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Artist: TV Girl
Suggested Track: lovers rock

Are you sick of me?
Would you like to be?
I'm tryna tell you something

Something that I already said
You like a pretty boy
With a pretty voice
Who's trying to sell you something
Something that you already have

But if you're too drunk to drive,
And the music is right
She might let you stay
But just for the night
And if she grabs for your hand
And drags you along
She might want a kiss
Before the end of the song
Because love, can burn like a cigarette
And leave you with nothing
And leave you with nothing

While the others talk
We were listening to lovers rock
In her bedroom, in her bedroom
And if you start to kiss
And the record skips
Flip it over and sit a little closer

But if you too drunk to drive
And the music is right
She might let you stay
But just for the night
And if she grabs for your hand
And drags you along
She might want a kiss
Before the end of the song
Because love, can burn like a cigarette
And leave you with nothing
And leave you with nothing
Because love,
Can burn like a cigarette
And leave you with nothing
And leave you with nothing
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TV Girl
You can sing along to it, but I wouldn’t sing around your parents. Brad Petering, Jason Wyman, and Wyatt Harmon make up the eclectic, but subdued, sounds of TV Girl. Created in
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TV Girl has 126 songs with the most popular being Not Allowed, Lovers Rock and Cigarettes out the Window.
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Q:Who produced “The Blonde” by TV Girl?
“The Blonde” by TV Girl was produced by TV Girl.
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TV Girl Lyrics
TV Girl lyrics - 117 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Lovers Rock", "Not Allowed", "Cigarettes Out The Window".
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TV Girl – Not Allowed
“Not Allowed” is the fifth track of the album Who Really Cares by TV Girl. It features samples of the tracks “You Suck,” “Not Allowed,” “Fuck Yourself,” and “Sue Your Friends” by
TV Girl – Fire
[Verse 1] / If you wanna get higher / Just let me know if it's the pink or the blues / If you're tired / I had the speed somewhere in my shoes / I know you were lyin' / When you
TV Girl – Lovers Rock
The ninth track off TV Girl’s French Exit, “Lovers Rock” is a love ballad named after the reggae sub-genre Lovers Rock, common in the ‘70s and '80s, which was noted for its
TV Girl – Overboard (Dirty Gold Cover)
[Intro] / Come on now, come on and make up your mind / Don′t you think that it's about time? / [Chorus] / The clouds are coming, this raft will never hold / I think I′m dying, I'm
TV Girl – Sweaters
She kept her voice low but still it echoed / Off the walls and through the streets / She pulled loose strands from her sleeves / Trial and error will make it better / Off alone I
TV Girl – Safeword
“Safeword” is the seventh track from TV Girl’s album Who Really Cares. The backing instrumental loop is sampled from the outro of the 1962 song “Wisdom of a Fool” by The Royal
TV Girl – Museum (Pre-TV Girl)
I was born in this museum / Spiderwebs all over the ceiling / I was born without feelings / People watching can be revealing / Dinosaurs didn't start the war (Woah oh, woah oh
TV Girl – Hate Yourself
“Hate Yourself” is the fourth song from TV Girl’s first LP French Exit. It describes a woman who, desperate for affection and attention, engages in short-lived affairs that
TV Girl – Misery
[Verse 1] / Misery is funny / ‘Cause misery is nothing / And nothing is funnier than nothing / Yeah / And misery is hungry / The souls are what it eats / It devours all your
TV Girl – Mirror Mirror
Mirror mirror on the wall / Tell me is it all my fault / Don’t you look at me like that / I’m not so bad / It’s exactly like you told me / If I were you then you’d be lonely / If
TV Girl – Anjela
[Verse 1] / Standing in the kitchen / Wondering where Anjela's gone / She didn't even drive here / She couldn't have gotten very far / [Pre-Chorus] / What does it matter anyways
TV Girl – (Do The) Act Like You Never Met Me
“(Do the) Act Like You Never Met Me” is the sixth track of TV Girl’s album Who Really Cares. The song’s title involves a play on words, turning the phrase “act like you never met
TV Girl – The Artist
I’m gonna move to San Francisco / And watch all the hip young artists struggle with their rent / Ooh I’m gonna be one of them / I’m gonna find a pale young heiress / I’m gonna make
TV Girl – The Getaway
“The Getaway” is the fifth song of TV Girl’s debut album French Exit. It is an homage to crime-romance dramas, including references to Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks. This track
TV Girl – Brilliant Silence (Demo)
Under the moonlight / Hand in hand / Under the influence, they took a chance / They say that Hollywood is bad for lovers / They held onto one another / And she closed her eyelids
TV Girl – Laura
The second single off of TV Girl’s Lonely Women EP, which was released on June 18, 2013.
TV Girl – Someone Else (Demo)
Dance me over to the dark side of the gym / Drinks have all been emptied, the lights have all been dimmed / That’s what you wanted- to rip him limb to limb / I’ll be fine, just
TV Girl – Lizzy Come Back to Life
“Lizzy Come Back to Life” is a track from TV Girl’s collection, Our First 3 EPs. The “Lizzy” in this song refers to Lizzy Mercier Descloux, a French no wave musician who was close
TV Girl (Ft. Madison Acid) – Fallout
