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Artist: Bloc Party
Suggested Track: Banquet

A heart of stone, a smoking gun
I can give you life, I can take it away

A heart of stone, a smoking gun
I'm working it out, I'm
Why'd you feel so underrated?
Why'd you feel so negated?


Turning away from the light
Becoming adult
Turning into my self
I wanted to bite, not destroy
To feel her underneath
Turning into the light

She don't think straight
No-no-no she don't think straight
She's got such a dirty mind and it never-ever stops
And you don't taste like her and you never-ever will
And we don't read the papers, we don't read the news
And it's never enough, we will never be fooled

Turning away from the light
Becoming adult
Turning into my self
I wanted to bite, not destroy
To feel her underneath
Turning into the light

And if you feel (and if you feel)
A little left behind (a little left behind)
We will wear you on the other side
And if you feel (and if you feel)
A little left behind (a little left behind)
We will wear you on the other side

'Cause I'm on fire
'Cause you know I'm on fire when you come
'Cause you know I'm on fire
'Cause you know I'm on fire so stomp me out

'Cause I'm on fire
'Cause I'm on fire
'Cause I'm on fire
'Cause I'm on fire
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Bloc Party
A four-piece indie rock band from London and its surrounding areas, Bloc Party gained success with their debut album Silent Alarm, and have continued to have enduring popularity
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Bloc Party. Lyrics
Bloc Party. lyrics - 120 song lyrics sorted by album, including "The Blood Moon", "Banquet", "Blue".
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Bloc Party – Banquet
“Banquet” is a punk/electro UK anthem, full of swagger and sexual tension. It was the second single off the band’s debut album, and amassed a large amount of remixes, most notably
Bloc Party – On
The night–or two nights–before the morning after are detailed in “On.” It begins as a minimal techno thrum with a bassline that throbs at the back of the head. Then it all kicks
Bloc Party – Helicopter
Bloc Party’s breakthrough hit, which is speculated to be about former U.S. president George Bush. In response to the interpretations, Okereke stated that he’d actually written the
Bloc Party – Mean
[Verse 1] / Sometimes when you are sleeping / I wonder what you're dreaming / I wonder about your eyes and what they see / Yes, I know you're right / Always must win the fight
Bloc Party – Halo
[Verse 1] / It was your hair that did it / It was your hair that lit the fuse / A golden brown halo / Like sunlight peering through trees / I ask you for the time / But I am asking
Bloc Party – Coliseum
[Verse 1] / Got nightmare walking on two legs / There's a word for people like us / Can't shake the feeling we're moving backwards / History repeating itself / Ain't got time to
Bloc Party – Talons
[Verse 1] / And in the dark it comes for me / Malevolent and without form / Uprooting trees, destroying cars / Cold and relentless with arms outstretched / No bolt nor brick nor
Bloc Party – The Healing
“The Healing” is a noted shift of sound from a lot of the surrounding songs on Four. Like “Day Four” and “Real Talk”, it’s more calmer and much more intimate of a song with very
Bloc Party – This Modern Love
A song about falling in love, and the coy to-and-fro that people go through in beginning new relationships. The other side is that this song could be seen as a metaphor for
Bloc Party – So Here We Are
According to Kele Okereke, “This song’s about the way people say they feel when they’re taking ecstacy. A song about that moment of purity and real clearness and the search to get
Bloc Party – Skeleton
[Verse 1] / All my thoughts are of ice / All my thoughts are of ice / All my bones are so tired / All my bones are so tired / So young and so handsome / So easily led / They told
Bloc Party – Like Eating Glass
[Verse 1] / It's so cold in this house / Open mouth swallowing us / The children sent home from school / Will not stop crying / And I know that you're busy, do I know that you care
Bloc Party – Zephyrus
Zephyrus was an ancient Greek god of the West Wind and of spring. There’s a myth where he and another god, Apollo, were both after the same boy (Hyacinthus). He saw them playing a
Bloc Party – Octopus
[Verse 1] / It hid and it hid in his bedroom / Psycho killer, teen dream, action film / Gonna show you how we get down in my hood / Bubbling and bubbling, the cheap champagne
Apathy, M. Shinoda & Tak of S.O.B. – Bloc Party
[Green Lantern:] / This is an Invasion! / [Intro: Apathy & Mike Shinoda] / Hey Ap', why don’t you do the uh--the intro on this shit? / Yo Apathy, Fort Minor, Styles of Beyond
Bloc Party – Rhododendrons
“Rhododendrons” is one of three B-sides to “Hunting for Witches” (2007). The song is on the flip side of the 7" vinyl.
Bloc Party – Truth
[Verse 1] / It was the truth / That fell from these lips / It blinded us / And then the darkness left / [Chorus] / So I am yours now / Respectfully / I am yours now / Truthfully
Bloc Party – Leaf Skeleton
[Verse 1] / The journey starts / As all around, a battle rages on, battle rages on / Arjuna seeks / He throws his bow and conch up to the sky / Open your eyes, it's all around you
