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Artist: Drake
Suggested Track: Passionfruit

Hold on, hold on, fuck that
Fuck that shit
Hold on, I got to start this motherfuckin' record over again
Wait a minute
Fuck that shit
Still on this motherfuckin' record
I'ma play this motherfucka for y'all
Ayy, y'all get some more drinks goin' on
I'll sound a whole lot better

Seeing you got ritualistic
Cleansin' my soul of addiction for now
'Cause I'm fallin' apart
Yeah, tension
Between us just like picket fences
You got issues that I won't mention for now
'Cause we're fallin' apart

Passionate from miles away
Passive with the things you say
Passin' up on my old ways
I can't blame you, no, no
Passionate from miles away
Passive with the things you say
Passin' up on my old ways
I can't blame you, no, no

Harder buildin' trust from a distance
I think we should rule out commitment for now
'Cause we're fallin' apart
You're just doing that to get even
Don't pick up the pieces, just leave it for now
They keep fallin' apart

Passionate from miles away
Passive with the things you say
Passin' up on my old ways
I can't blame you, no, no
Passionate from miles away
Passive with the things you say
Passin' up on my old ways
I can't blame you, no, no

Um, trying to think of the right thing to say
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Aubrey Drake Graham (born October 24, 1986), professionally known by his middle name Drake, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur.
Nick Drake
Nick Drake (1948-1974) was an English singer-songwriter, guitarist and musician. Drake achieved little commercial success during his lifetime, but in recent years has received much
Molly Drake
Molly Drake · I Remember · Happiness · Poor Mum · How Wild the Wind Blows · Little Weaver Bird · Do You Ever Remember? · Never Pine For the Old Love · Love Isn' ...
Rowan Drake
Rowan Drake is a 17 year old artist from Ithaca, NY. Rowan is working to create music he loves while helping his audience embrace change and follow their dreams.
Eleni Drake
London-based singer/songwriter, Eleni Drake or Eleni Drakopolouis was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa until the age of 16. She then found her way, moving to London
Drake & 21 Savage
Aubrey Drake Graham is a Canadian rapper and singer-songwriter. Drake, like most rappers at the time, first became famous by releasing internet mixtapes. Today, he has multiple
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Drake Lyrics
Drake lyrics - 426 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Wick Man", "First Person Shooter", "Virginia Beach".
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For All The Dogs by Drake
For All The Dogs is Canadian native Drake’s eighth full-length studio album, following his June 2022 house-based, Honestly, Nevermind, and the 21 Savage collaborative album Her
Five Leaves Left by Nick Drake
Five Leaves Left was Nick Drake’s first album, released on July 3, 1969 by Island Records. The album was recorded between July 1968 and June 1969 at Sound Techniques in London
Care Package by Drake
Care Package is a compilation of loose songs that did not make it on any of Drake’s projects. The list of songs ranges from as far back as 2010 with “Paris Morton Music” to 2016
Scary Hours 2 by Drake
Scary Hours 2 is the sequel to Drake’s January 2018 two-track EP. Different from the original, the sequel contains three new tracks in anticipation of Drake’s sixth studio album
Her Loss by Drake & 21 Savage
Her Loss is a collaborative album by Toronto rapper Drake and Atlanta rapper 21 Savage. The album was initially slated for release on October 28, 2022, but was pushed back one week
Scary Hours by Drake
In the late, somewhat Scary Hours of January 19, 2018, Drake unexpectedly released two songs: “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity.” Scary Hours is essentially Drake’s ‘bat
For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition by Drake
For All The Dogs Scary Hours Edition (also known as Scary Hours 3) is the third installment of the Scary Hours series, following up March 2021’s Scary Hours 2, and serves as the
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Isaiah Rashad (Ft. SZA) – Ronnie Drake
This is the second song he has released since he signed to Top Dawg Ent and now he is with SZA, another new member of the TDE Label, or as they describe it “Family”. Throughout
Drake – Right Hand
This song is a play on the term “right hand man” – an indispensable assistant or supporter. In this case, Drake attributes the traits of a “right hand man” to a woman he has strong
Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem – Forever
Four of hip-hop’s heavyweights take turns going in over a hard beat by Boi-1da. During his Detroit stop on his Summer Sixteen tour, Drake brought out Eminem to perform his epic
​cleopatrick – THE DRAKE
[Verse 1] / I feel some type of way again, it never ends / She said, "Why're you acting strange again?" / I say, "Yeah, that depends" / My little brother's getting older, fake
Drake – Child's Play
On “Child’s Play,” Drake explains to a woman that her simple desires for a new outfit are mere child’s play. He’s happy to indulge as long as she continues to give him what he
Drake (Ft. Rick Ross) – Lemon Pepper Freestyle
Adding on another hit to their catalog of collaborations, “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” sees Drake and Rick Ross raving about their lavish lifestyle and what it entails. Additionally
Drake (Ft. J. Cole) – First Person Shooter
[Part I] / [Intro: J. Cole & Adonis] / (Pew, pew-pew) / First-person shooter mode, we turnin' your song to a funeral / To them niggas that say they wan' off us, you better be
Travis Scott (Ft. Drake) – SICKO MODE
