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Artist: Tory Lanez
Suggested Track: The Color Violet

I took my drugs and took my lovin' when I left out the spot
I left the party with a Barbie, markin' X on the dot
She calls my phone up but I told her, "I'm a loner" (uh)
But she likes my watch and my droptop and my persona (uh)
We hit the highway, 1-5-5, with my whole foot on the dash
She's in my ear, she's got no fear, she could care less if we crash

But on my radar, I've got some nerve to play hard
I waited for my chance, but playboys, we don't dance, dance, dance

I lost my heart
Speedin' car, goin' ninety in the rain
She took my heart, filled it with nothin' but pain
This beat in my dance is not for romance
I wanna stay but, playboys, we don't dance, dance, dance

So I won't dance again (I), oh, baby
No, I won't dance again (that's why), ooh, yeah (uh)
No, I won't dance again (I)
No, I won't dance again
Pretty baby, ooh

Uh, face in the daylight, wastin' time on the stars in the sky
She's got my pager, blankets of love all on my eyes
Then I'm reminded, love don't come 'til you find it
I just hope that it's workin', I'm yearnin', I'm searchin', uh
The afterparty was on Wilson and 73rd
You got the notion that somebody else was with me first

But on my radar, you had some nerve to play hard
You took away my chance, but playboys, we don't dance, dance, dance

I lost my heart (uh)
Speedin' car, goin' ninety in the rain
She took my heart, filled it with nothin' but pain
This beat in my dance is not for romance
I wanna stay but, playboys, we don't dance, dance, dance

