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Artist: Daniel Caesar
Suggested Track: Get You (feat. Kali Uchis)

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Daniel Caesar
The world has come to understand R&B/Soul music as a multi-faceted genre that transcends soundwaves into the inner core of our existence — a genre that makes listeners feel, rather
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Daniel Caesar (Ft. H.E.R.) – Best Part
“Best Part” is a simple, though beautiful love song about the intensity with which the singer values their partner. After teasing several pictures on Instagram of a possible
Daniel Caesar (Ft. Kali Uchis) – Get You
“Get You” sees Daniel Caesar reflecting on his life and past relationships with assistance from Colombian singer, Kali Uchis. In an interview with Billboard, Daniel explains: ‘
Daniel Caesar (Ft. Omar Apollo) – Buyer's Remorse
[Verse 1: Daniel Caesar] / I guess I got what I prayed for / Now you're in my bed / I guess we look good on paper / Thoughts run through my head / [Pre-Chorus: Daniel Caesar] / I
Daniel Caesar – Streetcar
“Streetcar” is a melancholy and soulful rendition of Kanye West’s 2008 song titled “Street Lights” from his album 808s & Heartbreak.
Daniel Caesar & Mustafa – Toronto 2014
[Verse 1: Mustafa] / Sometimes it feels like it's a dream / Everything is not as it seems / If only I could find a pair of glasses / To help me see the ones who truly be / They
Daniel Caesar – Always
[Verse 1] / Baby, baby / There will always be space for you and me / Right where you left it / And just maybe / Enough time will pass / We'll look back and laugh / Just don't
Daniel Caesar – Pain Is Inevitable
[Intro] / Who runs the show? / Who runs the show? / Who runs the show? / [Verse 1] / Who runs the show who hands out the suspensions / I need a lesson in mishap prevention / Young
Daniel Caesar – We Find Love
Premiered on Beats 1 radio, “We Find Love” was released as the first part of the two-part EP with the song “Blessed.” “We Find Love” is about the fallout of a relationship that is
Daniel Caesar – Hold Me Down
[Intro] / Could you, could you say, "I love you, Danny"? / You want me to? / Could you? / I love you, Danny / [Chorus] / If you love me, baby let me hear you say it / I know I'm
Daniel Caesar – Ocho Rios
[Intro] / In the nick of time, that's when you appeared / Girl, I was lost, 'til you found me here / My hair was long, but my head was low / And now I'm here, 'cause you made it so
Daniel Caesar & serpentwithfeet – Disillusioned
[Verse 1: Daniel Caesar] / I couldn't help but notice / You find this whole life thing a drag / You think this shit's bogus / It is, and you know this / Seen in my peripheral / You
Daniel Caesar – Valentina
[Chorus] / Valentina, baby / I only need one moment of time / To make you feel a way / From the first time I looked in your eyes / I knew that I would find a way / To make you mine
Daniel Caesar – Who Hurt You?
“Who Hurt You?” is Daniel Caesar’s first release of 2018. He has stayed relatively inactive aside from features on the Jessie Reyes track “Figures, a Reprise,” Peter Cottontale’s “
Daniel Caesar (Ft. Charlotte Day Wilson) – Transform
[Intro: Daniel Caesar] / If a leopard never changes its spots / How can I change what I've got? / Transform, transform, transform, transform / We don't punish the tiger for
Daniel Caesar (Ft. John Mayer) – SUPERPOSITION
This song continues the motif of CASE STUDY 01 of science as a lens to explore the impossibly complicated and chaotic nature of Daniel’s life and the relationships within it. It
Daniel Caesar (Ft. Syd) – Take Me Away
[Verse 1: Daniel Caesar] / Now it's time to sit back and enjoy creation / See what Jah has done / Every time she tops me off, it's celebration, yeah / What has life become? / And
Daniel Caesar – Do You Like Me?
[Intro] / Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh / [Verse 1] / Do you like the way I talk to you? / Do I titillate your mind? / Gotta say I like your attitude / And I'd love to make you mine / But I
Daniel Caesar – Shot My Baby
[Intro] / Starin' out my window / Pistol in my palms / Tears soakin' my pillow / As I write this song / [Pre-Chorus] / I caught my lady being untrue / Oh, what was I supposed to do
Daniel Caesar – Indecision
[Verse 1] / Let me know, let me know / Is it gettin' to that time for me to go? / I guess we're stuck in indecision / If I leave would you collapse or keep on living? / [Pre-Chorus
Daniel Caesar – Scream
“Scream” is the final track off of Daniel’s Birds Of Paradise EP. The song is a cover of James Blake’s original song, “The Wilhelm Scream.”