“SICKO MODE” refers to Travis and Drake’s work ethic, showing they’re a cut above the competition by going into “sicko” or “beast” mode. “Sicko,” or “6icko” (the 6 referring to
Drake – God's Plan
“God’s Plan” is a feel-good track that discusses Drake’s future. Being who he is in the industry, he knows that people want him to fail; however, God won’t let him do that.
Drake – Hotline Bling
“Hotline Bling” is most likely about Drake’s old flame from Toronto, Nebby. She’s had an on and off relationship with the 6 God a few times, and her Instagram account is a constant
Fat Nick – On The Weekends I Feel Like Drake
[Verse 1] / Big body bagger (Huh?), young toe-tagger / Draco hit you in the back, that's a soul smacker / Rolls-Royce, double R, open doors wide (Skrrt) / Pass the thing, my gun a
Drake & 21 Savage – Rich Flex
“Rich Flex” sets the stage for Drake & 21 Savage’s collaborative album, Her Loss. In its first half, the duo dish out their signature styles, with Drake delivering a catchy chorus
Drake – Charged Up
After Meek Mill fired off shots at Drake for supposedly rapping a ghostwritten verse for their collaboration on Meek’s new album Dreams Worth More Than Money, “R.I.C.O.”, Drake
Drake (Ft. Yeat) – IDGAF
On “IDGAF,” Yeat speaks about his nonchalant-like personality—playing on the song’s title, an acronym for “I Don’t Give A Fuck.” Believed to be a diss track on an unnamed former
Still Woozy – Drake
[Verse 1] / All I want is to be happy / All I want is to be happy / All I want, all I want is love / All I get is another day / All I get is another day / That I can't, that I can'
Drake (Ft. Sexyy Red & SZA) – Rich Baby Daddy
[Part I] / [Intro: Jessica Domingo] / Is it all / I could be enough / Is it all / I could be enough / Is it / [Chorus: Sexyy Red] / Bend that ass over (Baow), let that coochie
Drake (Ft. Kyla & Wizkid) – One Dance
“One Dance” is an R&B song with dancehall and Afrobeats inflections, featuring a slowed down sample of the vocals and chord stabs from a 2008 UK Funky house anthem, Kyla’s “Do You
Foggieraw (Ft. Kelow LaTesha) – Drake
[Intro] / (Draco Malfoy) / [Pre-Chorus: Foggieraw] / Ayy, I was coolin' then, dawg, I got time today (Ayy, ayy) / [?] and you niggas Stephen A / Don't text me no long paragraph
Drake – Tie That Binds
[Intro] / Oh, oh / Oh, oh / Oh, oh / [Verse 1] / Kill me slowly with those piercin' eyes / Don't break my fall / Hidin' from those stars, foreign inside / Every time / I know you'
Drake – Summer Games
“Summer Games” is a slow song discussing a heartbreak Drake had experienced following a relationship that started and ended during the summer. Drake hints that he wasn’t ready for
Drake (Ft. Lil Wayne) – The Motto
On this bonus track from Take Care, Drake enlists his Young Money mentor Lil Wayne for an ode to his motto in life: YOLO.
Drakeo the Ruler – DRAKEO Not Drake-O
[Intro] / (I get my work from a narco) / [Verse 1] / Jinkies, I breakdance when I get the bag / Wonton chops like Jack Chan, a black belt / Get the sack, then I'm gone in the wind
Drake – Elevate
On “Elevate,” Drake looks back on the life he has built for those around him, but also stresses that he needs to continue pursuing more in life. The song was first teased as part
Travis Scott (Ft. Drake) – MELTDOWN
“MELTDOWN,” a three-part track that sees the tempo of the track rising until it reaches its untimely climax and the end of part one, sees Travis Scott recruit Drake as they both
Nick Drake – From the Morning
In “From the Morning”, Drake sings to us that life is but a game compared to the true, untethered beauty of nature.
Drake – Overdrive
“Overdrive” rides on Drake’s heartfelt singing and honesty, begging his lover to not give up on their divine relationship while trying to explain his reasons to hold back.
A$AP Rocky (Ft. 2 Chainz, Drake & Kendrick Lamar) – Fuckin' Problems
This all-star posse cut showcases three distinctive rappers trying to out-stunt each other on the subject of fucking “bad bitches.” Rocky called the song a “reunion” of Drake’s
Nick Drake – Place to Be
‘Place to Be’ is the second track off “Pink Moon” – Nick Drake’s 1972 record, his third and last album. It tells the story of a man looking back on his youth and days of the
Drake – Virginia Beach
“Virginia Beach”, the introduction of For All The Dogs, is a heartfelt track, laced around a warped Frank Ocean sample. Drake establishes a recurring theme on the album, reviewing
Nick Drake – Things Behind the Sun
The longest song on Nick Drake’s 1972 album “Pink Moon,” this was the tune that closed out the A-side of the album. Featuring Nick Drake on guitar and vocals, it was at first
Drake (Ft. Jhené Aiko) – From Time
“From Time” is penned as a conversation between Drake and an old flame. The song features vocals from Jhene Aiko, production from 40, and piano harmonies from Chilly Gonzales.
Drake – In My Feelings
“In My Feelings” is an upbeat, club-mixed love letter to “Kiki,” “KB,” and the members of City Girls. The track rides on Drake’s heartfelt singing and honest lyrics, wondering if
Drake – Thank Me Now
The closer to Thank Me Later provides us an introspective look into Drake’s career, where he describes his influence in hip-hop and his success, as well as his personal life
Drake – Down Hill
In “Down Hill,” Drake sings about his experience in a relationship that ended overnight because of the disconnection they felt. He compares the last summer they spent together with
American Nightmare – I.C. You Are Feeling Drake
When your "golden days" / Are "that was just a phase..." / Lose yourself to reminisce / Pictures and innocence / Try to remember when you felt free / And the smiles just came so
Drake – Falling Back
On “Falling Back,” Drake talks about a relationship where he continues to give his all, but the feelings are not reciprocated equally. He has become the fall-back rather than a
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