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Artist: girl in red
Suggested Track: we fell in love in october

Smoking cigarettes on the roof
You look so pretty and I love this view

We fell in love in October
That's why, I love fall
Looking at the stars
Admiring from afar

My girl, my girl, my girl
You will be my girl
My girl, my girl, my girl
You will be my world
My world, my world, my world
You will be my girl

Smoking cigarettes on the roof
You look so pretty and I love this view
Don't bother looking down
We're not going that way
At least I know, I am here to stay

We fell in love in October
That's why, I love fall
Looking at the stars
Admiring from afar

(My girl, my girl, my girl)

My girl, my girl, my girl
You will be my girl
My girl, my girl, my girl
You will be my girl
My girl, my girl, my girl
You will be my girl
My girl, my girl, my girl
You will be my world
My world, my world, my world
You will be my girl
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​girl in red – .
“.” explores the aftermath of Marie’s breakup, which was partly caused by her emotional distance and poor communication with her ex. Unlike her ex, who has found someone new, she
​girl in red – ​girls
In “girls”, Norwegian musician girl in red expresses her sexuality and the conflicts that come from loving girls. A snippet of the song was played during an Instagram live before
​girl in red – ​rue
[Verse 1] / I remember you couldn't stop crying / You found me when I thought I was dying / Believe me when I say / I tried so hard to change / All the crazy shit I made you do
​girl in red – Serotonin
Serotonin is the first song off of girl in red’s debut album, if i could make it go quiet. Marie grapples with depressive episodes and her struggle with mental health, a common
​girl in red – ​midnight love
[Verse 1] / I know I don't want to / Be the one that you run to / When you got nowhere else to go / When you need some love / I know I'm the last one / You try to call but / I
​girl in red – ​​You Stupid Bitch
[Intro] / Hey / Hey, hey / Hey, hey / Hey, hey / [Verse 1] / You let the wrong people love you / (Ooh-oh, ooh-oh, ooh-oh, ooh-oh) / But you don't see that, do you? / (No, no
​girl in red – Did You Come?
[Chorus] / You should know better now / To fuck it up and fuck around / See yourself through my eyes / You're so fake, it's all lies / Was she good? Just what you liked? / Did you
​girl in red – ​she was the girl in red
On “she was the girl in red,” Marie Ulven explains how she came up with her stage name. She sings about being fascinated by a girl at a party, they fooled around a bit, but she
​girl in red – ​dead girl in the pool.
“dead girl in the pool.” is a song about the feelings of being ‘dead’ or zombified and disassociation that typically stem from hangovers the morning after. it’s possible that these
​girl in red – I'll Call You Mine
“I’ll call you mine” shows Marie doubting her new relationship as a result of previous failures. She is optimistic, however, that this new love will be better, and that she will be
​girl in red – October Passed Me By
“October Passed Me By” serves as a sequel to 2018’s girl in red breakthrough, “we fell in love in october.” It marks Marie’s first release since her 2021 debut album, if i could
​girl in red – 4am
“4am” is a single released on Marie’s Youtube channel on April 2nd, 2018. It describes the emotional state of Marie during that timeframe. In the description box of the lyric video
​girl in red – ​talia
[Verse 1] / Hey, my love / Buried you a month or two ago / I keep thinking that you're standing on my floor / That you're waiting there for me / Hey, my love / You've walked out a
​girl in red – ​forget her.
“forget her.” is a rain-drenched, solemn sequel to “we fell in love in october”. Whereas the prequel tells of Marie Ulven’s happiness in fresh love, “forget her.” concludes the
​girl in red – ​summer depression
“Summer Depression” is a song released by Girl in Red, initially on Soundcloud, on 16 February 2018. On the YouTube lyric video, she stated that she isn’t glorifying depression
​girl in red – Stay - Spotify Singles
[Chorus] / I do the same thing I told you that I never would / I told you I'd change, even when I knew I never could / I know that I can't find nobody else as good as you / I need
​girl in red – ​watch you sleep.
“watch you sleep.” is a song written and produced by Marie Ulven, better known as girl in red. It was announced January 21 and released January 23. Marie wrote this song in her
​girl in red – ​hornylovesickmess
[Chorus] / I'm in New York thinking of you / Wondering what you are up to / From this lonely-ass hotel room / With a pretty good-looking view / I am somewhere in the states / Going
​girl in red – ​homecoming
[Verse 1] / I hate this dance / I'll just go home / 'Cause I got no chance with you at all / I hate this dress / I feel like a man / When I should be feeling so feminine / [Chorus
​girl in red – ​say anything
The song “say anything” alludes to a 1989 movie of the same name. In the song, Marie Ulven uses the movie to explain her own love story by drawing parallels. The cover art of the
​girl in red – ​i need to be alone.
[Verse 1] / I'm wasting my life on pointless things / I sometimes think, "When does life begin" / I'm falling out of conversations / I can't pay attention, repeat the question / [
​girl in red – Say It - Spotify Studios Recording
[Verse 1] / Standing in the open light / Within the swelter of the night / I found myself staring at you / And every time our fingers touched / I felt like it would be too much
​girl in red – ​i'll die anyway.
[Verse 1] / I think back to when / Life was good, I was content / But it's been so many years / I can't remember how it feels / [Chorus] / I reach for me but I'm not there / It's
