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Artist: MGMT
Track: Kids

(Five, four, three, two, one, ah)

You were a child
Crawling on your knees toward it
Making mama so proud
But your voice is too loud
We like to watch you laughing
You pick the insects off plants
No time to think of consequences

Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted
Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted

The water is warm
But it's sending me shivers
A baby is born
Crying out for attention
The memories fade
Like looking through a fogged mirror
Decision to decisions are made and not bought
But I thought this wouldn't hurt a lot
I guess not

Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted
Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted

Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted
Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted
Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees wanted to be haunted
Control yourself
Take only what you need from it
A family of trees
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Genius Meanings
MGMT – Kids
“Kids” is a song that teaches empathy and moderation. As the track begins, the cadence is meant to induce feelings of nostalgia, to bring the listener back to much simpler times as
MGMT – Time to Pretend
MGMT have described the lyrics to “Time To Pretend” as: We wrote “Time to Pretend” our senior year of college, and the music was inspired by a praying mantis we had in our house
Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks
Robert, the main character and narrator of the song, dreams of violence towards his rich classmates and peers. The song details his plans and ambitions for a school shooting
MGMT – Electric Feel
“Electric Feel” is about sex and the “electric” sensations it provides. It also uses electricity to refer to love, and mentions how worldwide love would change the world. It is
MGMT – Kids (Soulwax Mix)
[Chorus] / Control yourself, take only what you need from it / A family of trees wanted to be haunted / Control yourself, take only what you need from it / A family of trees wanted
MGMT – Little Dark Age
“Little Dark Age” is the first single from MGMT’s 4th album of the same name. Produced by Patrick Wimberly, the track was featured on Zane Lowe’s show “Today’s World Record”, and
MGMT – The Kids Quartet
[Verse] / She had a four wing dinosaur / That she has to draw / She pays attention to the image that she saw, yeah / A pencil to the paper / A pluser and subtractor / And she makes
MGMT – The Handshake
The Handshake was released under Oracular Spectacular but was not one of the most popular songs off of the album. This was probably due to the popularity of Electric Feel, Kids
MGMT – When You Die
“When You Die” is the second single released on December 12, 2017 for MGMT’s fourth studio album Little Dark Age. The track was premiered through The New Yorker alongside its
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SongMeanings Interpretations
MGMT - Kids Lyrics
Trying not to get sucked up into the worldy possessions & selfishness of this place. Its a reminder to only take what you need from the world around you, ...
MGMT - The Kids Quartet Lyrics
This song is Swift's response to the negative reputation the media has given her. "I can make the bad guys good for a weekend" - the bad guys are the paparazzi ...
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The track speaks of where the mind goes at the most desperate & desolate of times, when it just about slips away to all but disconnect itself, and the aftermath ...
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... song is called 'Opposite Of Adults', obviously because it samples 'Kids' by MGMT. I've only heard this song for the first time just this week, and I think ...
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Song Meaning. Feel as though this song is about how the general concept of ... The first verse of this song talks about all the dumb decisions we make as kids.
MGMT - The Youth Lyrics
This song is talking about the dramatic change in culture that is happening today with the youth. Since the war on peace in the 60's and 70's, kids and teens ...
MGMT - Weekend Wars Lyrics
To me, this song and a lot of MGMT songs sound like the trials of being a ... One of the causes of the Columbine school shooting was that the parents of the kids ...
MGMT - Flash Delirium Lyrics
Song Meaning. I think I finally get the video! And ... There's a hole in Ben's neck which produced MGMT's more popular songs.. "Kids", "Electric Feel", etc.
MGMT - Everything's Happenin' So Fast Lyrics
Tinseltown is coming like a giant bleeding heart, and I'm so mad, well these kids try to be funny man. Well I don't think it's happened much,
MGMT - The Handshake Lyrics
88 Comments · General Comment. how the shit would this be about tripping? · Song Meaning. Everyone posting here is saying that this song is about either taking ...
MGMT - When You Die Lyrics
... Kids). People say MGMT is a "nice" band because they know these three songs. However MGMT made these songs to mock the genre. That isn't their actual ...
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... MGMT is not all about drugs" kids, but i think every last one of their songs are about drugs... and something else. it's such a recurring theme with them ...
MGMT - Congratulations Lyrics
Dead in the water. It's not a paid vacation. The sons and daughters. Of city officials attend demonstrations. It's hardly a sink or swim
MGMT - Little Dark Age Lyrics
Breathing in the dark. Lying on its side. The ruins of the day. Painted with a scar. And the more I straighten out. The less it wants to try
MGMT - Brian Eno Lyrics
So tired. Soul searching. I followed the sounds to a cathedral. Imagine my surprise to find that they were produced by Brian Eno Past the gates. Quite stark
MGMT - Mystery Disease Lyrics
It can't pay attention. What slips into the system. A light touch, a whisper that puts you to sleep. Don't sympathize with the mystery disease
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Whenever I drift by the unknown. Feign like I notice a fundamental tone. The fine pedals open and close offended. More explanation and nothing shown
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This song might be the most beautiful song MGMT has written. I think this ... kids, living in a quiet neighborhood in a nice big house, etc. But in Fitter ...
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This is a brilliant song and is the 'Tour de force' of Congratulations. Because MGMT worked very hard to make this a "concept album" it echoes many themes found ...
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... MGMT. 3 Comments; 0 Tags. Look around you, art is everywhere (la la la la la) ... Kids Lyrics · Time to Pretend Lyrics · Electric Feel Lyrics · Weekend Wars Lyrics ...
MGMT - Song for Dan Treacy Lyrics
He spends his time. Or maybe half of his time. Or part of the time wandering 'Round the creeks and cobble stones of hackney lanes. With a tear in his eye
MGMT - 4th Dimensional Transition Lyrics
I feel your racing heart. My liquid silver arms extended. These waves aren't far apart. Black gold in claw foot tubs unchanging. I am fire, where's my form?
MGMT - Pieces of What Lyrics
42 Comments · the song is not a break-up song. · general rule with mgmt songs - when in doubt, it's about the apocalypse! · I'm falling for this band · Amazing!
MGMT - We Care Lyrics
Spaceship cold from the vacuum of space traveling. Kittens, hash, by the dozen, we feel tingly inside. Burn and burn the reactor churns. Our hands in our heads,
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Hi-Fi fellas and low-fi chicks. Hair is how we take you there. Bones is how we make it now. Now, I'm after a walking disaster.
MGMT - Electric Feel Lyrics
All along the Western front. People line up to receive. She got the power in her hand. To shock you like you won't believe. Saw her in the Amazon
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... kids, stop the love, that leads to... Hot love drama, it rips you apart And ... this is an amazing song but not too many MGMT fans know it. love how raw his ...
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Meaning of "Kids" by MGMT
"Kids" by MGMT is a reflective and nostalgic song about growing up and the innocence of childhood. The lyrics are narrated by an adult reflecting on their ...
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MGMT song meanings. 4th Dimensional Transition. MGMT · Alien Days. MGMT · All We Ever ... Kids. MGMT · Little Dark Age. MGMT · Little Dark Age (Ghost Vision Remix).