neighborhood
To the studio trying to fight me
She need to get a, piece of the American pie and take her bite out
That's my house, I'll disconnect the cable and turn the lights out
And let her know her grandchild is a baby, and not a paycheck
Private school, daycare, shit, medical bills I pay that
I love your mom and everything, but see, I ain't the one who laid down
She wanna rib you up to start a custody war, my lawyers stay down
Shit, you never got a chance to hear my side of the story, we was divided
She had fish fries and cookouts for my child's birthday I ain't invited
Despite it, I show her the utmost respect when I fall through
All you, do is defend that lady when I call you, yeah

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (ooh), I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologized a trillion times
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (ooh), I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologized a trillion times

Me and yo' daughter, got a special thing going on
(We got a special kind of thing going on)
You say it's puppy love
We say it's full grown
Hope that we feel this, feel this way forever
You can plan a pretty picnic
But you can't predict the weather, Ms. Jackson

Ten times out of nine, now if I'm lyin' fine
The quickest muzzle throw it on my mouth and I'll decline
King meets queen, then the puppy love thing, together dream
'Bout that crib with the Goodyear swing
On the oak tree, I hope we feel like this forever
Forever, forever, ever, forever, ever?
Forever never seems that long until you're grown
And notice that the day by day ruler can't be too wrong
Ms. Jackson my intentions were good I wish I could
Become a magician to abracadabra all the sadder
Thoughts of me, thoughts of she, thoughts of he
Asking what happened to the feeling that her and me
Had, I pray so much about it need some knee pads
It happened for a reason one can't be mad
So know this, know that everything's cool
And, yes, I will be present on the first day of school, and graduation

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (ooh), I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologized a trillion times
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (ooh), I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry (uh, uh, yeah)
I apologized a trillion times

"Look at the way he treats me"
Shit, look at the way you treat me
You see your little nosy-ass home girls
Done got your ass sent up the creek, G
Without a paddle, you left to straddle
And ride this thing on out (out)
Now you and your girl ain't speaking no more
'Cause my dick all in her mouth (mouth)
Know what I'm talking about? Jealousy, infidelity, envy
Cheating to beating, envy and to the G they be the same thing
But who you placing the blame on? You keep on singing the same song
Let bygones be bygones, you can go on and get the hell on
You and your mama

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (ooh), I am for real (yo mama, bitch)
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologized a trillion times
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (ooh), I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologized a trillion times

