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Artist: Tame Impala
Suggested Track: The Less I Know the Better

Someone said they left together
I ran out the door to get her
She was holding hands with Trevor
Not the greatest feeling ever
Said, "Pull yourself together
You should try your luck with Heather"
Then I heard they slept together
Oh, the less I know the better
The less I know the better

Oh, my love, can't you see yourself by my side?
No surprise when you're on his shoulder like every night
Oh, my love, can't you see that you're on my mind?
Don't suppose you could convince your lover to change his mind?
So goodbye

She said, "It's not now or never
Wait ten years, we'll be together"
I said, "Better late than never
Just don't make me wait forever"
Don't make me wait forever
Don't make me wait forever

Oh, my love, can't you see yourself by my side?
I don't suppose you could convince your lover to change his mind?

I was doin' fine without you
'Til I saw your face, now I can't erase
Givin' in to all his bullshit
Is this what you want? is this who you are?
I was doin' fine without you
'Til I saw your eyes turn away from mine
Oh, sweet darling, where he wants you
Said, "Come on Superman, say your stupid line"
Said, "Come on Superman, say your stupid line"
Said, "Come on Superman, say your stupid line"
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Tame Impala
Tame Impala is Kevin Parker’s psychedelic rock project from Perth, Australia. Originally signed to Modular Recordings, they are now also with Interscope Records. The band came to
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Tame Impala Lyrics
Tame Impala lyrics - 84 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Let It Happen", "New Person, Same Old Mistakes", "Borderline".
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Tame Impala – The Less I Know the Better
“The Less I Know the Better” describes the pain of a man feeling left out in a love triangle, illustrated with a complex arrangement of groovy bass hooks, sensual Rhodes piano
Tame Impala – Breathe Deeper
On “Breathe Deeper,” Kevin considers stressful and negative situations, how deep breathing can help with staying calm and making it through the situation. The track was first
Tame Impala – The Moment
Much like album opener, “Let It Happen,” “The Moment” focuses on going with the flow and living mindfully, but with the added element of learning to be impulsive and make crucial
Tame Impala – New Person, Same Old Mistakes
On the final song of Currents, the narrator admits that his metamorphosis should be read with caution – its biggest skeptic is the side of him he left behind. The impulse to
Tame Impala – Mind Mischief
[Chorus] / Feels like my life is ready to blow / Me and my love, we'll take it slow / I hope she knows that I'll love her long / I just don't know where the hell I belong (No, no
Tame Impala – Elephant
Tame Impala’s first major hit was inspired by the arrogant bands and artists that Kevin Parker encountered in the Perth rock scene; who were certain of their future success. In
Tame Impala – It Might Be Time
“It Might Be Time” is the second official single from Tame Impala’s fourth studio album, The Slow Rush. It leaked online on October 27, 2019, and officially released two days later
Tame Impala – Posthumous Forgiveness
“Posthumous Forgiveness” is the third single from Tame Impala’s fourth studio record, The Slow Rush. The song features Parker speaking on his deceased father, with whom Kevin had
Tame Impala – One More Year
“One More Year” kicks off The Slow Rush with a reverberating groove and vocal snippet that Kevin refers to as the “Gregorian Robot Choir.” The instrumental of the track is made up
Tame Impala – Past Life
[Intro] / I was picking up a suit from the dry cleaners / Which is standard for me, Thursday, 12:30 / I've got a pretty solid routine these days / I don't know, it just works for
Tame Impala – 'Cause I'm a Man
“‘Cause I’m A Man” is the lead single from Tame Impala’s third album, Currents, and the second song released, following “Let It Happen.” Its press release reads: Sketched out in
Tame Impala – Disciples
“Disciples” was the third song debuted prior to the release of Tame Impala’s third studio album, Currents. While the track was never released as an official radio single, it was
Tame Impala – Patience
“Patience” is a single that was released in the interim between Tame Impala’s third album Currents and fourth album The Slow Rush. The title is perhaps a nod to the four-year wait
Tame Impala – Prototype - triple j Like A Version
I hope that you are the one / If not, you are the prototype / We'll tiptoe to the sun / And do things I know you like / I think I'm in love again / I think I'm in love again
Tame Impala – One More Hour
The concluding track to The Slow Rush, “One More Hour” features Kevin thinking back on all that has led him to where he is, and what he has to look forward to in life. It touches
Tame Impala – Love/Paranoia
[Verse 1] / I may not be as honest as I ought to be / Now that, when the walls go up / I said it didn't worry me but it hit me like an arrow / Babe, to know, I could just be
Tame Impala – Tomorrow's Dust
On “Tomorrow’s Dust,” Kevin writes again on the theme of time, the most prominent motif of The Slow Rush. He points to the temporary nature of “yesterday” and how passing days
Tame Impala – On Track
“On Track” is an optimistic track featuring themes of perseverance and reaching one’s goals, which is an overall theme throughout The Slow Rush. The song is a downtempo moment on
Tame Impala – Solitude Is Bliss
“Solitude Is Bliss” possesses perhaps the most accessible classic rock/pop sensibilities of Tame Impala’s first album Innerspeaker. The song makes heavy use of effects associated
Tame Impala – Borderline
This is a “reworked” version of Tame Impala’s April 2019 single “Borderline,” which was also the first single released for The Slow Rush. Kevin first revealed that he had reworked