Bloc Party – Plans
Kele: “I wrote this in an attempt to rouse someone into doing something. Shaking someone out of apathy and indecision is one of the hardest things to do.”
Bloc Party – Blue Light
“Blue Light” is the fifth track on Silent Alarm and is an overall quieter track than the others on the album, although it still relies heavily on its core drums/bass/electric
Bloc Party – Tulips
[Verse 1] / When you said tulips, I knew that you're mine / When I caught you there, crying in the night / Wearing my jacket, wearing that smile / I knew that I'd found you / [
Bloc Party – Compliments
Kele: “This song’s about the crushing power of routine.”
Bloc Party – Mercury
[Intro] / My Mercury's in retrograde / My Mercury's in retrograde / Mer- Mer- Mercury's in retrograde / My Mercury's in retrograde / [Chorus] / Mercury, Mercu- Mercury's in
Bloc Party – Day Four
This is the sixth track from Four, an album many saw as a return to form. The song makes a reference to the album’s title, there is something significant about the number four
Bloc Party – Hunting for Witches
The song is a social commentary of the “Rupert Murdoch” style TV and how the press tries to keep people scared. The recent acts of terrorism are mentioned such as the London
Bloc Party – V.A.L.I.S.
“V.A.L.I.S” is a science fiction novel by Phillip K. Dick fom 1981. It stands for Vast Active Living Intelligence System
Bloc Party – Positive Tension
Kele, the lead singer and guitarist of Bloc Party described the meaning of this song before performing it live at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in 2005: This song is about
Bloc Party – Ratchet
[Verse 1] / Who got the beat this time? / Who got the beat-beat down? / Tell it, tell it / Who got the beat this time? / Keep it hundred / What you gonna show me, fam? / What you
Bloc Party – Real Talk
[Instrumental Intro] / [Verse 1] / Can we get real for a moment? / You're my one and only friend / Watch the sunset from your sedan / Let your hand rest on mine / [Pre-Chorus] / I'
Bloc Party – Ares
[Verse 1] / War, war, war, war / I want to declare a war / My fist breaks your porcelain nose / There are other things my hands can do / To create or to destroy / Mini gods and
Bloc Party – Kettling
This song describes a riot in the UK. The title ‘Kettling’ refers to a controversial tactic used by the Metropolitan Police to control protesters by surrounding them and videoing
Bloc Party – Trojan Horse
[Verse 1] / You used to take your watch off before we made love / You didn't want to share our time with anyone / You used to close your eyes when we kissed goodbye / You didn't
Bloc Party – Blue
[Verse 1] / Blue, it was lagoon blue / Your 57 Ford Anglia, you picked me up in it / Your horned rimmed glasses get in the way / So we do air kisses, let me breathe you in / In the
Bloc Party – Team A
[Verse 1] / How many times / Do I have to tell you / That these are my things? / That these are my things? / Been running your mouth / But people been listening / Say, if you wanna
Bloc Party – Price of Gas
The sociopolitical context of Silent Alarm is key to understanding songs like “Price of Gas”. It was written and released in the early years of the Iraq War, which began in 2003
Bloc Party – We Are Not Good People
[Verse 1] / Think fast, boy, think on your feet / If you don't know now then you never will, never will / Oh, you're too young to be so heavy / Rip off the seal and let me school
Bloc Party – Kreuzberg
“Kreuzberg” is the sound of a Hoxton U2, bigger, even, than the first album’s “Pioneers,” full of drama bigness even as the lovelorn lyrics offer up tender images aplenty. “
Bloc Party – In Situ
[Verse 1] / They say you're high mileage / High mileage, but low rent / Somehow I am still impressed / You're becoming an island / Everything you want, everything you crave / It's
Bloc Party – Two More Years
Single released between the albums Silent Alarm and A Weekend in the City, and later included as a bonus track on a re-issued version of Silent Alarm. The song reached #7 on the UK
Bloc Party – Traps
[Verse 1] / Hey fun-size, is it your first time? / Let me show you things / That they warned you about / You've got bite, I like that / You're going to need it / You're not making
Bloc Party – The Pioneers
Pioneers is often credited as The Pioneers on many releases.
Bloc Party – She’s Hearing Voices
Bloc Party re-recorded a number of early songs for their 2005 debut album Silent Alarm, but only “She’s Hearing Voices” features notable lyric differences between the original and
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Silent Alarm by Bloc Party
Silent Alarm is the debut full length from UK indie rock band Bloc Party, released on 2 February 2005 in Japan and 14 February 2005 worldwide. It spawned four singles: “So Here We
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A Weekend in the City by Bloc Party
A Weekend in the City is the second studio album by British indie rock group Bloc Party. The album spawned the singles “The Prayer”, “Hunting for Witches”, “I Still Remember” and
Hymns by Bloc Party
HYMNS (2016) is the long-awaited fifth studio album by British rock band Bloc Party, and the first to feature bass guitar from new member Justin Harris. (Drummer Louise Bartle
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