I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (ooh), I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologized a trillion times
I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (ooh), I am for real
Never meant to make your daughter cry
I apologized a trillion times
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Atlanta, Georgia natives André “André 3000” Benjamin and Antwan “Big Boi” Patton are OutKast, one of the most successful rap groups of all time. Along with the production crew
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OutKast – ?
André asks the audience a series of questions about what causes the main flaws of mankind, then reveals that the answer to all of these questions; alcohol.
OutKast – Hey Ya!
“Hey Ya!” is the first single from André 3000’s half of OutKast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below double album. André said the following about the concept of this genre-bending song:
OutKast (Ft. Sleepy Brown) – Funkin' Around
Track 2 off of Big Boi and Dre Present… released in 2001. The song had originally been unreleased up until it’s inclusion on the compilation album.
OutKast – Aquemini
The title track to OutKast’s classic third album acknowledges that all great things must come to an end, but insists that André and Big Boi won’t stop working together until that
OutKast – GhettoMusick
Single from OutKast’s 2003 double disc album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.
OutKast – Millennium
12th track from OutKast’s 1996 album ATLiens. A main theme of “Millennium” is how even though we are part of a grander universe that is all around us, we define ourselves with our
OutKast – Roses
“Roses” is the second single released from André 3000’s album, The Love Below, and the third overall single from the OutKast double album following the #1 singles “Hey Ya!” and “
OutKast – Intro
(O-U-T-K-A-S-T) / [André 3000] / Live, from the center of the Earth / Seven light-years below sea level we go / Welcome to Stankonia, the place from which all funky things come
OutKast – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
The second single off of Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik introduces common themes throughout the album: southern playas, Cadillacs, and music.
OutKast (Ft. Sleepy Brown) – Player's Ball
In the first song that ever got OutKast any mainstream attention, the duo raps about a players ball they attend on Christmas Day. When the song started to move up the Billboard
OutKast – Red Velvet
This Stankonia track warns the audience about the dangers of being a showoff.
OutKast (Ft. Khujo Goodie) – Gasoline Dreams
“Gasoline Dreams” describes the corrupted problems of modern life, including drugs, racism, pollution, and immorality. But it promises an apocalyptic solution: the end of the world
OutKast (Ft. George Clinton) – Synthesizer
A commentary from Aquemini on how society is beginning to favor synthetic products of all kinds while opposing natural human experience. André provided some insight on the song’s
OutKast (Ft. B-Real & Witchdoctor) – Xplosion
OutKast collabs with Cypress Hill’s B-Real on this explosive Stankonia track.
OutKast (Ft. Sleepy Brown) – Crumblin' Erb
Big Boi and Dre plead the ghetto youth to sit back and smoke a blunt instead of constantly shooting at each other on this cut off of Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. This beat
OutKast (Ft. Erykah Badu) – Humble Mumble
This Stankonia cut is one of the select few songs where 3 Stacks performs with his baby mama Erykah Badu. It deals with themes like continuing to work hard in the face of adversity
OutKast – Wailin'
Big Boi and Dre wail on their inferior opponents in this track off of ATLiens.
OutKast (Ft. Scar & Sleepy Brown) – Morris Brown
This song is named and themed after the legendary Morris Brown Marching Wolverines of Morris Brown College, located in Vine City, Atlanta, Georgia. True to the track’s name, the
OutKast – Chonkyfire
The closing track to OutKast’s classic Aquemini features a beat filled with guitar riffs that foreshadow the musical direction of OK’s next album, Stankonia. Andre said the
OutKast (Ft. Masada & Witchdoctor) – Mamacita
“Mamacita” takes the crown as the most criticized song on this classic album due to the repetitive chorus. According to producer Rico Wade, this song wasn’t originally created for
OutKast (Ft. Black Owned C Bone, Slimm Calhoun & T-Mo) – Gangsta Shit
OutKast asks us if we want to hear about some gangsta shit, then proceeds to rap about it without waiting for an answer. Off of Stankonia.
OutKast – Jazzy Belle
3 Stacks and Big Boi compare today’s women to Jezebel from the Bible to comment on how the modern woman’s promiscuity will have a negative effect on the future generations.
OutKast (Ft. Khujo Goodie & T-Mo) – Mainstream
“Mainstream” features two members of the Goodie Mob: T-Mo and Khujo. The song touches on the struggle to survive in the hood, and how some try to live honestly but are brought down
OutKast – Spaghetti Junction
