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Artist: RM
Suggested Track: Wild Flower (with youjeen)

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RM, born on September 12, 1994, as Kim Namjoon (김남준), is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, composer, and producer. He is also known as the leader of the South Korean group BTS.
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RM – Monterlude
“Monterlude” is the first English song by RM released after the formation of BTS, though his pre-debut track “Suicide” was also fully English. The track uses the beat from BTS' “
Genius English Translations – RM - Rap Monster (English Translation)
[Intro] / BigHit represents / The Rap Monster / [Verse] / Born in Ilsan, Ilsan to Apgujeong / I make everyone lose heart because I'll never give up the top position / I was born a
RM & Jung Kook – Fools (Cover)
The cover song of ‘Fools’ originally performed by Troye Sivan was released in December 2015 and performed by Jungkook and RM of BTS. Previously, the original version of the song
Genius English Translations – RM - Life (English Translation)
[Verse 1] / Pulled in just one glass of soju and felt it / Living is consecutively awareness and loneliness / Whether you have many people around you or not / The little me inside
Genius English Translations – RM - Monster (English Translation)
[Verse 1] / Twenty-one, the son that my mother has raised / At 181, 68 the length of my body is a model / A head that’s better than those dumbass hyungs and an open chest / You’ll
RM (UK) (Ft. Stardom) – Shooters
[Intro] / (Teedee) / (Tom makes beats) / [Verse 1: RM] / Two shooters on the ride, man are strapped up / Last nigga tried, got his mums gaff blammed up / Way before the pandemic I
RM (Ft. Krizz Kaliko) – Rush
[RM "Rush" 가사] / [Intro: Krizz Kaliko, RM] / I should be the biggest star in the world (In the world) / I should be hearing oppa from every girl / Gotta put a rush on it (서둘러
RM – ​tokyo
“Tokyo” is the the only song completely performed in English on mono.. ‘Tokyo’ in Japanese is 東京, and it has the same pronunciation as Korean 동경 (dong-gyung), which translates in
Genius Romanizations – RM - Hectic ft. Colde (Romanized)
[Chorus: RM] / Yesterday was a hectic / There was nothin' romantic / If I can just find a reason / To keep this endless chasin' (Chasin', chasin') / Yesterday was a hectic / There
RM – 닥투 (Vote)
In this cover RM, then known as Rap Monster, criticises the passivity of those who have the right to vote and to enact change, but waive that right and yet still complain about
Genius Romanizations – RM - Still Life ft. Anderson .Paak (Romanized)
[Intro: Anderson .Paak] / I'm still life (Oh, yeah, yeah, what?) / I'm still life (Yo, what?) / I'm still life (Uh-huh, ayy, yeah) / I'm still life (Oh, yeah, everybody, let's go
Genius Romanizations – RM - 건망증 (Forg_tful) ft. Kim Sawol (Romanized)
[Verse 1: RM] / Eojeui ireul jakku ijeoyo / Na oneuldo jal moreuneunde / Eojeui nareul jakku ijeoyo / Na gojak seumullyeoseosinde, yeah, yeah / Wae gieokajil mothanya haeyo / Nae
Genius English Translations – RM - Voices (목소리) (English Translation)
[Verse 1] / I didn’t have any dreams / Just like my lyrics, every day in that way / The functions and equations that couldn’t give me an answer / In the end those things became
RM (UK) – Daily Duppy
[Intro] / (Legendary made this one) / [Verse] / RM a real G, I don't need no gang / Big hammer on deck, you can ask about man / 12 Gauge that will make a Opp prick sit back / 160
Genius Romanizations – RM - Yun ft. Erykah Badu (Romanized)