Daniel Caesar – Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song)
A wordplay between “neurosis” and “new roses”, Daniel Caesar and Nevon Sinclair offer two perspectives of a dying relationship brought upon by a partner cheating, thereby
Daniel Caesar – Let Me Go
[Verse 1] / I'm tryna breathe, why won't you let me? / I'm tryna leave, please just forget me / And honestly, our sun is setting / Can hardly believe, this got so messy / [Pre-
Daniel Caesar (Ft. Summer Walker) – Always (Bonus)
[Verse 1: Daniel Caesar] / Baby, baby / There will always be space for you and me / Right where you left it / And just maybe / Enough time will pass / We'll look back and laugh
Daniel Caesar – Casablanca
Inspired by the classic 1942 film of the same name. “Casablanca” serves both an short interlude, and the intro for “We’ll Always Have Paris”. The track consists of the dialogue
Daniel Caesar – Unstoppable
[Intro: Sabrina Claudio] / What the fuck is your problem? (Oh my god) / [Verse 1] / When I wake up in the morning, all me want fi see is you / Titties pokin' out your yawning, and
Brandy & Daniel Caesar – LOVE AGAIN
On “LOVE AGAIN” we see Caesar team up with R&B legend Brandy, who rose to fame in the early ‘90s. Daniel and Brandy go back and forth, crooning over their recovery from previous
Daniel Caesar – Japanese Denim
The main idea of “Japanese Denim” is the comparison of Daniel’s feeling of everlasting love to a pair of jeans that last a lifetime. The song was released as the B-side to the
Daniel Caesar – Sweet*
[Verse 1] / For most of my life / I’ve been hoping to find / That piece of mind you provide / The stars have aligned / [Verse 2] / We met and we vibed / I just couldn’t believe
Daniel Caesar (Ft. BADBADNOTGOOD & Sean Leon) – Paradise
[Intro: Keavan Yazdani] / Lil' nigga you gotta light a fire / This is far, far from the East my G / You far far away / A real man, be really getting his fuckin' money, my nigga
Daniel Caesar – CYANIDE
The second track of CASE STUDY 01, “CYANIDE”, serves as a musical ode to Daniel Caesar’s Jamaican descent: in fact, it’s performed predominately in Patois and it features heavy
Daniel Caesar – Pseudo
“Pseudo,” meaning false, is about living a life that is full of wealth and fame, but yet it fake living, as he is not living right, like the way God wants him to. Sticking to his
Daniel Caesar – Lemonade
After 11 months without music, Daniel Caesar subtly drops “Lemonade”, a cover Jeremy Passion’s track, that Daniel reportedly recorded at the age of 15. On “Lemonade”, he describes
Daniel Caesar (Ft. Rick Ross) – Valentina (Bonus)
[Chorus: Daniel Caesar] / Valentina, baby / I only need one moment of time / To make you feel a way / From the first time I looked in your eyes / I knew that I would find a way
Daniel Caesar – Vince Van Gogh
[Verse 1] / They won't Van Gogh me / They hardly know me / Might've seen me outside like socially / My words come out clumsy / Make me sound bummy / My thoughts be like poetry
Daniel Caesar (Ft. Koffee) – CYANIDE REMIX
[Intro: Selector] / Oo-oo-ooo / Toronto, Paris, London & Kingston / Wi deya, yuh done know seh wi haffi sing song / Easily, suh gyal dem please heartical! / Hold it, hol' it, hol
Daniel Caesar – Violet
“Violet” describes Daniel Caesar chasing his dreams of becoming an R&B artist, but is still far from becoming a reality. The title is inspired by a girl he “hanged around with
Daniel Caesar – COMPLEXITIES
[Chorus] / Now that I know what I know / There's nothing new under the moon / Spent many nights on you / Oh I, oh I / [Verse] / I don't give a damn 'cause it don't make a
Daniel Caesar (Ft. Jacob Collier & Sean Leon) – RESTORE THE FEELING
[Intro] / Hm / You know, if you're a writer, start writing / Haha / (If you're not trying to go to a party, then write songs) / If you write songs, write songs / (If you're not
Daniel Caesar – ARE YOU OK?
[Verse 1] / Are you okay? / Been starin' at your face / From across the room now / You seem out of place / [Verse 2] / It's a new day / The people know your name / They smile when
Daniel Caesar – Chevalier
Chevalier is the 3rd track off of Daniel Caesar’s EP Praise Break. The song is a cover of the song Cavalier By James Vincent McMorrow
Daniel Caesar – Show No Regret
[Verse 1] / Never forget / It's what you asked for / Show no regret / Show no regret / [Chorus] / But at what cost / What am I giving up / But at what cost / I always find myself
Daniel Caesar – OPEN UP
[Verse 1] / It's been such a long time / Since I set foot in the club / I really hate this shit, don't I? / I hate feeling rushed, girl, can I just be honest? / I don't feel like
Daniel Caesar – Death & Taxes
As foreshadowed on his previous work, Daniel has grown weary of the taxes (no pun intended) of his faith and turned to abandon it. He expresses this relinquishing to kick off this
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Daniel Caesar lyrics - 59 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Best Part", "Always", "Get You".
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NEVER ENOUGH by Daniel Caesar
Daniel Caesar presents his long awaited third studio album, NEVER ENOUGH. As a follow-up to CASE STUDY 01 and the highly acclaimed Freudian, Daniel released the record under
Praise Break by Daniel Caesar
A follow up to his debut EP, Birds of Paradise, Praise Break takes a quick intermission from the eulogy of this idyll place and discusses unrequited love and religion. In an
Pilgrim’s Paradise by Daniel Caesar
Daniel’s sophomore effort, Pilgrim’s Paradise serves as a continuation of his previous 2014 release, Praise Break. In an interview with Complex, Daniel described Pilgrim’s
CASE STUDY 01 by Daniel Caesar
Nearly two years on from delivering his celebrated studio debut Freudian, Daniel Caesar returned with his second studio album, CASE STUDY 01. The arrival of the album was first
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Daniel Caesar - Best Part Lyrics
Daniel Caesar "Best Part": Oh, ey You don't know babe When you hold me And kiss me slowly It's the sweetest thing And it don't...