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Artist: Wallows
Suggested Track: Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo)

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Wallows singers/guitarists Braeden Lemasters, Dylan Minnette, and drummer Cole Preston have been playing in groups together since they were 11, starting out at a San Fernando
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Tommy Docherty – WALLOWS
[Verse 1] / Oh, if my chest wasn't so hollow / I'd have let this see no end / If I had changed, would you have followed / And just watched me play pretend? / [Pre-Chorus] / Oh
Wallows – Quarterback
[Verse 1: Cole Preston] / I'm anxious, pacin' / Thoughts are racin' / Is this over? / Why won't you call my number? / [Pre-Chorus: Cole Preston] / You said, "I'll be alright" / I
Wallows – Sidelines
“Sidelines” is the second single from Wallows' debut album Nothing Happens. The track is accompanied by a self-directed lyric video. The band previewed the song on March 5th
Wallows – Scrawny
“Scrawny” was written whilst Wallows were in the studio recording their other songs from debut album Nothing Happens, making it one of the newest songs of the collection. It is
Wallows – OK
“OK” is expected to be the lead single of Wallows' second studio album. An acoustic version of the song was played in a VIP setting in Syracuse on 27th February, 2020. In their
Wallows – Treacherous Doctor
“Treacherous Doctor,” intially inspired by a late night television segment was one of the newest tracks written for Wallows' debut LP Nothing Happens. Vocalist Braeden Lemasters
Wallows – Pleaser (Live At Third Man Records)
[Verse 1: Dylan] / You're talking while you're fast asleep / As I walk slowly from your house / Back in your room remain the words I wanna say to you / But couldn't leave my mouth
Wallows – I Don't Want to Talk
During a surprise show on August 6, 2021, Wallows performed an unreleased song for their fans. The track is suspected to be on the band’s second album that they had been alluding
Wallows – These Days
The newest song of Wallow’s debut EP Spring EP, “These Days” questions the age-old: “is she into me?” The track was written one night in the studio when Wallows were recording the
Wallows – Pictures of Girls
“Pictures Of Girls” is the lead single of Wallow’s debut EP Spring and the band played this track for their TV debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The song is very
Wallows – Ground
[Verse 1: Dylan] / Inverted narcissist / Check something off my list / For now we're stuck at home / Throw out your telephone / [Pre-Chorus: Dylan] / Run with the wolves at night
Wallows – Remember When
[Verse 1] / Thought I saw your shadow under the door / Just a trick of the light I've seen before / I can never tell what's real anymore / Anymore, anymore / [Verse 2] / I remember
Wallows – Sun Tan
[Verse 1: Braeden] / Okay, I'm a fucking loser / Who doesn't wanna talk to you / Okay, I'll take a little time / To care about what you do / [Pre-Chorus: Braeden] / Why does the
Mickey Darling – Wallows song
(verse) / Oh really / U think ur indie / I bet u also think those/ur doc martens are trendy / Oh really / U wanna kiss me / Was that before or after u heard about mickey? / I tried
Wallows – Uncomfortable
[Verse 1: Braeden] / Driving away, I wish I'd stayed / Another night, hasn't changed / And now I see, it's you not me / Who needs the time, you can't find anymore / [Chorus
Wallows – Do Not Wait
At the time of its release, “Do Not Wait” was the band’s favorite off their debut LP Nothing Happens. Lyrically, the song closes on the themes of the album, paying homage to the
Wallows – 1980s Horror Film
Braeden Lemasters wallows in his feelings in “1980s Horror Film,” after his crush, “Jaime” doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. The plot twist comes in the final Chorus when Jaime
Wallows – Worlds Apart
[Verse 1] / Am I afraid of you? / Or do I pretend I don't care? / Just like the stars can tell all the worlds apart / I'll be here in the dark / I stayed inside to watch the rain
Wallows – Virtual Aerobics
On June 20, 2020, Wallows played a recording of an unreleased song during an Instagram live stream. The song was played to celebrate the fact that the band had raised $10,000 on
Wallows – Drunk on Halloween
“Drunk On Halloween” is a stand-alone single by band Wallows, written when the band was demoing for their debut full-length Nothing Happens The track was premiered to Flood
Wallows – Ice Cold Pool
“Ice Cold Pool” pays homage to Wallows songs of the past, incorporating lyrics from released song “Underneath the Streetlights in the Winter Outside Your House” and lyrics from
Wallows – Marvelous
[Spoken Intro] / Mind the closing doors / Stand clear / [Verse 1: Dylan Minnette] / Wish that things could be simple as it used to be / Wanna take you for a ride, you'll lay back
Wallows – Especially You
[Chorus] / Thinking 'bout what you just said / Sleepless, now my eyes are red / My head can't comprehend / Living in the background, wondering what you meant / That's when my eyes
Wallows – Trust Fall
“Trust Fall” an exclusive Record Store Day 2019 (RSD19) made available on April 13, 2019. The track comes on a 7” yellow vinyl, with “Just Like A Movie” as the B-side. The band
Wallows – Hard to Believe
[Verse 1: Dylan Minnette] / I know the summer won't change / All the fires that start can't be saved / Does that apply to you and me too? / There's some things I've been meaning to
Wallows – Only Friend
“Only Friend” is the introductory track of Wallows' debut album, Nothing Happens. Sonically, it is reminiscent of the band’s Spring EP, which allows it to function as an effective
Wallows – At the End of the Day
[Verse 1: Braeden Lemasters] / Please lay your head here on my shoulder / The night is young but we're still getting older / Can you see ourselves in love like this forever? / Or
Wallows – Missing Out
[Verse 1: Braeden Lemasters] / We'll ignore but we cannot deny / We say a lot without speaking our minds / When we try, we end up runnin' circles / Then collide and just keep it
Wallows (Ft. Remi Wolf & Solomonophonic) – OK (Remix)
[Verse 1: Dylan Minnette] / I know you so well / You know that I can tell the slightest difference in your facial expression / Don't tell me nothing's on your mind / If we're
Wallows – On Time
[Verse 1: Cole Preston] / Oh, my love, I can't explain away my grief / Three words, they don't mean anything to me / Each time I try to play the game / I wind up in defeat / I know
Wallows (Ft. Clairo) – Are You Bored Yet?
