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Artist: Wallows
Suggested Track: Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clairo)

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Wallows "I Don't Want To Talk" Official Lyrics & Meaning
Nov 12, 2021 ... Back in September, L.A. rockers Wallows released “I Don't Want to Talk,” their first new single since 2021's 'Remote (Deluxe)' EP. The song ...
Wallows "Are You Bored Yet?" Official Lyrics & Meaning
Aug 12, 2019 ... Wallows' “Are You Bored Yet?” has found a strong audience with more than 30 million Spotify streams to date.
Wallows (Ft. Clairo) – Are You Bored Yet?
“Are You Bored Yet?” is Wallows' first-ever feature, a collaboration with singer-songwriter Clairo. The track is also the lead single for the trio’s debut LP Nothing Happens.
Wallows – Quarterback
[Verse 1: Cole Preston] / I'm anxious, pacin' / Thoughts are racin' / Is this over? / Why won't you call my number? / [Pre-Chorus: Cole Preston] / You said, "I'll be alright" / I
Mickey Darling – Wallows song
(verse) / Oh really / U think ur indie / I bet u also think those/ur doc martens are trendy / Oh really / U wanna kiss me / Was that before or after u heard about mickey? / I tried
Wallows – OK
“OK” is expected to be the lead single of Wallows' second studio album. An acoustic version of the song was played in a VIP setting in Syracuse on 27th February, 2020. In their
Wallows – These Days
The newest song of Wallow’s debut EP Spring EP, “These Days” questions the age-old: “is she into me?” The track was written one night in the studio when Wallows were recording the
Wallows – Uncomfortable
[Verse 1: Braeden] / Driving away, I wish I'd stayed / Another night, hasn't changed / And now I see, it's you not me / Who needs the time, you can't find anymore / [Chorus
Wallows – Remember When
[Verse 1] / Thought I saw your shadow under the door / Just a trick of the light I've seen before / I can never tell what's real anymore / Anymore, anymore / [Verse 2] / I remember
Wallows – Only Friend
“Only Friend” is the introductory track of Wallows' debut album, Nothing Happens. Sonically, it is reminiscent of the band’s Spring EP, which allows it to function as an effective
Wallows – Pictures of Girls
“Pictures Of Girls” is the lead single of Wallow’s debut EP Spring and the band played this track for their TV debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The song is very
Wallows – Especially You
[Chorus] / Thinking 'bout what you just said / Sleepless, now my eyes are red / My head can't comprehend / Living in the background, wondering what you meant / That's when my eyes
Wallows – Worlds Apart
[Verse 1] / Am I afraid of you? / Or do I pretend I don't care? / Just like the stars can tell all the worlds apart / I'll be here in the dark / I stayed inside to watch the rain
Wallows – 1980s Horror Film
Braeden Lemasters wallows in his feelings in “1980s Horror Film,” after his crush, “Jaime” doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. The plot twist comes in the final Chorus when Jaime
Wallows – Marvelous
[Spoken Intro] / Mind the closing doors / Stand clear / [Verse 1: Dylan Minnette] / Wish that things could be simple as it used to be / Wanna take you for a ride, you'll lay back
Wallows – Coastlines
“Coastlines” addresses a couple’s long-distance relationship and the particular difficulties they’re experiencing while miles apart. Vocalist Dylan Minnette has experienced this
Wallows – At the End of the Day
[Verse 1: Braeden Lemasters] / Please lay your head here on my shoulder / The night is young but we're still getting older / Can you see ourselves in love like this forever? / Or
Wallows – I'm Full
“I’m Full” was previously released under the band’s former alias The Narwhals. The track has several references to other songs on Nothing Happens, suggesting that the track
Wallows – Scrawny
“Scrawny” was written whilst Wallows were in the studio recording their other songs from debut album Nothing Happens, making it one of the newest songs of the collection. It is
Wallows – Do Not Wait
At the time of its release, “Do Not Wait” was the band’s favorite off their debut LP Nothing Happens. Lyrically, the song closes on the themes of the album, paying homage to the
Wallows – Missing Out
[Verse 1: Braeden Lemasters] / We'll ignore but we cannot deny / We say a lot without speaking our minds / When we try, we end up runnin' circles / Then collide and just keep it
Wallows – Guitar Romantic Search Adventure
[Verse 1: Dylan Minnette] / Speaking virtually and constantly waiting / Is there something you're really saying? / Will I ever get to know? / Dreaming, waitin' 'til the dawn to
Wallows – Treacherous Doctor
“Treacherous Doctor,” intially inspired by a late night television segment was one of the newest tracks written for Wallows' debut LP Nothing Happens. Vocalist Braeden Lemasters
Wallows – Ice Cold Pool
“Ice Cold Pool” pays homage to Wallows songs of the past, incorporating lyrics from released song “Underneath the Streetlights in the Winter Outside Your House” and lyrics from
Wallows – Trust Fall
“Trust Fall” an exclusive Record Store Day 2019 (RSD19) made available on April 13, 2019. The track comes on a 7” yellow vinyl, with “Just Like A Movie” as the B-side. The band
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Meaning of "Wallows song" by Mickey Darling
The song "Wallows Song" by Mickey Darling is about reflecting on a past relationship, expressing sadness, and ultimately accepting that the relationship is...
