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Artist: SZA
Suggested Track: Kill Bill

I'm still a fan even though I was salty
Hate to see you with some other broad, know you happy
Hate to see you happy if I'm not the one drivin'
I'm so mature, I'm so mature
I'm so mature I got me a therapist to tell me there's other men
I don't want none, I just want you
If I can't have you, no one should

I might
I might kill my ex
Not the best idea
His new girlfriend's next
How'd I get here?
I might kill my ex
I still love him though
Rather be in jail than alone

I get the sense that it's a lost cause
I get the sense that you might really love her
The text gon' be evidence, this text is evidence
I tried to ration with you, no murders or crime of passion
But damn, you was out of reach
You was at the farmers market with your perfect peach
Now I'm in the basement plannin' home invasion
Now you layin' facedown, got me sayin', "R-I-P"

I'm so mature, I'm so mature
I'm so mature I got me a therapist to tell me there's other men
I don't want none, I just want you
If I can't have you, no one will (I might)

I might kill my ex
Not the best idea
His new girlfriend's next
How'd I get here?
I might kill my ex
I still love him though
Rather be in jail than alone

I did it all for love (love)
I did it all on no drugs (drugs)
I did all of this sober
I did it all for us, oh
I did it all for love (love)
I did all of this on no drugs (drugs)
I did all of this sober
Don't you know I did it all for us? (I'm gon' kill your ass tonight)