[Sample: Yun Hyong Keun] / Pyeongsaeng jinrie saldagayahanda igeoya / Peullatonui inmunhageseoneun / Inganui bonjirinde, jinseonmi / Jinsilhadaneun ‘jin’ja hago, chakhal ‘seon’
Genius Romanizations – RM - No.2 ft. Park Ji Yoon (Romanized)
[Chorus: Park Ji Yoon] / Geudaeyeo deoneun dwidoraboji ma, mm / Geu maneun pado da jinan dwie, mm-mm / Musuhan maniri neol goeropyeodo / Ijen niga neol jikyeojul geoya / Geudaeyeo
Genius Romanizations – RM - Moonchild (Romanized)
[Intro] / We're born in the moonlight / Ain't no fantasy / Can't breathe in the sunlight / Gotta hide your heart / We born to be sad, sad, sad, sad / Suffer to be glad, glad, glad
RM – Something
Korean Original / 멈춰 그 곳에 제발 가까이 오지 마 / 알아 나 이러면 안 되는 걸 너무 잘 알고 있는데 나 / But I fall for ya, so I call for ya / Oh my girl, for ya 나 너를 걷고 싶어 / 널 처음부터 아니 더 전부터 / 마음에 뒀는지도 몰라 아무래도
Genius Romanizations – ​eAeon (이이언) - 그러지 마 (Don't) ft. RM (Romanized)
With a sharp melody and the soft lyric, the leading song of eAeon’s second full-length solo album deals with the tragic end of love, sadness, and—as the whole album—about the
Genius Romanizations – RM - All Day ft. Tablo (Romanized)
[Verse 1: RM] / Okay / Yojeum gwang-goneun ttoggatae / Ildaneun jeulgyeola nae mamdaelo / Meosjin oseul ibeun meosjin chum chuneun ideul / Bakkeun momchiga deo manhne / Geujeo
Genius Romanizations – RM - Seoul (Romanized)
[Verse 1] / Chagaun saebyeok gonggie / Nan mollae nuneul tteune / I dosiui harmony / Nan neomuna iksukhae / Nae eorin naldeureun adeukhago / Bildinggwa chadeulman gadeukhaedo
Mazza L20, Pistol PO & RM – Murdaside (BrumMix)
[Chorus: Mazza L20] / I'm from a place if you got beef, you let your burner cry / Ask him where he's from, he's not a Scouser, he said, "Merseyside" / I don't need no tick, by me
RM – Untitled Unreleased 230806 (Dandelion)
The song was first performed on the final concert of Agust D’s D-DAY Tour on August 6, 2023, at Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, South Korea. RM said this was one of his “most
Genius English Translations – RM - 표류 (Adrift) (English Translation)
What are we / Living for / We couldn’t know / They say that we’re / Living for happiness / But what is that / Things that we can’t know or see / Seems like there are too many in
Genius English Translations – RM - Awakening (각성/覺醒) (English Translation)
[Chorus] / In the moment of my failure / Will someone hold my hand? / In the moment when I come down from the stage / Will that person be next to me? / Just tell me that I can
RM – Suicide
Suicide is an emotive predebut underground track written and performed by RM. It’s the earliest known track of RM’s written entirely in English. Other all English tracks include “
Genius Romanizations – RM- 농담 (Joke) (Romanized)
[Verse 1] / Nae gomageul ullineun rideum / Bat & drum nal umjigineun gireum / Yeogi jonjaehaneun modeun haengbokgwa neoui saehae bok kkaji modu / I'mma fuckin' get 'em / Naneun
RM – 어긋 (uhgood)
“어긋 (Uhgood)” is the 5th track from RM’s second mixtape, mono. 어긋 phonetically translates to ‘uhgood,’ but literally translates to ‘being off.’ The beat reliant track focuses on
Genius Romanizations – RM - Do You (Romanized)
[Verse 1] / Nan sesangeseo jagigyebal seoga jeir silheo / Ireohge jeoreohge haran gaesorideul / Da jutdaen eoptgo nammareun jar mideo / Geuronikka geu gaesorideuli beseuteuselleo
RM (UK) – Slide
[Verse] / Two waps in the car, one on each side / I want a Glock but my nigga got that .35 / Summer or the winter, I make that heat rise / Get shot on my block if you ain't street
Genius English Translations – Gaeko ft. RM - Gajah (English Translation)
[Verse 1: Gaeko] / After getting through a lethargic day / I open the beer bottle cap with a 'pop' / Though the drunk world seems slow / The time goes by honestly, tick tock / In