So I won't dance again (I), oh, baby
No, I won't dance again (that's why), ooh, yeah (uh)
No, I won't dance again (I)
No, I won't dance again
Pretty baby, ooh
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Tory Lanez
Daystar Shemuel Shua Peterson (born July 27, 1992), better known as Tory Lanez or sometimes by his alter ego ‘Argentina Fargo’ is a Canadian rapper & singer who was born in
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Tory Lanez Lyrics
Tory Lanez lyrics - 452 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Prom King // Love On Acid", "Poison Ivy", "Sex Anonymous".
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Sorry 4 What by Tory Lanez
Sorry 4 What is the Brampton, Canada Tory Lanez’s seventh studio album following his December 2021, Alone at Prom. The project was first teased on August 8, 2022, when Tory
Alone at Prom by Tory Lanez
Alone at Prom is Tory Lanez’s 80’s capsule project, released on December 10, 2021. It marks Tory’s fourth release of the year, following up his NFT exclusive album, When It’s Dark
Alone at Prom (Deluxe) by Tory Lanez
This is the official deluxe version to Tory Lanez' sixth studio album, Alone at Prom and his first major release from his 10 year prison sentence. On January 25, 2022, Tory (as
Playboy by Tory Lanez
Playboy is a sorrowful R&B project from Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez. Its lead single, the sensual Chris Brown-assisted track, “Feels,” released February 19, 2021. Playboy marks
DAYSTAR by Tory Lanez
DAYSTAR is Tory Lanez’s sixth studio album and his first release since the shooting involving him and fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion on July 12, 2020 which left her hospitalized
Chixtape 4 by Tory Lanez
Chixtape 4 is the fourth installment in Tory Lanez’s “Chixtape” series, which was released on New Year’s Day 2017, along with New Toronto 2. This project, like the previous
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Chixtape 5 is Tory Lanez' fourth studio album and the 5th installment of his Chixtape series–a nostalgic series which find Tory flipping old-school R&B. Due to this being an
PLAYBOY Live by Tory Lanez
On May 5, 2021, Tory Lanez announced on Twitter that the livestream performance of his R&B album Playboy would be published as a separate project on all streaming platforms on May
Cruel Intentions by Tory Lanez
Cruel Intentions is Tory Lanez' first EP released in collaboration with WEDIDIT Records on June 26, 2015. The project features production from Shlohmo, RL Grime, Baauer, and D33J
The New Toronto 3 by Tory Lanez
The New Toronto is the third installment in Tory’s Play Picasso-fuelled series where he focuses on his more street-inspired gritty raps and melodies. Whilst he had been teasing
TwitchTape by Tory Lanez
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LoVE me NOw by Tory Lanez
LoVE mE NOw? is Tory Lanez' third studio album and second project of 2018. Even though, Tory Lanez had intiallty hinted at a release date in the month of September via his
MEMORIES DON’T DIE is Tory Lanez’s long awaited sophomore album released on March 2nd, 2018. The album was declared done in August 2017, but took months to be cleared for release.
I Told You by Tory Lanez
After a year of musical success (including a record deal with Interscope), Tory Lanez released his debut album, I Told You on August 19, 2016 Although split into 28 tracks on
Lost Cause by Tory Lanez
Lost Cause is a mixtape by Canadian artist Tory Lanez. This 12 track project has production from Daniel Worthy, Grave Goods, Ryan Hemsworth, and RL Grime, among others. This is an
Loner by Tory Lanez
Loner is a hip-hop project from Tory Lanez, marking his 4th release of 2020 after The New Toronto 3, The VV$ Capsule, and Daystar. During production, Tory referred to Loner as “the
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Tory Lanez – Y.D.S // Iggy DelDia
[Part I: Y.D.S] / [Intro] / Ooh-ah / Ooh / No / Ooh-ooh, na, ooh / Oh / [Chorus] / I was down bad, now I'm up gettin' paid / Bitch, don't act like you don't see it / Tried to ask
Tory Lanez (Ft. A Boogie wit da Hoodie) – Role Call
[Intro: Tory Lanez] / Oh / Yeah / Ayy / Ayy / [Chorus: Tory Lanez] / I wanna know your name, mane / I wanna know, I wanna know everything / Shorty, no, I don't wanna be your main
Tory Lanez – High
“High” is the 8th cut off of Tory’s debut studio album, I Told You. Tory sings about relations with his girl, and how good she makes him feel. The vibe of this track is completely
Tory Lanez – LUV
“Luv” is about not being afraid to fall deeply in love. Produced by Cashmere Cat and Benny Blanco, the track samples the dancehall track “Everyone Falls In Love” by Tanto Metro and
Tory Lanez – Albany Bahamas
[Verse 1] / Just left the Bahamas with Justin Bieber / Prayin' for me over FaceTime 'bout two years back's the last I seen him / Forty thousand feet up in the sky, reflectin' back
Tory Lanez (Ft. Gunna) – MiAMi
“MiAMi” was one of the songs that premiered a few days ahead of the release of “LoVE mE NOw?” The song details the story of Tory Lanez’s past, mentioning the struggle of being