Haley Margo – Do You Listen to Girl in Red
[Verse 1] / It's kinda funny how we all flirt / And say things we only sort of mean / Like, "You're the love of my life" / After just talking for only like fifteen / Minutes and
​girl in red – Apartment 402
“Apartment 402” delves into Marie’s darkest thoughts, discussing her depression-related feelings of emptiness, hopelessness, and numbness. However, as she relies on herself to turn
​girl in red & beabadoobee – ​eleanor & park
[Verse 1: beabadoobee] / The morning bus rides / Your face makes me want to smile / Park, wait for me outside / So you can see what's inside my mind / [Verse 2: girl in red] / I'll
​girl in red – ​we fell in love in october
“we fell in love in october” is about girl in red and her relationship with another girl. The song is about how they fell in love during fall and Marie’s (girl in red’s) feelings
​girl in red – ​it would feel like this
“it would feel like this” is a melodic piano instrumental piece, portraying the calm, peaceful feeling that comes after Marie’s catharsis throughout the album. The title of this
​girl in red – Something New
[Verse 1] / We've only just started / So hold on, hold on / We've only just started / So hold on, hold on / [Pre-Chorus] / In my head I see a place / And it looks like the
​girl in red – ​will she come back
Will she come back / Walking on train tracks / Lights are moving so fast / Ghost on train tracks / I come here every night / Trying to say goodbye / Will she come back / Walking on
​girl in red – ​dramatic lil bitch
Go home / Tell me that you're sorry / I'll be losing my sleep / Waiting for your call / It's so pathetic and dramatic / That's the way I am / Come on / Tell me that you need me
​girl in red – ​you used me for my love
[Verse 1] / If I could travel back in time / I would look for you / Although I'm far behind / I would run for you / I can't see you now / But I will somehow / That's what I always
​girl in red – ​rushed lovers
Hurry baby / We have to go / Trains don't wait for lovers / You know / I really hate to wake you up / You look so peaceful, my love / I'd love to spend the day in bed / But we have
​girl in red – ​winter depression
[Verse 1] / My days are so much darker now / I don't see the sun when I go out / A head full of daylight is what I need / All these vitamins don't make me heal / [Pre-Chorus] / I
Daddy DJ – The Girl In Red
It was a day like any other one / I went home like all the other men / Felt cold and deep inside blue / Put music in my ears so I can break through / Down the corner I came across
​girl in red – ​i wanna be your girlfriend
“i wanna be your girlfriend” documents the sentiments that the title implies. Marie (girl in red) laments on her relationship with her friend; ‘Hannah,’ who she has seemingly
​girl in red – ​kate’s not here
[Verse 1] / Tell me, what do you see in the mirror on the wall? / Are you sure that it's me? Is it my turn to fall? / If these walls can talk and read all my thoughts / Am I
Blue Café – The Girl in Red
There's a girl / She bought the world / With the million dollar bill / On that town boys / They love her voice / They knows thouse candy clothes / You saw her too / She walked in
​girl in red – ​two queens in a king sized bed
“two queens in a king-sized bed” is Marie Ulven’s first song produced with someone other than herself – Matias Tellez. “two queens” signals a semi-departure from Marie’s acoustic
​girl in red – ​​maybe ur a lesbian !
Are you gay? / Maybe you're a lesbian / Sex with women / Maybe you're a lesbian / Maybe you're a lesbian / Maybe you're / Maybe you're a lesbian / Are you gay? / Maybe you're a
​girl in red – ​bad idea!
“bad idea!” is the last song from girl in red’s debut album BEGINNINGS. It ties up the album with its many callbacks to previous songs. The song references “girls,” “say anything
​girl in red – ​are u happy with her
Are you happy with her? / Are you happy with her? / Tell me, I did everything I could do / Make me feel less like a fool / Are you happy with her? / Are you happy with her? / Tell
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​girl in red
Marie Ulven Ringheim (born February 16, 1999), better known as girl in red, is a Norwegian singer-songwriter. She started uploading music to SoundCloud under the user name lyfsuxx
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girl in red Lyrics
girl in red lyrics - 42 song lyrics sorted by album, including "we fell in love in october", "girls", "i wanna be your girlfriend".
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chapter 1 - EP by ​girl in red
On chapter 1 EP, Marie makes her debut. The album, featuring low-key beats, echo-y synth waves, and mellow guitar, explores Marie’s troubles and convictions. chapter 1 EP dives
if i could make it go quiet by ​girl in red
if i could make it go quiet is Norwegian singer-songwriter Marie Ulven’s long-awaited debut studio album. It was released on April 30, 2021 through AWAl, and through her own label
chapter 2 - EP by ​girl in red
chapter 2 – EP is Marie’s sophomore EP. The EP is a wrap up of the songs released throughout the year and follows the release of her debut EP chapter 1 in 2018. chapter 2 was
A Girl Cried Red by Princess Nokia
A Girl Cried Red is Princess Nokia’s 2018 mixtape that fuses hip-hop, emo, and rock. Princess Nokia has stated in a livestream that the mixtape is inspired by her favorite bands
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girl in red - . Lyrics
girl in red ".": When I see you with her It only gets worse And, oh, how it hurts I can't say 'Cause I'm all out of w...
girl in red - girls Lyrics
girl in red "girls": I've been hiding for so long But these feelings, they're not gone Can I tell anyone? Afraid of what...