RM (UK) (Ft. Ard Adz) – My Love
[Chorus] / I can share my love with you, I can share my love with you / When life gets hard, you are all I know, oh darling / I compare myself to you, I compare myself to you / I
RM – Change pt.2
[Chorus] / Things change, people change / Everything change / Things change, people change / Everything change / Love change, friends change / Everyone change / It is no strange
Genius Romanizations – Agust D - 이상하지 않은가 (Strange) ft. RM (Romanized)
[Chorus: Agust D] / Everything in dust / Do you see? / Well, well, well / Everything in lust / Oh, what do you see? / Well, well, well / Nuga allyeojwo saliran gotonginji / Well
RM – Where U At
On the official Bangtan Blog, RM wrote that he made this song around the same time as “Hook Gayo” which was released in late 2010, but it was not released on soundcloud until early
RM & Wale – Change
“Change” is a progressive, politically engaged song that challenges similar problems of both Eastern and Western cultures, such as lack of faith in the government, failing
Lil Nas X (Ft. RM) – Old Town Road (Seoul Town Road Remix)
Lil Nas X collaborates with Korean BTS member RM for “Seoul Town Road”, the fourth official remix of Nas' breakout hit “Old Town Road”. Previous remixes included contributions from
RM (UK) – 25 Shots
[Chorus] / 25 in my gun, I got a new clip / Everybody strapped up, they don't use it / My g at the pot, that's a new whip / Get shot in your mouth for your loose lips / I trust god
Genius English Translations – RM - 버려 (Throw Away) (English Translation)
[Intro] / Bounce, bounce, bounce / RM, motherfuckers! / RM, motherfuckers! / Go / [Verse 1] / Where should I go to? Let's go until I've searched through / My heartbeat speeds up
Genius Romanizations – RM - Monster (Romanized)
[Verse 1:] / Seumulhana uri eommaui ijen da jaran adeul / 181e 68 gireokji like a model / Meongcheonghan hyeongdeulboda naeun meoriwa yeollin gaseum / Neonen gajgaji iyuro
Genius English Translations – Drunken Tiger feat. RM - Timeless (English Translation)
“Timeless” chronicles Tiger JK’s decades of experience in the Korean hip-hop scene and many of RM’s lines pay tribute to various songs and albums made by Tiger JK. The song marks
Genius English Translations – RM - badbye ft. eAeon (English Translation)
“Badbye” is the 4th track from RM’s second mixtape album mono. Instead of goodbye, a greeting society is accustomed to, RM is saying the opposite – badbye. The track features a
Genius English Translations – RM - Always (English Translation)
On New Years 2017, RM released “Always” via his group BTS' Soundcloud. The song is a self-produced emotive track in which Kim Namjoon discusses his suicidal thoughts and ideas as
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Indigo by RM
Described as a documentation or archive of the final years of RM’s twenties, Indigo is the debut studio album of South Korean rapper, released on December 2, 2022, through Big Hit
RM by RM
RM is the debut mixtape dropped by the South Korean rapper and BTS leader, Rap Monster on March 17, 2015. Prior to the release, Rap Monster revealed the album art and the release
mono. by RM
mono. is RM’s second solo mixtape following his 2015 release, RM. The cover art of the album incorporates the word ‘playlist’ rather than ‘mixtape’ because the tracks were
RM - Indigo (Romanized) by Genius Romanizations
Get all the lyrics to songs on RM - Indigo (Romanized) and join the Genius community of music scholars to learn the meaning behind the lyrics.
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