Tory Lanez – Gold
[Verse 1] / I remember I was 9 when my brother used to rhyme / Used to see him spit, switch flows, and hold nines / Seen the same bro catch case and hold time / All that made me
Tory Lanez – Friends with Benefits
Tory Lanez recently dropped off one of his friend that was shot in the shoulder from the robbery. He is then driving to his girls house where he can stay low for a while. The song
Tory Lanez – Sex Songs
[Verse 1] / We started late night and / Ended up fallin' asleep on the bassline / I know you want me (Want me), yeah / But not the way that I want / You suck on my waistline (
Tory Lanez – No More Parties in LA
[Part I] / [Intro] / Popped a pill, now it feel right / You know how to make it feel right, yeah / LAX for the flight / California dreamin' for the night, yeah / [Chorus] / She's '
Tory Lanez – Accordian
The beat sounds very similar to Madvillian – Accordion:
Tory Lanez – TOUCHDOWN
Tory Lanez touches down in London for the first track of his internationally-influenced mixtape. Remixing Stylo G’s song of the same name, “TOUCHDOWN” finds Tory utilising a
Tory Lanez – This Ain’t Working
[Intro] / This ain't workin' / This ain't workin' / [Verse 1] / Give it to me two times (Two times, two times) / Play me for a fool, fine / But play me two times, I'm the fool now
Tory Lanez – Say It
“Say It” is a track by Canadian rapper Tory Lanez. First released during his FARGO FRIDAYS series, it would later become the first single from his debut album I Told You. It is
Tory Lanez – Lucky You (Freestyle)
With this freestyle, Tory Lanez is responding to Joyner Lucas' challenge by serving up straight bars utilising a Youtube remake of the beat used by Joyner Lucas on his
Tory Lanez – Hennessy Memories
[Intro] / Yeah, oh, ayy / I, oh, uh / (Oh) / [Verse 1] / What does it give and what it's gon' take, you to get back in my arms? / The prize go back in her palms, I'm tired of
Tory Lanez – All That
[Intro] / This is all that, this is all that / This is all that, this is all that / [Verse 1] / Guns in my girlfriend name / My windows is on 3% / You got that rider's ambition / I
Tory Lanez – Y.D.L.R.
[Intro] / Come in / [Verse 1] / I know you went and found somebody new (Ooh, woah, woah) / When all my friends are showing me new pics of you (Oh, oh) / All on the 'Gram with yo
Tory Lanez – Rare L
[Intro: Mona Masrour] / Berätta, berätta / Du kunde inte hålla dig till ett lag / Berätta, inte lätt att vara äkta / Berätta, du kunde inte hålla dig till ett lag (Yeah, uh) / [
Tory Lanez – W
[Verse] / I can't step back on my block without no W / Lil' bitch think I'm finna chase, yeah, I'll find another you / I'm outchea thuggin', rollin' stogies from this gas station
Tory Lanez – Distance
[Verse 1] / Honestly, I’m embarrassed / I’ve been so fucking careless / Caught in my fucking ways / You should not have to wait / I’ve been so fucking selfish / Insecure ‘cause I’m
Yoko Gold & Tory Lanez – Hurts Me (Original)
[Intro: Tory Lanez] / Uh / [Verse 1: Tory Lanez] / Do you not realize that it hurts me? / When I see you go out, uh / 'Cause you have the time of your life / Only when I'm not
Tory Lanez – Why Did I
[Chorus] / Why did I bring you outside? (Outside) / Cash, got the money, playin' fives outside (Outside) / Ooh, I'm sad (Sad), shawty, you don't slide (Slide) / But I wonder why
Tory Lanez – Hate To Say
“4:30 seconds of me laying everything on the table”. That’s how Tory Lanez described the 8th song off his Memories Don’t Die album, “Hate To Say”. On this track, Fargo addresses
Tory Lanez – U.N.I.T.Y.
U.N.I.T.Y. serves as the 12th track off Tory Lanez 12th mixtape, Chixtape 2. In this song, Lanez expresses his emotions and feelings for woman of his past and future leading to the
Tory Lanez – Summin
The sample is Before It’s Gone by Jon B.
Tory Lanez – Broke In A Minute
“Broke In A Minute” is a one-off single by Tory Lanez, released on February 7, 2020. According to one of Tory’s Instagram posts promoting the song before its release, the vocals
Tory Lanez – Shining Remix
After killing Coachella back-to-back on the weekends, Tory Lanez returns with a remix to DJ Khaled’s hit single “Shining”. He also shouts out the artist on the first line of his
Tory Lanez – Red Casamigos
[Intro] / Yeah / Bring it down just like that / Look / [Verse 1] / Here we are again, Reposado / Red bottle, the extra bottle because you like it nasty / Far from classy, in fact
Tory Lanez – Where 2 Start
[Intro] / Skrr / Yeah, ayy, ayy / [Chorus] / Ayy, I (I) / I know this ain't a park, but / Baby, come and slide on a nigga, and / I could show your ass where to start / Put your
Tory Lanez (Ft. Chris Brown) – F.E.E.LS.
“Feels” is a sensual love-making R&B ballad by Tory Lanez featuring Chris Brown. It was released on February 19, 2021, just days after Valentine’s Day, as the lead single for Tory’
Tory Lanez – Hypnotized
Tory Lanez re-connects with hitmakers Benny Blanco & Cashmere; forming the trio that made Tory’s second double platinum single “LUV”. The song finds Tory “at the late night
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