“Are You Bored Yet?” is Wallows' first-ever feature, a collaboration with singer-songwriter Clairo. The track is also the lead single for the trio’s debut LP Nothing Happens.
Wallows – Coastlines
“Coastlines” addresses a couple’s long-distance relationship and the particular difficulties they’re experiencing while miles apart. Vocalist Dylan Minnette has experienced this
Wallows – I'm Full
“I’m Full” was previously released under the band’s former alias The Narwhals. The track has several references to other songs on Nothing Happens, suggesting that the track
Wallows – Wish Me Luck
[Verse 1: Dylan Minnette] / I don't wanna make this any different from back at the start / I just need to hear the words you say to me when we're apart / I don't wanna lose myself
Wallows – Hurts Me
[Verse 1: Braeden Lemasters & Dylan Minnette] / Haven't talked in months, I knew it'd be tough / Forward to April, did I give it enough? / What to blame it on now? / I know myself
Wallows – Underneath the Streetlights in the Winter Outside Your House
[Verse 1] / You said you, you don’t want me / And I said, I don’t mind at all / I just want you to go / 'Cause I don’t need to know / [Chorus] / If this life don't work out for me
Wallows – Just Like a Movie
“Just Like A Movie” is the B-side to “Trust Fall," as part of their Record Store Day 2019 (RSD19) celebration. The track was first played live at a New York show in May 2019. It
Wallows – Let The Sun In
“Let The Sun In” is one of six songs on Wallows' debut EP, Spring. This song is about growing up and realizing that the feelings you have for someone aren’t just physical or
Wallows – Pulling Leaves Off Trees
[Verse 1: Dylan] / Will I regret it if I let you string me along? / The guy you meet tomorrow, will he know where you're from? / And no what good would it do, would it do if I wait
Wallows – It's Only Right
“It’s Only Right” is a mournful track about longing for something you can’t have. Braeden Lemasters is the primary lyricist and vocalist of the song. It’s also Braeden’s favorite
Wallows – Guitar Romantic Search Adventure
[Verse 1: Dylan Minnette] / Speaking virtually and constantly waiting / Is there something you're really saying? / Will I ever get to know? / Dreaming, waitin' 'til the dawn to
Wallows – That's What I Get
[Verse 1: Braeden Lemasters] / Honestly, part of me gives into temptation / Is it real? I can't say / Need an affirmation / I don't know if I should stay this long / Tell me all
Wallows – Another Story
[Verse: Braeden Lemasters] / I can hear my name on your lips / And I won't forget the last time we kissed / Though we aren't together, I feel your grip / And I'm not ashamed of
Wallows – What You Like
“What You Like” is the oldest track from Nothing Happens, making it older than previously released track “I’m Full.” Like “I’m Full”, the track was played as part of the band’s set
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Wallows lyrics - 48 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Remember When", "Only Friend", "Are You Bored Yet?".
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Tell Me That It’s Over by Wallows
Tell Me That It’s Over is the highly anticipated sophomore studio album by Los-Angeles based band, Wallows, released on March 25, 2022 following the reissue of their second
Nothing Happens by Wallows
Following their 2018 debut EP, Spring Wallows released their debut LP Nothing Happens in March, 2019 via Atlantic Records. Three singles processed the album’s released, “Are You
Spring - EP by Wallows
The Los Angeles indie-rock trio, Wallows, that has been slowly unleashing singles starting with Pleaser, on April 12, 2017, has finally unveiled their debut EP, Spring, and was
Remote by Wallows
Following on from their tour for debut LP Nothing Happens in 2019 and 2020, Wallows began working on their second album. This process was slowed after COVID-19 reached the United
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