Meaning of "Pleaser" by Wallows
The song "Pleaser" by Wallows is an honest exploration of the difficulty of expressing one’s true emotional state and the inner conflict that arises during...
Meaning of "1980s Horror Film II" by Wallows
"1980s Horror Film II" by Wallows is a song that appears to be about a young man's experience with a girl he had a crush on. The girl was only seventeen, w...
Meaning of "Only Friend" by Wallows
The song "Only Friend" by Wallows is about feeling isolated and alone in the world. The singer mourns the end of a relationship, noting that his "only frie...
Meaning of "Remember When" by Wallows
"Remember When" by Wallows talks about a past love that the singer is reminiscing about. The first verse sets a contemplative tone, where the singer is unc...
Meaning of "Drunk on Halloween" by Wallows
The song "Drunk on Halloween" by Wallows is an exposition of conflict and betrayal, of trying to find something in a person that is no longer there. The so...
Meaning of "Uncomfortable (Live At Third Man Records)" by Wallows
The song "Uncomfortable (Live At Third Man Records)" by Wallows delves into the conflicting emotions and discomfort that can arise in a failing relationshi...
Meaning of "I’m Full" by Wallows
The song "I'm Full" by Wallows touches on themes surrounding addiction and the struggles that come with it. The protagonist appears to be continuously trap...
Meaning of "WISH ME LUCK" by Wallows
The song "Wish Me Luck" by Wallows is about the internal struggles of the speaker and the need for support and understanding from the person they love. In ...
Meaning of "Hurts Me" by Wallows
"Hurts Me" by Wallows is a heartfelt and introspective song that delves into the complexities of relationships and the pain that can come with them. Throug...
Meaning of "Just Like a Movie" by Wallows
The song "Just Like a Movie" by Wallows seems to be about the feeling of wanting to escape from the mundaneness of everyday life and the desire to experien...
Meaning of "Pictures of Girls" by Wallows
The song "Pictures of Girls" by Wallows seems to be about missing a past love interest and expressing the desire to see them successful in their pursuits i...
Meaning of "These Days" by Wallows
"These Days" by Wallows appears to be a song about the struggle to understand one's current romantic relationship and the uncertainty that comes with it. T...
Meaning of "Are You Bored Yet?" by Wallows (Ft. Clairo)
The meaning of the song "Are You Bored Yet?" by Wallows (Ft. Clairo) is about exploring a relationship that could be heading towards a dead end. The lyrics...
Meaning of "Uncomfortable" by Wallows
"Uncomfortable" by Wallows describes the complexities of a failing relationship. The opening lines reveal a sense of regret as the protagonist drives away,...
Meaning of "What You Like" by Wallows
"What You Like" by Wallows is a introspective and contemplative song that explores themes of self-doubt, longing, and the need for validation. The lyrics d...
Meaning of "Marvelous" by Wallows
"Marvelous" by Wallows is a song about a person who is trying to salvage a strained relationship and keep their loved one from leaving them. The singer wis...
Meaning of "Treacherous Doctor" by Wallows
"Treacherous Doctor" by Wallows seems to talk about the struggles of finding a sense of identity and connection in a world that can feel lonely and confusi...
Meaning of "Quarterback" by Wallows
"Quarterback" by Wallows seems to be a song about the aftermath of a breakup or an undefined relationship. The protagonist is anxious and unsure about wher...
Meaning of "1980s Horror Film" by Wallows
"1980s Horror Film" by Wallows appears to be about a teenage boy's infatuation with a girl who reminds him of a character from a horror movie, as well as h...
Meaning of "Hard to Believe" by Wallows
The song "Hard to Believe" by Wallows explores themes of communication, honesty, and the complexities of relationships. The lyrics suggest a struggle to ex...
Meaning of "Ground" by Wallows
"Ground" by Wallows reflects on the feeling of growing up, losing touch, and dealing with the nostalgia that comes with it. The lyrics reflect on the exper...
Meaning of "Scrawny" by Wallows
The song "Scrawny" by Wallows seems to convey the feelings of someone who is unsure of themselves and their place in the world. The lyrics suggest that the...
Meaning of "Sun Tan" by Wallows
"Sun Tan" by Wallows seems to be a song that portrays the struggles of communication and the feeling of being lost in one's own mind. The opening lines ind...
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Wallows singers/guitarists Braeden Lemasters, Dylan Minnette, and drummer Cole Preston have been playing in groups together since they were 11, starting out at a San Fernando