I just killed my ex
Not the best idea (idea)
Killed his girlfriend next
How'd I get here?
I just killed my ex
I still love him though (I do)
Rather be in hell than alone
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SZA (pronounced /ˈsɪz·ə/) was born on November 8, 1989, in St. Louis, Missouri as Solána Imani Rowe. Soon after, her family relocated to Maplewood, New Jersey where she would grow
“ODESZA” is an American electronic music duo from Seattle consisting of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. The group was formed in 2012 shortly before Mills and Knight graduated
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SZA lyrics - 92 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Snooze", "Kill Bill", "Big Boys".
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SZA – Good Days
On “Good Days,” SZA tries to move away from past and present negativity, looking forward to the future instead. Released on Christmas Day, the song was first teased on July 15
SZA – Blind
On “Blind,” SZA speaks about how she is blind to the good things in here life, while also touching on attempting to seek the things that are right in front of you. The song was
SZA – Special
On “Special,“ SZA discusses her own insecurities and regrets about a man, which is also a recurring theme on her debut album, Ctrl.
SZA – Nobody Gets Me
“Nobody Gets Me” is a break-up ballad that encapsulates SZA’s feelings through the last moments of her relationship with her ex-fiancé, who was the only person at the time that she
SZA – Kill Bill
“Kill Bill” is the third single off of SZA’s sophomore full-length studio album, SOS. The harmonious murder ballad surrounds the topics of heartbreak and betrayal, resulting in SZA
Lyrics from Snippets, Snooze teaser and Live Performance / [Verse 1] / I need you poolside, you've been on my mind / Wonder if you're all mine, why do it matter anyway? (Fuck it
SZA – 20 Something
SZA bares her soul on this track. Admitting that she doesn’t have her life together, hoping she keeps all her friends, and doesn’t have her love life together either. She calls the
Kendrick Lamar & SZA – All The Stars
“All the Stars” is the lead single from the Black Panther soundtrack. Released on January 4, 2018, the single was announced as part of the soundtrack that would be produced and
SZA & Justin Timberlake – The Other Side
“The Other Side” is the first single from the Trolls World Tour soundtrack. Justin Timberlake plays main character Branch in the film, and its predecessor—his solo lead single for
SZA (Ft. James Fauntleroy) – Wavy (Interlude)
An deniable highlight from her star-making album Ctrl, American singer SZA teams up with James Fauntleroy for “Wavy (Interlude)”, the shortest track from the album. “Wavy
SZA (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign) – Hit Different
On September 3, 2020, SZA shocked fans—cryptically announcing a new single seemingly out of nowhere. “Hit Different” comes on the heels of a dispute between the singer and Top Dawg
SZA – Conceited
[Verse 1] / I don't like nobody, I don't feel guilty about it / I just got my body done, ain't got no guilt about it / I just heard your opinion, I could've did without it / All
SZA, The Weeknd & Travis Scott – Power Is Power
“Power Is Power” is the third single for the Game of Thrones album For the Throne. The title is a reference to a scene that took place in the first episode of the show’s second
Doechii & SZA – Persuasive
[Intro: Doechii] / She's so persua—, oh / [Chorus: Doechii] / She's so persuasive / That marijuana / She's so flirtatious / How does it feel to be you? / So persuasive / That
SZA – Anything
“Anything” follows the previous track “Broken Clocks”, where SZA seemed to decide that ‘still love is still love’. On “Anything”, which samples “Spring Reprise” by Donna Summer
SZA – Sweet November
MA: I noticed you used Marvin Gaye in your track “Sweet November.” What happened in November ? SZA: Mmmmm. It wasn’t anything that happened in November, I just felt really ill at
Kendrick Lamar & SZA – All The Stars (Album Version)
The album version of “All the Stars” features slightly different lyrics than the version that was released as a single. This version correlates with the single that has been
SZA – HiiiJack
SZA takes TDE’s reoccurring theme of HiiiPoWeR and puts her own twist on it. Kendrick Lamar was the first to mention the saying on his 2011 song titled, “HiiiPoWeR.” The three Is
JGreen – SZA
[Intro] / Oh / Woah, woah, woah (Woah, woah, woah) / Woah, woah / Oh-oh, oh / Oh-oh, oh / Oh-oh, oh / [Verse] / Oh, never meant to be selfish, I just can't help it / Never took
SZA (Ft. Kendrick Lamar) – Babylon
MA: Why did you decide to put Kendrick Lamar on the track version of “Babylon”, but not in the music video? SZA: Kendrick did that on his own. He surprised me. He just did it and
SZA – Drew Barrymore
“Drew Barrymore” portrays a seemingly somber, unassured version of SZA, with the lyrics indicating low self-esteem, especially in a relationship that is so unbalanced. The song
Unknown T & GRM Daily – Like SZA
[Intro] / Mm-hm / Mm-hm / Listen / [Chorus] / About hurt guys, hurt guys / Cry me a river / Ain't my fault that the opps won’t snooze like SZA / Throw weh the keys, Zim Zimma / [
SZA (Ft. Isaiah Rashad) – Warm Winds
“Warm Winds” contrasts conflicting feelings surrounding a breakup. For some it’s easy to get away, others are sucked right back in. SZA explores both sides in the form of a two-
SZA (Ft. Justin Bieber) – Snooze (Acoustic)
On August 25, 2023, following the release of the Snooze music video, Variety made an article stating that Justin Bieber would be featured on the remix of Snooze and it would be a
SZA – Snooze
[Intro] / Ooh / I think I know / [Verse 1] / I'll touch that fire for you / I do that three, four times again, I testify for you / I told that lie, I'd kill that bitch / I do what
SZA – Drivin*
Lyrics from Snippet / And it don't hit the same when you're all alone / And the money's insane, I know / But it don't fill the void at all / And I promised my mom I'd do better
SZA (Ft. Lizzo) – Boy From South Detroit
Lyrics from Live Performance / [Chorus: SZA] / Young and fine and dark and handsome / The boy from South Detroit kickboxin' / And I can't keep my panties from droppin' / He's so
SZA – Give It Up
[Refrain] / I know what you want and / I might feel the same / You know what I need / I hope you feel the same / (Ear Drummers) / [Verse 1] / Young, dumb, good lookin’ / Pretty
SZA – Miles
[Verse] / Wish I could be a little more mature / Did my time, did myself for sure / River wide, got myself afloat / Demons die if I don't support / Demons die if I don't support
SZA – Julia
Mass Appeal: You named your 3rd track on the album “Julia.” Who is Julia ? SZA: Fucking Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts is the baddest bitch that’s ever lived. Pretty Women is my
SZA (Ft. Travis Scott) – Open Arms
Marking SZA and Travis Scott’s fourth song together, “Open Arms” is about ultimately deciding that you must leave the one you love. Travis raps about being devoted to his partner
SZA – Crack Dreams
[Intro] / Tostitos are the shit / [Verse 1] / I'd rather die than be your slave / Slit my wrist wide and take this stage / Wipe blood out my eyes and you just lay there / You think
SZA – Advil
SZA exclaims the need for Advil as a pain reliever as it is a brand of ibuprofen used to ease everyday discomfort. The mere use of Advil may not ease all of her emotional woes
SZA – Quicksand
[Verse 1] / Should I assume you didn't mean it like that? / Or should I assume you know exactly how you said it? / You know exactly how you meant it / Should I assume it's me
SZA – Ur
Intro to SZA’s debut EP as a TDE artist Some of you may recognize this from the Babylon video SZA opens up her debut TDE project continuing on with a similar deep theme from
SZA – Eureka
[Verse 1] / I like my Jimmy by the sip / I think I’ll take another dip in the water / I’m drowning / Come get me if you care about a young, brown girl from the suburbs / Got a girl
SZA – Saturn
Lyrics from Snippet & Live Performance / [Verse 1] / If there's another universe / Please make some noise (Oh) / Give me a sign (Sign) / This can't be life / If there's a point to
The Weeknd (Ft. SZA) – Die for You (SZA Remix)
[Verse 1: The Weeknd] / I'm findin' ways to articulate the feelin' I'm goin' through / I just can't say I don't love you / 'Cause I love you, yeah / It's hard for me to communicate
[Intro] / Pray for yourself one time / Pray for yourself one time / [Verse 1] / Young Medusa / Never sure, I just do / I jumped off the bridge / You say I fell, I say I flew
SZA – Sobriety
[Verse 1] / I had a dream last night / You gave me a ring with a fucking castle on it / And a diamond on top, that's all I really wanted / Whoa-oh, whoa / Until two aliens came and
SZA – Passport
[Chorus] / I lost my passport and it's okay / We weren't goin' nowhere anyway, anyway / I lost my passport and it's okay / We weren't goin' nowhere anyway, anyway / [Verse 1] / By
SZA – Tread Carefully
[Verse 1] / You wonderin' why I (Why I) / Don't come around like I used to / Play around like I used to / It's not you, it's me, I got a / A different set of urgencies now / Scared
SZA – Percolator
[Verse] / Say you got love for me / Say you don't mind that we don't really fuck a lot / I-I-I-I just wanna smoke a little / Then take off all my makeup / So we can touch a little
SZA – Nuthin Better Than You
[Intro] / *Clears throat* / [Verse 1] / Laced up my boots, and I ran out to see you / Took me a train, and a ferry, a taxi / I hopped out, excited to see you / All in your projects
SZA – Wrangler
[Verse 1] / Vibin', coolin', mackin' on a Sunday afternoon / It's empty, I got space for you / Is you feenin'? / Do, do you need it? / [Pre-Chorus] / Jeep for the summer, top gon
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SOS is SZA’s long-awaited sophomore studio album, released on December 9, 2022 through Top Dawg Entertainment and RCA Records. The album features Phoebe Bridgers, Ol' Dirty Bastard
3 - EP by WILLOW
Released in October 31, 2014, Willow’s “3” is a 10-minute-EP, which serves as the artist’s debut project. Most of the EP songs (and it’s title) are numbers and Willow explained