Tame Impala – Glimmer
At two minutes long, “Glimmer” is the shortest track on the album and functions as a kind of interlude. The song came about from Kevin “messing around with some equipment and tape
Tame Impala – Nangs
“Nangs” is a wobbly, disorienting track named after the Australian slang term for canisters filled with nitrous oxide (N2O), a compound gas used in cars to boost speed and
Tame Impala – Led Zeppelin
[Verse 1] / Senses taking over / Thought you set me free / I've tried to get up / But it was pouring down on me / Keeps on burnin' deeper / Desperate for you to be / Seven
Tame Impala – Borderline (Single Version)
On “Borderline,” the lead single from Tame Impala’s fourth studio album, Kevin Parker deals with themes of a relationship on its last legs while questioning the nature of love. The
Tame Impala – Let It Happen
On the opening track of Tame Impala’s third record, Currents, Kevin Parker introduces the album’s theme of “letting go” and allowing nature to take its course, merging Tame Impala’
Tame Impala – Why Won’t They Talk to Me?
Being the sixth track in Tame Impala’s sophomore album, “Why Won’t They Talk to Me” is Kevin Parker’s realisation that he needs human connection. After 2010’s “Solitude is Bliss
Tame Impala – Instant Destiny
“Instant Destiny” sees Kevin contemplating his proposal to his wife Sophie and their eventual marriage. The song’s title speaks to the permanence of marriage, and how it would seem
Tame Impala – It Is Not Meant To Be
“It Is Not Meant To Be” serves as the introduction to Tame Impala’s debut studio album Innerspeaker. It features a psychedelic rock instrumental that Kevin typically works in. On
Tame Impala – Alter Ego
The third track on Tame Impala’s debut album, Innerspeaker, “Alter Ego” is a psychedelic, jazz chord-driven trip with lyrics that detail internal conflict between the speaker’s
ZHU & Tame Impala – My Life
First teased by ZHU through twitter, this collaboration got premiered at FOMO Festival in Sydney and widely reported by news sources throughout the web afterwards, being confirmed
Tame Impala – Reality in Motion
“Reality In Motion” zooms in on the thought process of making the first moves with a new romantic or sexual interest, filled with copious amounts of self-doubt and hesitation.
Justice & Tame Impala – One Night/All Night
[Intro] / Woman / 'Cause if that's the only answer / Then we could be together / 'Cause I wanna feel the pressure / And I could be your woman / 'Cause if that's the only answer
Tame Impala – Eventually
“Eventually” is the fourth single released from Tame Impala’s third album, Currents, following “Let It Happen,” “Cause I’m a Man,” and “Disciples.” It dissects the impending end of
Tame Impala – Is It True
Kevin Parker first revealed the inclusion of “Is It True” on The Slow Rush’s tracklist during his BBC 1 Radio interview with Annie Mac on December 18, 2019. He also revealed that
Tame Impala – Keep On Lying
“Keep On Lying” is the eighth track from Tame Impala’s Lonerism. Multiple songs from the album feature ambient sounds recorded by Parker on his dictaphone, which he explained: I
Tame Impala – Lucidity
“Lucidity” is a song by Tame Impala, released as a single in 2010. It was recorded during the sessions for Innerspeaker in 2009, and released as the second single from that album
070 Shake & Tame Impala – Guilty Conscience (Tame Impala Remix)
[Verse 1] / My mind won't let me rest, voice in my head / I hear what it says, I can't trust a thing / My mind won't let me rest, voice in my head / I hear what it says, I can't
Tame Impala – Endors Toi
“Endors Toi” means “go to sleep” in French. The track delivers psychedelic satisfaction in the form of wandering synths, crashing drums and hypnotizing delay effects.
Tame Impala – Music to Walk Home By
[Verse] / But that's only when I think of you (Think of you, think of you) / Some vision that I hold on to (Hold on to, hold on to) / You know it's everything I do (Thing I do
Tame Impala – Apocalypse Dreams
[Verse 1] / This could be the day that we push through / It could be the day that all our dreams come true / For me and you / Till we're at the end of just another day / Are you
Tame Impala – Flow
The single “Flow” is an unreleased demo by the psychedelic rock band Tame Impala. The song itself was never released as a track in any of their albums neither as an included extra
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Innerspeaker by Tame Impala
Innerspeaker is the debut studio album by Australian rock band Tame Impala, released on May 21, 2010. The project was produced entirely by frontman Kevin Parker. The album’s
Live Versions by Tame Impala
Live Versions is the first live album from Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala. The record is comprised of recordings from their performance in Chicago at the Riviera
Lonerism by Tame Impala
A conceptual, appropriately titled dive into the nuances of introversion, Lonerism is the sophomore studio album from Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala. Considered to be
Currents B-Sides & Remixes by Tame Impala
Tame Impala released an EP of B-side tracks on November 16, 2017, as a part of the Currents Collectors Edition. The release also includes two remixes: the Soulwax remix of “Let It
Tame Impala EP by Tame Impala
Tame Impala is the second extended play by Australian music project Tame Impala, released on October 11, 2008 by Modular Recordings. Three singles were released from the EP
The Slow Rush by Tame Impala
The Slow Rush is Tame Impala’s fourth studio album, released on February 14, 2020. The album is centered around the theme and concept of time and how it can both take and give
Currents by Tame Impala
Aptly titled, Tame Impala’s third studio record Currents is a warm sonic wave straight from Australian waters, combining neo-psychedelia and alternative dance. Sometimes the wave
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