["You need to know about fallout. Everybody needs to know. Yes, this does mean you. Watch and listen. One day, these facts may save your life."] / Maddie Maddie Acid / You can
TV Girl – Girls Like Me
Originally released as a single alongside Sarah (Meet Me in the Sauna) in 2011, “Girls Like Me” features lyrics reminiscent of the 1982 song of the same name by Bonnie Hayes and
TV Girl – Daughter of a Cop
[Verse 1] / Sneaking the pillow under the sheets / I know a place where everyone meets / But she knows a place / Where the cops don't go / And she'd be the one if anyone knows / [
TV Girl – Diet-Coke
Out on the porch so quiet / Nothing on the tv tonight / Nowhere in the world to go / We went to see the midnight show / Sticky floors and torn-up seats / In the lobby you got
Jordana & TV Girl – Summer's Over
[Verse 1] / Isn't it cool how the summer fades? / But I'm still here whispering your name / Guess the heat drives people crazy / Slip up and I call you baby / [Chorus] / Oh, summer
TV Girl – I'll Be Faithful
[Verse 1] / Don't move, your lover is calling / Or did they just let the sirens ring / As the bombs were falling? / And all of these boys would just do like you say so / And if you
TV Girl – Heaven is a Bedroom
[Verse 1] / And I remember how the pillows felt like clouds / Or was it the other way around? / And how your neighbor came in to yell at you / When the party got too loud / And
TV Girl – Pretty Boy
[Verse 1] / If it were up to me / I’d turn you into a stone / And turn the lights down low for effect / And I’d steal your cigarettes and I'd be / Softer than I am through
TV Girl – Loud and Clear
[Verse 1] / And when you left you said it’s ‘cause I never listened / At least that's what I think you said / But that’s not really accurate now is it? / And if it is, does it even
TV Girl – Death of a Party Girl
“Death of a Party Girl” is the tenth and final song of the album of the same name. It contains samples from the radio show “Crime Classics”, and the song “New Tomorrow” by The
TV Girl – Come When You Call
[Verse 1] / The sound of mass confusion / Reverberated down the hall / Into the ears of a stoic roommate / Who put her headphones on / But in the space between the songs / (That's
TV Girl – Her and Her Friend
[Verse 1] / I think it's funny how you could find yourself alone / With someone else in an ideal situation / Without a shred of good intentions between you / Much less a decent
TV Girl – My Girlfriend
[Verse 1] / My girlfriend gets so depressed / She never leaves the house / She doesn't even get dressed / My girlfriend always leaves a mess / She says she's gonna clean / But she
TV Girl – Legendary Lovers
Baby baby when you make your escape / Make sure that you do it at the right time of day / In the middle of the night a moment of grace / As she hits every green light from here to
Jordana & TV Girl – Ordinary Day
[Verse 1] / Skinny little skater boys / They only wanna play / They jump around all day / But you can never make them stay / Pretty girls in overalls / Are everywhere these days
Jordana & TV Girl – Jump the Turnstile
[Intro] / Jump the turnstiles, never pay the toll / Jump the turnstiles, never pay the toll / Jump the turnstiles, never pay the toll / Doo-wah-diddy and bust in with the pre-roll
TV Girl – Grapes Upon the Vine
“Grapes Upon the Vine” is the penultimate and title track of TV Girl’s album Grapes Upon the Vine. Like the rest of the album, this track addresses themes of sin, punishmment, and
TV Girl – All The Way Through
“All the Way Through” is the second song from TV Girl’s 2023 album Grapes Upon the Vine. It features samples from Rev. Clay Evans' 1996 sermon, titled “The Wine is Running Out”. In
TV Girl – Talk to Strangers
[Verse 1] / There's a beautiful girl / And a handsome guy / She's sitting all alone / He's giving her the eye / They approach one another / They don't realize the danger / [Verse 2
TV Girl – Higher Ground
[Verse 1] / This old world, it ain't my home / Nice place to visit, but you wouldn't stay / A few more risings and settings of the sun / And I would cross my legs and be on my way
TV Girl – Lonely Girls
[Verse 1] / From the moment that he looked at you and walked your way / Until the second when you knew there'd be no second date / Maybe your heart felt fine, it was your head that
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TV Girl - Louise Lyrics
TV Girl "Louise": Louise, she just wasn't thinking When she climbed into his bed She only wanted to lie beside him To...
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French Exit by TV Girl
“French Exit” is the debut studio album by indie pop band TV Girl, self-released June 5, 2014 on their Bandcamp and is the follow-up to TV Girl’s EP “Lonely Women”, released in
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TV Girl’s 3rd EP. Taking inspiration from Laura Nyro’s “Lonely Women” , along with sampling her interview in “Louise” in their 2014 album French Exit
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Maddie Acid’s Purple Hearts Club Band is a 2018 mini-album by TV Girl. It features vocals by Madison Acid, who has provided verses for several previous TV Girl albums. While TV
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The Wild, the Innocent, the TV Shuffle is the third EP released by TV Girl in 2012. Its name is a parody on Bruce Springsteen’s 1973 album The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street
Our First 3 EPs by TV Girl
Includes TV Girl’s first 3 EPs: “TV Girl EP”, “Benny and The Jetts”, and “Lonely Women”, plus 3 demos.
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