This Stankonia cut samples Simon Harris' “FX & Scratches” and compares the modern day plight of the black man to a long-winding highway. The sample is very subtle, being a simple
OutKast – Church
Big Boi touches on theological themes like sin and evil in this song about existential despair.
OutKast – E.T. (Extraterrestrial)
Extra Terrestrial is a fantastic song in which Big Boi and Andre 3000 examine different ideas such as sinning (specifically the youth) and taking opportunities when you see them.
OutKast (Ft. Raekwon) – Skew It on the Bar-B
On the first non-Dungeon Family feature off of an OutKast album, Raekwon the Chef rips an instrumental that samples Henry Mancini’s “Police Woman”, solidifying OutKast’s role in
OutKast (Ft. Killer Mike) – Bust
“Bust” is the 7th song on OutKast’s fifth studio album and double album, Speakerboxxx / The Love Below. The song appears on Speakerboxxx, Big Boi’s first half of the double album
OutKast – Knowing
Also referred to as “The Art of Storytelling Part 3”, as written on Big Boi’s Soundcloud.
OutKast – Babylon
“Babylon” reflects on religious attitudes towards sex and illustrates André 3000’s upbringing and his forbidden attractions throughout childhood. He sees America as a modern day
OutKast – Wheelz of Steel
This classic OutKast track was one of two ‘A-Side’ singles. It is the second single off their second album, ATLiens. The song itself is about their lives before they were rappers
P.O.D. – Outkast
[Pre-Chorus] / I'm an outcast / But don't count me out / I'm an outcast / But don't count me out / I'm an outcast / But don't count me out / I'm an outcast / But don't count me out
Belly (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign) – Outkast
[Intro: Belly] / Gain the world or lose it all / Gain it back again / Bounce back / [Hook: Ty Dolla $ign] / Bounce that, bounce that, bounce that, bounce that, bounce that, bounce
OutKast – Vibrate
A song about masturbation, but also about being in control of your own destiny and not allowing other people to dictate them. One of the cool things about “Vibrate” is that the
OutKast – D.E.E.P.
Dre and Big Boi get deep on this track, addressing and attempting to dispel multiple stereotypes while confirming their black pride.
OutKast (Ft. Big Gipp, Khujo Goodie & T-Mo) – Y'All Scared
A vicious cut from OutKast’s legendary album Aquemini, “Y'All Scared” features the rappers of Goodie Mob and deals with various topics, such as the future, drug culture in youth
OutKast – You May Die (Intro)
Intro to OutKast’s 1996 album ATLiens. The track has been sampled in many other hip-hop songs, most notably Ab-Soul’s “Beautiful Death”, and Young Buck’s “The City”.
OutKast – Spread
At this point in the narrative, our protagonist “Ice Cold” has found himself a woman whom he feels a strong connection with both mentally and physically. The physical connection is
OutKast – True Dat (Interlude)
The first of many great spoken word verses by Big Rube to appear on an OutKast album.
Jamaar – LV Outkast
[Verse 1] / And my generation is full of lean sippin, blunt twistin', pill poppin simple minded band wagon hopping dumb niggas / I smoke too, I ain't tryna sit round and judge
OutKast (Ft. CeeLo Green & Khujo Goodie) – Reset
Big Boi recruits longtime Dungeon Family members Khujo Goodie and CeeLo Green of the Goodie Mob for this song about starting over clean (a.k.a. resetting) after making mistakes.
OutKast (Ft. Joi) – Movin' Cool (The After Party)
Song released with OutKast’s greatest hits compilation “Big Boi and Dre Present… OutKast”. R&B song with no rapping with the exception of Big Boi’s (brief) verse. Fairly typical “
OutKast (Ft. Big Rube & Sleepy Brown) – Stankonia (Stanklove)
This wacky love ballad closes out Stankonia and features assorted members of the Dungeon Family, before finally fading into nothing but Stankonia.
OutKast – Love Hater
[Verse 1] / Everybody needs a glass of water today / To chase the hate away / You know you've got company comin' over / So you scrub extra hard / And everybody needs somebody to
OutKast – D.F. (Interlude)
André and Big Boi flaunt their outrageous nicknames on this rapid-fire skit off of Stankonia. D.F. stands for Dungeon Family.
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Outkast lyrics - 145 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Hey Ya", "Elevators (Me & You)", "Ms. Jackson".
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Stankonia by OutKast
Stankonia, OutKast’s fourth studio album, was released on October 31, 2000. It was critically acclaimed by critics and artists alike, producing three iconic singles: “B.O.B,” “Ms
Big Boi and Dre Present... OutKast by OutKast
Big Boi and Dré Present… OutKast is the greatest hits album released on December 4, 2001 through LaFace/Arista Records. It consists of five tracks from
Idlewild by OutKast
OutKast released their Idlewild soundtrack through LaFace/Jive Records on August 22, 2006, three days prior to the release of their Universal Pictures musical film of the same name