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Artist: Lauv
Suggested Track: Who (feat. BTS)

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With an affection for electronic and R&B sounds, infused with his soulful bedroom vocals and airy beats, Ari Staprans Leff, known professionally as Lauv, has burst onto the music
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Lauv Lyrics · I Like Me Better · Paris In The Rain · Comfortable · Paranoid · The Other · Reforget · The Story Never Ends · Enemies.
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Lauv – Julia
This raw, stripped-back ballad is the penultimate song on Lauv’s debut album ~how i’m feeling~, released March 6, 2020. The song is dedicated to Lauv’s ex Julia Michaels, whom he
Lauv – Stay Together
[Verse 1] / You and I, we were never friends in the first place / Never knew what to get you on your birthday / And all the best nights ended in the worst way, way, yeah
Lauv – Reforget
“Reforget” is the sixth track on Lauv’s compilation album, I met you when I was 18. It was initially released as the fourth track on his debut EP, Lost in the Light, in which the
Lauv – Easy Love
[Verse 1] / You got a way of makin' me feel insane / Like I can't trust my own brain / Unless it's screaming your name / I'd have it no other way / I'd have it no other way / And
Lauv – 2021
[Chorus] / 2021 / We could have some fun, maybe we could run / I could be the one, baby, you're the one / Think it's time to go hard for your loving / Baby, I love you, I don't
Lauv – Mine (You Can't Find Love in Mollywood)
[Verse 1] / I could've sworn it was a dream / When I kissed your lips and fell (Uh) / Saw a different side of me (Ah) / It's like I didn't hate myself / [Pre-Chorus] / At first, I
Lauv – Talking To Myself (demo)
[Chorus] / I'm tired of talkin' to myself / Of talkin' to myself / Of talkin' to the man in the mirror / Think that I could use some help, yeah / Maybe someone else could help me
​blackbear & Lauv – ​if i were u
“if i were u“ marks the first collaboration between pop artists blackbear and Lauv and the only single released following the first part of everything means nothing. The drop was
Lauv – Sad Forever
“Sad Forever” is the second single released as part of the ~how i’m feeling~ album. The song was written when he was feeling low and considering anti-depressants, despite his
Lauv – Getting Over You
This song is about Ari trying to get over his ex girlfriend by spending his time with various other girls to try and replace his ex but realizing that he could never get over his
Lauv & LANY – Mean It
“Mean It” is the first collaboration between pop artists Lauv and LANY. The song describes the feeling of wanting to mean more to someone who only sees you as a second choice.
Lauv – Modern Loneliness
On “Modern Loneliness,” American singer-songwriter Lauv sings about the ‘modern way’ of being lonely despite people being constantly surrounded by friends. This is the tenth and
Lauv – Bracelet
In “Bracelet”, Lauv expresses the feeling and emotions he went through and is still going through after a long-term relationship. In the first stanza, Lauv admits that he was
Lauv – Breathe
“Breathe” is a synth-pop ballad that depicts the realization that a relationship is coming to an end. The relationship appears to have lasted a lot longer than the artist expected
Lauv – Comfortable
“Comfortable” is the third track on Lauv’s debut compilation album, I met you when I was 18. It was initially released as the second track of his debut EP, Lost in the Light. The
Lauv – I Like Me Better
[Verse 1] / To be young and in love in New York City / To not know who I am but still know that I'm good long as you're here with me / To be drunk and in love in New York City
Lauv – Paris in the Rain
“Paris In The Rain” is a song by American singer and producer Lauv. This is Lauv’s fourth release of 2017, following other singles and a collaboration with French producer DJ
Lauv – Stranger
[Verse 1] / So, what if this is it? / What if it falls apart in front of my face? / I wouldn't be surprised / 'Cause it happens every time / And now I'm feeling sick / Doing all
Lauv (Ft. Julia Michaels) – There's No Way
[Verse 1: Lauv] / You touch me and it’s almost like we knew / That there will be history between us two / We knew someday that we would have regrets / But we just ignored them the
Lauv (Ft. Travis Mills) – Question
“Question” is a song by Lauv featuring artist Travis Mills, known also as T. Mills; the collaboration was born in early 2016, after Lauv opened the show for him on several dates of
Lauv & Troye Sivan – ​i'm so tired...
“i’m so tired…” is Lauv’s collaboration with Australian-South African singer-songwriter Troye Sivan. In the track, both artists complain about how tired they are of love songs and
Lauv – The Other
[Verse 1] / Like a spotlight the water hits me / Ran it extra cold to shake the words from my mouth / Though I know that no one’s listening / I nervously rehearse for when you're
Lauv – Never Not
In the nostalgic finale of his playlist, Ari Staprans Leff (Lauv) reflects on the relationship that shaped who he has become and promises that he “will never not think about” this
Lauv (Ft. Alessia Cara) – Canada
[Verse 1: Lauv] / Waking up in your bed / It's almost like I've been here forever / I'm obsessed with your brain / And I'd unfold it if you let me / [Chorus: Lauv] / What if we
Lauv – Chasing Fire
“Chasing Fire” is a song about a relationship that is clearly over, but the narrator doesn’t want to leave and attempts to find a way to keep it going. Lauv marked the song as one
Lauv & Anne-Marie – ​fuck, i’m lonely
“fuck, i’m lonely” is the third single from Lauv’s upcoming sophomore album how i’m feeling which is also featured on the soundtrack of 13 Reasons Why (Season 3). On July 25, 2019
Lauv – Invisible Things
[Verse 1] / Do you still remember / The way that we felt when we were kids? / Wonder if that place still exists, mmm / We lived for the moment / And fear was a stranger to our lips
Lauv – Kids Are Born Stars
[Verse 1] / I was in love with her, she was in love with me / At least that's what I thought it was, mm / I felt her on my skin, but when the movie ended / She just broke my heart
Lauv – Drugs & the Internet
“Drugs & the Internet” is Lauv revealing his personal struggles with social media and anxiety. Earlier in 2019, he revealed on Twitter that he had personally struggled with anxiety
Lauv – All 4 Nothing (I'm So In Love)
[Chorus] / I'm so in love, I'm so in love / I don't ever wanna stop this ride that we're on / I don't ever wanna say goodbye / 'Cause then all of those nights / They would just be
Lauv – Paranoid
‘Paranoid’ is about feeling insecure in a relationship and living in constant fear of not being good enough, thus, leading to paranoia. It also addresses trust issues in a
Lauv – Steal The Show (From "Elemental")
[Verse 1] / Started out on a one-way train / Always knew where I was gonna go next / Didn't know until I saw your face / I was missin' out on every moment / You'll be one and, baby
Lauv – Tattoos Together
On the upbeat pop song, “Tattoos Together,” Lauv sings about getting tattoos with his significant other as a way to remember each other should they ever fall out. Prior to the
Lauv – Love Somebody
On “Love Somebody,” Lauv describes his love for his ex-lover and also blames himself for the unforeseen epilogue. In the song, Lauv features his signature slow guitar-riffs
Lauv – Feelings
“Feelings” depicts a friendly relationship between two people. She starts to feel doubts about the relationship going further than just friends, but he tries his best to change her
Lauv – Adrenaline
[Verse 1] / Remembering what you said / Now I'm laying alone in bed / Trying to wrap up this feeling / Falling apart instead / 'Cause baby we hit the top / Sweeter than sugar rocks
Lauv – Enemies
“Enemies” denotes the feeling of not obtaining the desired relationship with another. In this new single, Lauv wants to forget about past scars in a previous relationship and
Lauv (Ft. Sofía Reyes) – El Tejano
[Intro: Sofía Reyes & Lauv] / Y primero dije "no," pero sí quería (Woo) / Pa' que te fueras me inventé cualquier tontería (Hmm-hmm) / Pero después del trago cinco te di la mano, y
Lauv – Superhero
“Superhero” is inspired by one of the notes left in Lauv’s “My Blue Thoughts” box on tour, which was used as a way for fans to anonymously share their thoughts in that moment on a
Lauv – First Grade
[Verse 1] / First grade / I see you girl / Alone in the world / Trying to paint in beautiful colors / With an innocent mother / And the story as it’s told, it's not a pretty one
Lauv – For Now
“For Now” is a song about a long-distance relationship. The song was teased with a short snippet on Instagram on March 12, 2019, and it was first performed live on October, 2019 at
Lauv – Forever
[Verse 1] / (Yeah) / I wanna love you tonight, I wanna know you for life / I wanna give you forever / Thoughts of you all in my head, I’d rather stay in this bed / I wanna lay here
Bella Poarch & Lauv – Crush
[Verse 1: Bella Poarch] / I never wanna get you alone (Hmm) / I'm scared of even standin' too close, babe (Yeah) / Get nervous when you light up my phone / But I like it / Yeah, I
Lauv – Better Than This
[Verse 1] / I kinda wanna be stoned / Baby, I don't wanna hear this song right now / Yeah, it makes me sick / And I don't know why you’re listening / I just wanna be yours
Lauv – The Story Never Ends
“The Story Never Ends (Piano Version)” is a lovely, stripped-down ballad about a “never-ending” conflict in a relationship. The song was premiered on the 274th episode titled ‘
Lauv – Molly In Mexico
[Verse 1] / We were lovers in October, I was drunk and you were sober / You were always coming over, so we got a little closer / [Pre-Chorus] / We were dancing in the moonlight
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~how i’m feeling~ by Lauv
how i’m feeling is the debut studio album from Californian singer-songwriter Lauv. It will follow up his 2018 compilation album, I met you when I was 18. (the playlist). Lauv
I met you when I was 18. (the playlist) by Lauv
I met you when I was 18. is Lauv’s first major body of work. Here’s the description of the playlist on Spotify: being lost. being in love for the first time. this is a story and i